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Comment Re:Good first step... (Score 1) 370

I'm Type 1, and of course I don't know your' particular situation, but once I got an insulin pump, I no longer needed Lantus. This is because the pump gives you small doses of fast acting insulin through out the day, 24x7 (Humulog or Novolog).

The pump has been one of the greatest improvements in my quality of life.

Comment Re:Thanks, Obama! (Score 1) 200

our government should be diverting resources to finding solutions to far bigger risks, like obesity

Problem is the "solutions" they'll come up with to fixing that will also take away my rights.....like my right to eat a Big Mac*, or not having to go for a jog today.

What, you don't think that'll happen? Then how is it that we're having this conversation?

*with moderation

Comment Sony Vue (Score 1) 208

I recently tried Sony Playstaton Vue for a few weeks, and the experience was almost exactly like that being described by Walt....different channel packages at different price levels. I think the base package was $30 a month for about two dozen channels. I even had to sit through commercials, which is one of the primary reasons I ditched cable way back when.

I cancelled it after a few days. If you don't offer me anything at that price that I can't already get with cable, I'm not interested.

Comment Re:Stupid laws (Score 1) 217

You can get the age of any politician by going to wikipedia. This has never been hidden.

I know. Same thing with actors. This law bans this information on sites that offer paid subscriptions, which Wikipedia doesn't. I guess a good example would be LinkedIn asking for an age on a resume that you submit, and them also offering a paid monthly subscription model (LinkedIn doesn't ask for this information, to the best of my knowledge)....at least that's what it sounds like. If someone were to post a politician's birth date on LinkedIn, would this now make them liable to remove it because they offer a subscription service?

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