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Comment Re:TFA is not terribly clear... (Score 1) 195

"But I'm not ignoring it, I'm enforcing it. I do not have to assist them in their search."

I think you are confusing "unreasonable search and seizure" with "any search and seizure". Swiping a finger is non-intrusive. Swabbing a cheek is non-intrusive. Maryland V King is a fairly recent example.

Comment Re:TFA is not terribly clear... (Score 2) 195

"Exactly. I am very disappointed that people think it's okay to compel anyone to assist in any way one's own prosecution,"

I knew the wording of this would toss up responses like yours.

This is no different than an order to produce blood/cheek swab or even passwords. The accused have the right to remain silent -- they do not have the right to ignore lawful search warrants. If you really want to keep information that the law cannot touch then either memorize it or have a trusted spouse memorize it.

Comment Who should bear the cost of suicide? (Score 1) 164

About half of all our gun deaths are suicides.

As a libertarian, I refuse to put the cost of those suicides on everyone else.

If a person wants to end their life, it is their life to do as they please. Gun-owners are not responsible for the actions of suicidal folks any more than they are responsible for the slow suicide that is smoking, drinking, and eating to excess.

Comment Germany = United States? (Score 1) 164

Per capita statistics are almost entirely bullshit. Germany is lots smaller than the US and has far less diversity.

Put lots more people of differing socio economic backgrounds together and you will get "friction".

Pull out our top 10 most violent cities and we fall way down the list on gun violence.

Take a look at this video if you doubt me:


Comment What the hell, Assange? (Score 1) 705

I just don't get why Assange and his Wikileaks participated in this. It does not help his side in any way, and in fact the emails are very damaging. They reveal that the Democrats planned violent anti-Trump protests. Signs were pre-printed and shipped to paid shills who acted as protesters. They told the media to stop reporting stories. They rigged the primaries to screw over Sanders. Assange revealing this kind of thing just plays into the hands of the enemies. Has he gone crazy in that embassy? I just can't figure out why he would deliberately harm his own side like this. He's really the one to blame here, not Russia.

Comment Re:Moore's Law ended years ago, for many (Score 1) 122

Depending on the specific problem, with number-crunching big databases you may be running into the limits of Amdahl's Law, not Moore's.

If part of the algorithm is inherently serial (ie, can't be parallelized), then that's going to be the bottleneck no matter how many cores you throw at it (although faster memory and I/O may help). CPU clock speed has been stuck around 2-4 GHz for many years now, throwing more transistors at the problem isn't going to help much. What we need there is not more transistors but faster ones, which means moving away from silcon to e.g. GaAs or micro vacuum tubes or whatever. One 1-THz CPU will blow away 250 4-GHz CPUs (memory bandwidth permitting) because it gets around Amdahl's Law.

Submission + - How Some ISPs Could Subvert Your Local Network Security (vortex.com)

Lauren Weinstein writes: You can see the problem. If your local net has typically lax security, and you don’t have your own firewall downstream of that ISP modem, the modem Wi-Fi security could be disabled remotely, your local network sucked dry late one night, and security restored by the morning. You might not even have a clue that any of this occurred.

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