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Comment Re:Learning from queue implementations in CS (Score 1) 43

Really? Please tell us which Subway stores sell Big Macs, which Wendy's stores sell seafood, which Arby's sell bloomin' onions, or which Denny's sell sushi.

Two of these don't have any wait-to-get-seated, as they are fast food restaurants.
But anyhow, whether the details and naming of the food differs, it is to large extents the same. The diversity is minimal in American restaurants. Customers aren't willing to try new things, and the restaurants that try either have to revert to the standard pseudo-Italian and American standards like steaks and burgers, and if there's fish, it's breaded and with lemon.
Don't expect big differences. None of them will serve black pudding, sardines, savory pies except chicken pot pie, boiled cabbage, or anything much out of the ordinary you can get at a number of these places. It doesn' t really matter all that much where you go - the difference between US restaurants is as minimal as between the US political parties. From an outside point of view, it's all pretty much the same.
Sure, "Chinese", "Japanese", "Thai", "Mexican" and "Indian" restaurants have different fare from the typical American/Italian one, but it's also standardized and adjusted to the American palate. No surprises; all interchangeable within their "nationality" (to use the word loosely).

Comment Re:Who said what? (Score 2) 318

Right. So attack people who call out SJWs on their bullshit.

The problem is that we have a group of people (SJWs) who've declared themselves the only ones who care about social justice and pushing back against hate, while doing nothing more than spewing their own brand of hatred and injustice. Meanwhile, we've got reasonable adults who see through the sham and, well...

Skipping the rest of my rant and getting right to my point: "people who are aware of social destructiveness and [...] frequently push back on hate" are what we call reasonable. People who push their own brand of hate under the guise of pushing back against it are what we call SJWs; ironically, of course.

Comment Re:Lemme get this straight (Score 2) 318

The logical counter-troll would be to take nazi-pepe and ridicule him.

Laughter is a powerful weapon against repressive organizations and movements. The very last thing they can deal with is not being taken serious, mostly because they're usually so full of insecurities and dependence on outside validation that ridiculing them is a powerful blow to their ego.

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 3, Interesting) 111

We're not talking to going to the back of the queue, which is what I could absolutely understand. If you're at the back of the queue, your stuff would arrive somewhere between 2 and 10 days. But that's not what happens. It arrives no earlier than 6 days after ordering. They deliberately delay the delivery.

Comment Re:Clinton and Trump fall off a bridge. Who is sav (Score 1) 90

That doesn't work for our system. At least not yet. But how about this one. And since I don't want to play favorites, I'll tell it with the original names. You can replace Trump and Hillary with them, along with your favorite "slandering" news outlet.

Message in glorious newspaper Prawda
In a comparison competition between the imperialist Kennedy and our beloved leader Leonid Brezhnev, dear Leonid Brezhnev came in at the great second place while Mr. Kennedy only came in second to last.

Also in the news
Our glorious energy power plant at the Chernobyl site reports that they manage to complete the five year plan in power production in a mere five nanoseconds.

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