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Comment Uh ... No, not really. (Score 1) 391

Re this section:
You think the government should be able to limit profits and capital?
It already does, via taxation. There are numerous other limitations placed on companies too.

No, the government does NOT get to limit profits and capital directly, that is a minor secondary effect of taxation. Were they to attempt to make it a primary effect (like you do in England/UK/Europe et al - remember when the Beatles were in the 98% tax bracket? Pepperidge Farms remembers!) we WOULD see a revolution. We Americans like the practice that if we work harder/longer/etc we get more for our efforts, and having the government penalize us for doing so would NOT be tolerated here.

Comment Re:I like it (Score 1) 185

Those are all good reasons a reader may not have read the article in question, so why then would such a non-reader feel qualified to comment upon the article? If this blocks out those who were not able to (or more likely, couldn't be bothered to) read the article don't we all GAIN from not having their uninformed commentary?

Comment Re:National instant-runoff (single transferable vo (Score 1) 637

LOL, gerrymandering is done by both parties and always has been. The R's may have done it more efficiently in recent history, but claiming it is a R-only issue is disingenuous. I agree on the bussing voters fiasco, why are no charges being filed on such blatant fraud? Oh, yeah, the D's are pissed at losing so aren't about to move against their own interests and the R's are afraid of looking "mean-spirited" and "anti-democratic". Cheaters and wimps, the lot of them. I would happily sign on for STV and also for an Election Holiday (make it Monday, and disallow early in-person voting so people don't just vacation instead.) I would also love to see a requirement for proof-of-identity-to-receive-your-ballot to prevent fraud OF THE KIND I HAVE WITNESSED. But I digress.

Comment And maybe you should read the MIDDLE ... (Score 1) 330

Did you miss this sentence? "While the origin of the plants on Schmeiser's farm in 1997 remains unclear, the trial judge found that with respect to the 1998 crop, "none of the suggested sources [proposed by Schmeiser] could reasonably explain the concentration or extent of Roundup Ready canola of a commercial quality" ultimately present in Schmeiser's 1998 crop.[5]"

Comment If you aren't willing to follow THESE laws ... (Score 1) 283

I agree. I'm all for those who followed the procedures and became lawful immigrants and give zero fscks for those whose want to immigrate into the USA is greater than their willingness to follow the immigration laws. What other laws are they going to decide are unimportant?
Look, either citizenship is important or it's not. If you choose to think the US is a giant economic house party that can keep inviting in cool kids from around the world then you plainly don't care about citizenship. Fine, lead with that.
Myself, I think it DOES matter, even if most of us are US Citizens by birth. I vote, and pay taxes, and contribute to worthy causes in my community, and try to be a good American. Those other cool kids are likewise citizens of their birth countries, and they ought to be celebrating that and working to fix their own countries, not coming here because things are better economically.

Comment War and Peace was better than I expected (Score 1) 164

I read W&P for a Russian History class I took a while ago, and found that after the first several chapters I got used to the author's style and it got much easier to read. Knowing it would end also helped in that regard, which is a feeling I did not get with the 'Wheel of Time'(tm). Treadmill of Time is more like it!

Comment Why focus on coding? (Score 1) 175

You already said they want to be hands on - why not start with the physical device and then go to the code. Disassemble a PC and explain the parts. Talk about similarities and differences between a PC and a digital watch or other embedded computing device. THEN start talking about code, and how the device and code interact. Leave the OS wars for later.

Comment I know, anecdotes != data, but here's mine ... (Score 1) 108

Perhaps you are correct about the value of YOUR union, but in my own experience with two somewhat-non-technical unions (IATS&E, and another national one I won't name) I was treated as a disposable non-entity whose only purpose was the payment of dues, my verbal or written input was not solicited nor heard, and I never even SAW my union "representative" at the jobsite(s). Ever. NOT EVEN ONCE. I'm not bitter about it (much.) To this day I avoid all "Union Shops" because of those two jobs ...

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