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Submission + - Tesla shocks Wall St. with huge earnings surprise and actual profits (

anderzole writes: Tesla on Wednesday posted its earnings report for the quarter gone by and investors will have a lot to cheer about. While analysts on Wall St. were expecting Tesla to post a loss, Tesla during its September quarter actually posted a profit, and an impressive profit at that. When the dust settled, Tesla posted a quarterly profit of $22 million and EPS of $0.71. Revenue for the quarter checked in at $2.3 billion.

Illustrating how impressive Tesla’s performance was this past quarter, Wall St. was anticipating Tesla to post a loss amid $1.9 billion in revenue for the quarter.

Submission + - Carriers to Implement Do Not Originate List to Defeat Robocalls

Trailrunner7 writes: An industry led strike force is preparing to take away one of the most valuable pieces of technology used by phone scammers: caller ID spoofing.

The Robocall Strike Force, convened by the FCC and comprising wired and wireline telecom companies, has been working since August on a handful of new technologies, standards, and other techniques to help address the robocall problem. On Wednesday, members of the strike force delivered their report to the FCC and said that a trial of a new Do Not Originate list has shown tremendous promise in preventing scammers from being able to spoof numbers belonging to government agencies, charities, and other legitimate organizations.

A trial of the DNO list that’s been running for the last few weeks on some IRS numbers has resulted in a 90 percent drop in the volume of IRS scam calls, officials from AT&T, which leads the strike force, said during the FCC meeting Wednesday. The carriers on the strike force, which include Sprint, Verizon, and many others, plan to continue testing the DNO list in the coming months, with the intent to fully implement it some time next year.

Comment I didn't include external costs... (Score 1) 281

Which I admit are significant. I love the idea of renewable energy. I have a Tesla Model 3 reserved, and I love the idea of generating my own electricity in a carbon free manner.

Politically, generating your own electricity without pushing external costs on others squares nicely with my Libertarian views.

Unfortunately, the finances matter. In the 3rd world, they matter even more.

Right now the external costs of carbon based generation are being borne by pretty much everyone. It's unfair, but that's the way it is. I don't have faith that government can equitably fix the external cost problem - so renewables have yet another hill to climb.

I'm an optimist here though - I think the engineers will get the cost of renewables down and fix the storage problem - I do not have the same optimism that governments can fix the carbon external cost problem - so it's up to the engineers to make renewables so cost efficient that the external costs of carbon become almost irrelevant. If renewables are productive enough, cheap enough, and reliable enough - they will win.

I'm hoping my kids see that in their lifetimes.

Comment Did renewables replace any carbon based plants? (Score 3, Insightful) 281

How many carbon based power plants were taken off-line and replaced by renewable generation capacity last year?

After much research, I haven't found a single instance of that happening - ever.

Have renewables caused a moratorium on all new carbon based power plants? I don't think so. Asia (as of last year) was opening more than one coal power plant PER DAY:


Renewables have two mathematically inescapable problems:

1. Renewable's land requirements per kWh are far too high.
2. Renewable's storage requirements to meet base load demand simply do not exist - presumably because storage costs are also very high.

I ran the numbers on a very small 2kW self-installed system - it would take me over 10 years in a best case scenario to recoup the costs at current utility rates.

Until renewables become far cheaper, generate more kWh per square-foot, and solve the storage problem - they will never reduce or replace carbon based generation.

Submission + - The Future of Sustainable Farming Might Be Bugs (

gthuang88 writes: The idea of insects as a protein source to feed the world isn’t new. But the U.S. agtech industry may be warming up to it. Now a Seattle startup called Beta Hatch is growing and harvesting mealworms and their waste, about 600 pounds a week, and packaging them as chicken feed and fertilizer. The goal is to be healthier and more eco-friendly than traditional feed, which uses soy. Together with companies like Tiny Farms, Exo, and Six Foods, this represents a new wave of efforts to commercialize insects for sustainable food and farming.

Comment Re:Here comes the "Trump 1" (Score 3, Insightful) 893

This is the most massive case of projection I've ever seen. Who's Trump going to start the war with? Russia shouldn't be an enemy. China? They're run by engineers, you couldn't start a nuclear war with them if you tried.

On the other hand, Hillary took the initiative in starting wars, the Libyan civil war comes to mind. She also represents the interests of the banks, the arms manufacturers, and the Washington DC establishment. You know, the ones who continually demand that wars start.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 893

I don't know if you've been following the news for the last 4 years but we have been deliberately provoking Russia for quite a while now. You know about the situation in Ukraine, right?

As for Hillary, her husband raped several women, and she attacked his rape victims. Really. In public, without any apparent sense that what she was doing was wrong. She was trying to discredit these rape victims. It's on tape. Who needs her emails?

Comment No Hangouts is not an iMessage replacement (Score 1) 140

I've switched back and forth from Android and iOS for years. I'm fortunate that my job provides that flexibility. I've used Hangouts stand alone - with Google Voice - and with Google Fi.

I like the way Hangouts synchronizes conversations between devices - delete a conversation on one - and all devices pick up the change.

Unfortunately that is the only thing Hangouts does better than Apple Messages. In every other way, Messages is a better user experience.

It took me years to get all the Apple users around me to install Hangouts - and then teach them how to properly use it. Video and voice calling via Hangouts is harder than it needs to be.

I had high hopes that Google would refine the user experience and make Hangouts the default "all in one" messaging app for Android - a true Messages/Facetime competitor.

The last straw that pushed me back to Apple was the Allo/Duo fiasco. Everyone important in my life uses an iPhone - it was simply easier to go back to Apple.

Google really screwed this up. The executives that created the Messages/Allo/Duo/Hangouts clusterfuck should lose their jobs.

Comment Re: How is everyone supposed to use Emacs? (Score 1) 505

So now we need 2 keys to escape instead of one? Just like we need multiple key mashes just to get a screenshot instead of one? This isn't efficiency, this is some prissy designer making keyboard into their notion of "pretty". To hell with that kind of human rubbish

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