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Comment Re:Wait a year (Score 2) 459

the bush number was in a slowing but steady economy not recovering from a recession .

By what metric? This particular event had been brewing for years, and didn't burst until he was about 6 months into office. Sure put the hurt on our particular industry.

Comment Re:or how about less sugar anyways? (Score 2) 305

Part of the reason everything is better in Europe is because of the high taxes. Low taxes lead to inequality, which leads to civil unrest, which leads to suffering. It's like the path to the Dark Side, but for civil societies.

The happiest nation on Earth, Denmark, has

  • Federal income tax up to 15% for higher earners
  • Healthcare tax
  • Land value tax
  • Local income tax too! Around 25%
  • There is a ceiling on income tax though ; you can't pay more than 51.5% when all income taxes are added up
  • There's a 25% sales tax on nearly everything though
  • They even have a tax on stupidity being a member of the state church.

Taxes are good for the health of a civil society Why do you think the happiness levels in the USA correlate so strongly with the drop in tax levels promoted by the richest?

You're really oversimplifying things. One could also make the argument that Denmark is happy because most everybody there is white:

They even have a tax on stupidity being a member of the state church.

How does that work? Is one religion taxed more than others? Good luck trying to get that to work in the U.S.

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 552

"Is the Reward for smoking pop, worth the risk of its side effects should be the real debate."

I hadn't heard about this new drug, but smoking pop seems like it would be challenging, what's the process? And does the brand or flavor matter? How about diet vs regular?

Given its history i would guess that Coca-cola would be an upper. And since Pepsi is supposed to be cool and different from Coke it must be a downer. Is Diet Dr Pepper a hallucinogenic?

I guess if you were to get your hands on old-school Coca-cola and put that in your pipe, the results might be pretty interesting:

Not to mention that if Pepsi was traditionally targeted to the black population, I expect smoking that stuff to be outlawed any day now (the same way smoking marijuana was associated with black criminality).

Smoking Diet Dr. Pepper is a businessman's high though, if you want it done right you need to start vaping RC Cola. Put's your ass into another dimension.

Comment Re:Uneven (Score 1) 184

Republicans often threaten to limit unions, which is rare with Democrats. Maybe their actions differ than their words

I think the latter part is what's driving some of this. Union members don't feel as if the current administration has been doing enough to help (regardless if that's true or not). My father has been a member of the United Steel Workers for the larger part of his life. Earlier this year he was telling me about the amount of backlash he saw at their chapter meeting when the union representative recommended that they should all vote for Hillary.

I don't think they outright leave unions, but rather union-oriented industries are dying

This is one of the "plenty of other reasons" as well, and definitely the largest one. I'm still blown away that the Carpenters & Joiners Union is able to donate more money in 2016 than AT&T and Microsoft COMBINED.

Thanks for the conversation....what can we do to get you some higher Karma :-)

Comment Re:Uneven (Score 2) 184

It could be that way first because most polls projected H would win. You want to influence the likely winner.

Fair enough, but the list doesn't look that much different for the 2012 and 2008 election cycles. The Unions have traditionally been heavily Blue since Reagan's first term.

User e432776 below posted that blue collar workers "have been leaving unions for decade". ( There are plenty of reasons for this, but part of it could be that the Union leaders aren't getting the message that their members disagree with who they keep trying to influence.

Comment Re:Uneven (Score 1) 184

Blue-collar workers don't have the equivalent counter-bribing force.

They most certainly do, but it looks like they didn't choose the winners in the election this year:
Carpenters & Joiners Union : Democrats = $23,278,997, Republicans = $436,816
Laborers Union: Democrats = $21,409,886, Republicans = $459,250
Service Employees International Union*: Democrats = $12,645,476, Republicans= $1,600
Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers: Democrats = $10,507,556, Republicans = $159,818
AFL-CIO: Democrats = $10,634,478, Republicans= $187,200
Plumbers/Pipefitters Union: Democrats = $8,666,315, Republicans = $306,700
Operating Engineers Union: Democrats = $6,605,597, Republicans = $773,250
Communication Workers of America: Democrats = $6,413,565, Republicans = $29,000

That's just the ones that I saw in the top 50 organizations.

*Some of these folks may be classified as Pink-Collar.

Comment Re:By all means do it (Score 1) 386

How much does this cost?

Regardless how much, I could think of plenty of better things to spend that money on. How about instead donating that money to finding a cure for this rare cancer, a scholarship fund, or saving the damn whales?

Instead they decide to give it to a company that is offering nothing more than a refrigerated storage unit.

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