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Comment CAD licence (Score 1) 187

The funny thing about humans is that different humans care about different things. (Perhaps this signal becomes harder to detect as an Act III BDFL of a sprawling monoculture.)

If you regard your code as a means to an end (e.g. authoring a great web site) then perhaps it's a perfectly reasonable stance not to "care" about your code the way Linus cares about his code.

Licence of the day: Craftspeople with Attachment Disorder. Be there, or be square.

Comment Re:Find'm, KIll'm (Score 1) 56

You know, it's kinda funny that there's not yet a service where someone who knows that kind of trash would grab them, hang them from their toes and sell viewing rights to see them being tortured for a few hours.

Send 1 bitcoin and watch the ransomware asshole being sliced millimeter by millimeter, starting at the soles of their feet...

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 141

I would tread lightly on the whole Ghostbusters blunder if I tried to argue FOR the SJW side. Remind me, who was it again that labeled (or "libeled" rather) everyone who dared to not think this turd is going to be Oscar material a misogynist or worse? Just for disagreeing.

There were very valid, well worded and well argued points that were brought against this movie, with Jones' portrait of the black ghetto mama from da hood as a racist stereotype being not even the worst offense against good taste this movie had to offer, which prompted the director (no less) to go into full rant mode on how people who dare to disagree with his "vision" of the movie to be misogynist bastards.

So if you want to choose a topic to portrait SJWs in a good light, anything surrounding the Ghostbusters 2016 movie is probably not the best start.

Comment Re:Logic Says It Should Be Legal (Score 1) 315

There are other things that are common here that aren't done in "more civilized" part of the world.

Male circumcision, you mean?

When are drugs like flupirtine going to be available in the US? When I moved here back around the turn of the century, I was rather flabbergasted that all the doctors could prescribe was opioids (except for the one opioid painkiller that isn't very habit forming, buprenorphine, which is only approved for treating drug addiction in the US).
Now, 17 years later, the situation is still the exact same.
The US is a 3rd world country compared to what Europe was a generation ago. But at immensely higher prices.
Americans think they get the world's best health care because they pay so much. But a quick look at statistics like life expectancy and mortality from diseases shows otherwise. It's a backwater.

Comment Re: Stop it with the SJW crap!!! (Score 1) 680

Mostly by those that I tried to look after. I was actually trying to get people to understand that we're heading for disaster, only to notice that I'm wasting my resources doing so. Then I realized that I do not have kids and that I will not experience the worst effects of our ignorance in my lifetime and from there it was only a rather small step to not giving a fuck anymore.

Comment Re:And gassing Jews is effective too, so? (Score 1) 306

The argument is about whether it's MORAL to murder children.

No, it isn't. Before we can even begin to argue that, we need to arrive at mutually acceptable definitions of "murder" and "children". It makes as little sense as arguing whether it's moral to murder bananas (but at least we have a fairly good agreement on what a banana is).

All resorting to hyperbole like "murder children" does is mark you as someone not worth inviting to a rational discussion.

Comment Re:god-botherer? (Score 1) 78

Rather hypocritical of you, seeing how you are spreading the gospel of darwinism you were indoctrinated into absent any understanding, and sprinkled with racism.

I hate to spring to the defence of an AC against another AC, but you seem to be unaware that darwinism also implies an end to racism and even speciesism, because there are no dividing lines.
You need binary thinking to get hate crime, and modern biology is delightfully free of that..

His comment had nothing to do with souls or religion, his point was nobody gets to chose, and you wouldn't be barking that cr@p had you been born in the "wrong place", cuz you'd be jerky drying under the sun regardless of how "fit" you consider yourself to be.

"Being born in the wrong place" is a double absurdity - both because you can no more be the offspring of someone else than you could be the offspring of a wrench and a comet, and also because the human being isn't a binary on/off, but develops gradually with its body - the being is a product of both genetics and environment and becomes progressively more a self over the formative years, until perhaps losing the self again at the end. There is no magical soul involved, with a potential for being transplanted.

Killing poverty is exactly as reprehensible as handing out condoms in this regard. You prevent a lot of potential people from ever becoming aware entities, and open room for others who have a chance of leading better lives. It requires some seriously magical thinking to think one of these as bad and the other good.

As for "fittest", the offspring of people living in Kalahari are, up to modern times, those most fit (or, rather, least unfit) for surviving and reproducing in Kalahari. And the offspring of Inuit seal hunters are, up to modern times, those most fit for surviving and reproducing in that environment. Neither would face good chances of nurturing viable offspring if transplanted to the other environment.

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