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Comment Re:given their track record, i doubt it. (Score 1) 73

I'd be hesitant to call Azure a failure....it's above Google in market share and isn't that far behind Amazon:

I'm not sure that Surface was ever geared to be a direct competitor with iOS or Android given it's price point. Surface RT maybe a failure, given that MS pulled the plug on it, but in general it's been a success:

Comment Re:Too many stories (Score 1) 299

SQL Server's transaction log and database backups. He said the SAN backups would capture it all.

DBA here....this always drives me up the wall. I can't stand relying on third-party backup solutions. All of these vendors promise the world, but in every situation you end up with something that is more expensive, takes longer to backup, and can't recover data.

Comment Re:ObamaCare (Score 1) 283

I jest, but Lopez-Alegria is already a veteran, so he receives health care benefits. I'm not sure how Miriam Kramer is trying to spin this, because if the U.S. had a single payer system, Lopez-Alegria would still be receiving the same level of care as the general population; nothing better or worse than he already receives.

Comment Re:Draft Document != hidden (Score 2) 237

This. This document doesn't list a single reference. Not a single reference to a case study, a research institution, or even the name of a doctor.

The article has this to mention:

"n the draft fact sheet, state health officials list their recommendations for members of the public who wish to reduce their exposure to the radiation emitted from cellphones, but state that as more studies are done the recommendations on the fact sheet may change."

Okay, I'm down with that, but can you tell us what their original studies were that prompted you to put this in the fact sheet?

This is the same type of nonsense that gives us anti-vaxxers and homeopathy.....a lot of data from a seemingly trustworthy source without any context.

Comment Re:The USA hasn't recovered from prohibition. (Score 1) 154

Correlation does not imply causation. Various parts of Canada also had prohibition during some of the same timeframe. The drinking age there is also set per province, which interestingly, is also the same for the USA. For example the drinking age in Virginia is 18 for beer and wine but 21 for spirits. When I was growing up in Louisiana, there was a weird loophole law; you could be 18 to buy alcohol but had to be 21 to drink it. It was changed to 21 outright shortly after I turned 18 of course. Although the states can set their own age, the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, which was passed in 1984, forced the States to lose some of their federal highway funding if they set it lower than 21. This effectively set the national drinking age to 21.

I agree with you that at the very least members of the military should be able to purchase liquor. It's asinine that somebody can face bullets, or vote, or get legally married, but not be mature enough to purchase alcohol. Thanks MADD!

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