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Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 86

My wife is using my old (first) Windows Phone. Our daughter just impacted the volume control last week... which was the first physical damage, but won't be the last. My own phone is more than two years old.

Between my first comment and this one, I have been browsing the new Lumias... but I know that at some point, I may want newer technology, if only for processor power.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 2) 86

I'm replying to the post above because for some reason I cannot just 'Post'.

I have to admit, this makes me sad. I love my Windows Phone, because it is the easiest to program and configure of all the phones in my household (I have an Android for business, my wife has an iPhone from work, and we both have WIndows Phones for personal use)

I find the iPhone and Android very unfriendly unless reconfigured from the ground up. The Windows Phone leaves you the illusion you own it. It is an illusion, it still does things without asking, but I feel that I can disable the things I do not want... except for the bloody updates.

On my Android, I always have shit that I did not put there, and I have to figure out how to disable...

Now I am going to actually have to go and educate myself in the search of a new hardware that I will have to configure to my liking. The Nook is my favorite tablet... so I guess I will have to look for an Android that can be gracefully opened/jailbroken/whatever the kids call it nowadays.

And yes, I know I am a dinosaur for sticking with Windows Phone. It's just that I had so much C# software to talk to the CNC machines at work, the servers, the UPSs, the robot cells and the boxline... and even my cars.

I even managed to learn to like the bloody tiles.

Comment Re:Not a big deal (Score 1) 136

I don't think Microsoft really wants to be in the hardware business. I think their goal was to drive the partners into developing high end devices that could compete with Apple products. I think Microsoft would love to be out of the hardware business completely. I'm not willing to dig through the financials but I'd be willing to guess that hardware sales aren't nearly the high margins they're used to in their software and services business.

Comment Re:Illegal labor (Score 1) 127

So tobacco really is grown in Canada. I did not know that.

We used to grow so much tobacco here in Ontario, that folk songs were made of it. Tobacco was the backbone of the entire industry in places like Tillsonburg, Ontario. If you want an example, see Stompin' Tom Connors who's considered a country/western and folk legend here. Funny enough I spent several summers picking tobacco in the same fields he did as a kid, they don't exist anymore though. Good farmland now covered in solar panels instead of crops.

Comment Re:Trains (Score 1) 160

I understand the obsession people Americans with cars

You clearly don't understand the issue at all. So many questions. Why do you think it's not more efficient to have transit occurring on two entirely separate planes? Why do you not understand the size of the US? Why do you not understand the history of transportation in the US? You really just need to educate yourself on the issue.

Comment Re:Slashdot is at risk! (Score 1) 117

What webserver are you running on your phone? Were you aware?

Minimizing this like it's a non-issue is insane . The fact that apps can open random ports, which may then will inevitably be susceptible to remote attacks, is horrifying. You think IoT devices were bad, wait until the few hundred million phones with dozens or hundreds of apps installed get turned into botnets.

I'm all for asking questions like, "what apps?" Did you install an FTP server? Well obviously it opens a port. But isn't anyone concerned that these apps have the ability to open ports? How is this monitored, controlled and approved from Android devices?

Comment Re:Nothing to do with Hollywood (Score 1) 487

No the point/loss recovery doesn't balance out. You mean the point that there is no penalty for killing someone? Gee. Maybe you need to dust off your copy, or go buy one. It's cheap these days on steam, it'll take you less then 2hrs to get to that level. On top of that, this is the type of stuff she considered "sexualized". You're cheering on a person who is no different then Jack Thompson.

Comment Re:Illegal labor (Score 4, Interesting) 127

Here's what happened up here in Canada. In the late 1980's you could pick fruit/veggies/tobacco/etc and earn enough money to put you through a year of university, if you got on a good farm you could earn enough to put you through 2-3 years. This was still the norm in the early 90's, by say '94ish there was a great push of factory farms. And suddenly there were people saying "oh we can't afford to pay these people those wages." And suddenly they loosened the wage rate, and more followed suit. It went from hourly to bushel, and then you started hearing the "but people won't work for what we're paying!" So they relaxed the hiring regs, and allowed the importing of 3rd world labor to do those jobs. And the wages still fell.

If you want to fix the problem, the laws have to be changed. Most governments have no interest in changing the laws on this, and now it's the norm. Now people are seeing this with the abuse of H1B's in the US, and here in Canada with TFW's. The difference between the two is a TFW can be used in any job. The current area we're seeing a flood of people in is with business cleaning run by fly-by-night shops that hire people who are illegally in Canada. But businesses from the CIBC(big bank up here) replacing workers with TFW's, to skilled trades in the oil patch have been hit.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Gone Again!

As always, if slashdot has borked the text, just go here.
She was gone again, shortly before my elderly cat died. I refer to my muse, of course.
I looked everywhere I could think of, to no avail. Stolen again? I went for a walk, on the lookout for that aged black aged Lincoln with that blonde and that brun

Comment Re:Isaac Asimov wrote stories about this (Score 1) 108

To echo a previous poster who says people are a pain, wasn't it Satre who said "Hell is other people"?

Close, it's from a play by Jean-Paul Sartre. By the way, "L'enfer, c'est les autres" is said by a character, and does not exactly mean that other people create Hell, or even that interacting with others is Hell.

Isn't a bit more complex than that, it has something to do with our self-knowledge being a product of the way we are reflected in the the eyes of others.

I'm not the one to try to explain it, I've always seen existentialism, phenomenology, and even philosophy as a whole as a victory of style over substance. Give me problems that need to be solved, and ways of measuring my progress in doing so. If I care about how someone sees me, I'll do something about it. As for how I see myself, it's mostly about what I can achieve.

I may have married a professor of Psychology, but I'll always be an Engineer at heart :-)

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 361

If you making 50K a year and paying $1466 for a studio then your basically putting half of your take home pay towards rent. That is not affordable.

People have been saying that for awhile. Though if you want to see what unaffordable looks like, try Toronto. Housing prices have gone up 70% in the last year(650k to 1,105,000) , and when that bubble pops it's going to be really interesting.

Comment Re:Before anybody tries UBI I'd like to solve trap (Score 2) 521

Well it takes between 4 and 9 years to get into low income housing in most of Canada. It's around 4-5 years here in Ontario, programs like section 8 don't exist in Canada in the same general terms either. There are "generational welfare" families in Canada without a doubt, but then there's also the people who don't want anything to do with it. You'll see a lot of seasonal people who work in eastern canada(fisheries/crab/lobster/etc), who work the other half year in Alberta's oil patch or in the potash mines in SK or MB. ~10-20 years ago before the war on coal was kicked into high gear, those people would work seasonally in the eastern canada coal mines. Lot of people would spend half a year or more on welfare because of that, it actually got worse and crime exploded in eastern canada when those mines shut down. Then it was compounded when the paper mills shut down because of environmental groups throwing a hissyfit. Huge drug abuse explosion from all of this as well. People like to think that solutions for this stuff is simple, but when you throw 10k people out of work things get desperate quick.

Comment Re:After care may be needed (Score 1) 521

In Ontario, if you're living on your own and you're not in the GTA(Toronto). And all that you can live very well on $17k/year. Keep in mind that in Ontario, disability pays $9600-14k/year and you're expected to be able to survive on $9600 which is 1/3 the poverty rate. Now you can apply for welfare, there's some programs which give $200/mo to help for rent and so on. For someone who's on disability though? This would be a serious windfall, the smart people who already scrape day-by-day will likely bank all of the money.

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