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Comment Re: Alternative media. (Score 1) 292

So was Watergate, until we found out that it was true. The government already has complete narrative control over news organizations within the US, the UK has it in their country too, this is just the next logical step for them. When they find a place which allows any narrative to be discussed it must be destroyed or controlled.

Comment Re: The climevangelists are busy today (Score 1) 269

I honestly cannot remember ever meeting a vegan who was anywhere near sane, intelligent, or healthy.
I have met several that required multiple antipsychotics to not commit suicide, who also were plagued by seizures, and were at best average intelligence, usually far below.
Eat some fucking meat, and maybe after a few years of recovery you will be capable of understanding why you need it.

Comment Re: Hmmm... (Score 1) 272

That is simple. Women don't want jobs that are dangerous or dirty, they just want a piece of that sweet tech pie without putting in any effort to earn it. They use false claims of sexism as extortion to get those jobs handed to them even if they are not competent in the field. When they are done with that part they claim unequal pay, even though the men who are being paid more are working longer hours and have significantly more output than them so that they can get the raises they don't deserve.

Yes, there are exceptions, I've met a few of them. They, however, are not the ones who claim sexism and unequal pay. They get legitimate raises and promotions and are a pleasure to work with.

Comment Re:The social effects are much worse. (Score 0) 374

You are assuming that the subsidies are directly given to the universities are what is driving the inflation, it is not.
What is driving the inflation is the availability of massive loans to the students, along with large grants. Every time the size of the loan available increases the cost of going to school increases proportionally.

Comment Re:Contempt of the court... (Score 1) 520

We don't know if they found evidence on his Mac or not. The article says they found a single picture of a pubescent girl. That could be anywhere from a 10yo to a grandma, it doesn't specify, and they may not even know how old the person in the picture is themselves. Also, never assume that police or prosecutors are telling the truth. They are allowed by law to lie as much as they want as long as it is not under oath. They also routinely get away with lying under oath and know that they can get away with it.

Comment Re:Does DuckDuckGo have something similar? (Score 0) 429

Neither have people who deny the Jewish holocaust, but that hasn't stopped them from being censored or even jailed in several countries.

Just in case you didn't know, all but maybe a couple dozen people who perpetrated it are already dead. That may also be an over-estimate by a dozen or two.

Comment Re:Horse shit! (Score 0) 305

You really need to brush up on US history. Not only did we commit genocide against the natives of this land, but we also had our own concentration camps full of Japanese citizens. We know fascism quite well, though most refuse to admit it.
Freedom of speech should be absolute. Without it all you get is hate speech against the group chosen by the government, which is exactly what happened in Germany.

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