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Comment Re:The USA hasn't recovered from prohibition. (Score 1) 154

Correlation does not imply causation. Various parts of Canada also had prohibition during some of the same timeframe. The drinking age there is also set per province, which interestingly, is also the same for the USA. For example the drinking age in Virginia is 18 for beer and wine but 21 for spirits. When I was growing up in Louisiana, there was a weird loophole law; you could be 18 to buy alcohol but had to be 21 to drink it. It was changed to 21 outright shortly after I turned 18 of course. Although the states can set their own age, the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, which was passed in 1984, forced the States to lose some of their federal highway funding if they set it lower than 21. This effectively set the national drinking age to 21.

I agree with you that at the very least members of the military should be able to purchase liquor. It's asinine that somebody can face bullets, or vote, or get legally married, but not be mature enough to purchase alcohol. Thanks MADD!

Comment Re:A kook and snake oil vendor (Score 1) 80

Yeah my bad on the spelling....also didn't realize she dumped him this past September.

The most disgusting thing about this is that he waited till Tomlinson was dead to say that he "died a liar"
( and that he was a murderer because he worked for Raytheon (but MIT is somehow immune to that, even though they can also be lumped into the military-industrial complex ( Somebody really needs to send this guy home with a bag full of his teeth.

Comment Re:Not going to happen (Score 1) 401

Call me alarmist if you will

Then you're part of the problem. Denialism flourishes because of folks like you that make doom-and-gloom predictions that don't come true.

we are only able to feed the 7+ billion people on the planet by spending lots of energy on producing artificial fetilizers

You talk about lifestyle changes being required to prevent climate change, but you throw this in there? Are you trying to claim that we need to grow stuff organically instead? What are you trying to claim?

Comment What? (Score 1) 1

"is suing the company for sex discrimination and claims the lack of women at the Florida-based startup "

But then says:
"In the complaint, Campbell says she was brought into Magic Leap by CEO Rony Abovizt to help boost the number of women in the 1000-strong workforce"

And again:
"Campbell claims the lack of female employees in leadership positions"

So she says she was brought into this company to try to fix the very problem that she is complaining about. Sounds like she is trying avoid taking the blame for failure.

Submission + - Disney Cuts Ties with PewDiePie, Top YouTube Submitter, After Anti-Semetic Clips (

jo7hs2 writes: Disney's Maker Studios has cut ties PewDiePie, the YouTube submitter with 53 million subscribers, over anti-Semitic clips the submitter released earlier in the year. The clips, three videos published in January, have since been removed from the channel. According to TechCrunch, "They included one skit in which Kjellberg paid a Sri Lanka-based group of men to hold up a sign that read “Death to All Jews,” while another featured a clip of a man dressed as Jesus saying that “Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong.” Kjellberg used freelance job finding site Fiverr for both clips. He argued that he wasn’t serious with either and instead wanted to show the things people will do for money."

Comment Re:Matloff's myths on "indentured servitude" (Score 1) 318

First of all, when you get hired as an H-1B, your employer has no idea whether you will start the green card process

But the employer has to be the one to sponsor it, and they are almost certain that the person being hired will want to start the process.

Comment Re:No Sympathy (Score 1) 532

Fuck off you idiot.

Your slippery slope argument is a bullshit fallacy. Smoking is being banned across the world and rightly so, yet the sale of alcohol and cars (toxic fumes) are not. Therefore no slippery slope

In short: you stop at banning the sale of cigarettes you moron.

ORLY?!?!? Seems like the the bad on stuff that is unhealthy has already tried to move past the point of a ban on cigarettes.

Comment Re: Your hyperbole is showing. (Score 1) 834

Oh, sure. He's only violating the Constitution a little bit.

Oh FFS, can you show me where in the Constitution that the U.S. has to respect the rights of ANY citizen in ANY other country?

There are other treaties and documents you can point at to back up this claim (U.N. Convention on Human Rights, for example), but last time I checked, U.K., French, or whatever citizens in other countries aren't covered by the U.S. Constitution anymore than U.S. citizens are protected by the Magna Carta.

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