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Comment Re:Took them long enough... (Score 1) 934

Brandishing Laws ... be aware of them. Of the many states I travel and open carry, the mere presence of the weapon or it's print is not relevant if lawfully open-carry. Every state has potential to variety their laws. Several offer non-resident conceal permits if there are reciprocal rights between originating conceal states. Oregon is open-carry but many cities have preemptive laws that in public areas the open carry must be unloaded. A good start below ... plus there is a Wikipedia page on most states gun laws.

Comment Re: How do we get Congress to sign up? (Score 1) 365

The medical debts that were accumulated under my insurance plan come in my name up to my wife's passing (not OP but similar circumstances). It is my understanding, as explained to me, I'm the policy holder so they come to me as joint liability. I haven't tested any of this in court yet and they still show up under my credit report. At some point in the near future I am going to need to get this all put together.

Comment Re:Manufacturer's Android (Score 1) 151

I disagree. Watercooler talk at my office I often hear complaints about forced bloat. There are many luddites I work with that go out of their way to root their Android phones without asking the IT department to do it for them and then hold it high and proudly announce that they've done so without bricking. And these are the types of users that have a difficult time docking/undocking a laptop ...

Comment Re:Useless nostalgia. (Score 1) 218

Fast Hack'em was what we used to write those errors post-game copy. Then at some point the copy utility and the error-writing came bundled within Fast Hack'em. I have many fond memories of re-aligning the cans in the 1541 drives after so many hours of reading errors and head bouncing. Oh, and the Bard's Tale trilogy ... I still think I subconsciously name console RPG characters EL CID. I bought the failed reboot at Bard's Tale years ago just to get the original DOS versions.

Comment Re:Of course, they never ask why EEs use these (Score 1) 115

"IT does not provide their employees with good USABLE solutions"

Also can be translated as

"IT cannot provide their employees with good USABLE solutions".

Not all of us are elitist-gold-plated-my-way-or-the-highway IT guys. Don't let a lack of resources and/or funding get in the way of the rant that all IT departments are incompetent, lazy and completely against user productivity.

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