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Submission + - World's Largest Spam Botnet Adds DDoS Feature (

An anonymous reader writes: Necurs, the world's largest spam botnet with nearly five million infected bots, of which one million active each day, has added a new module that can be used for launching DDoS attacks. The sheer size of the Necurs botnet, even in its worst days, dwarfs all of today's IoT botnets, who barely managed to reach 400,000 (albeit the owner of that botnet has now been arrested).

If this new feature would ever to be used, a Necurs DDoS atack would easily break every DDoS record there is. Fortunately, no such attack has been seen until now. Until now, the Necurs botnet has been seen spreading the Dridex banking trojan and the Locky ransomware. According to industry experts, there's a low chance to see the Necurs botnet engage in DDoS attacks because the criminal group behind the botnet is already making too much money to risk exposing their full infrastructure in DDoS attacks.

Submission + - Malaysian Police: VX nerve gas killed N Korea leader's brother in airport attack (

An anonymous reader writes: Malaysian police have announced their finding that Kim Jong Nam, half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jon Un, was killed by assassins using VX nerve gas in an attack in the busy Kuala Lumpur airport. Malaysian authorities plan to decontaminate the airport and other sites visited by the attackers. Police are holding the two female attackers, one of whom was affected by the chemical agent, as well as two other men. They are seeking seven more North Koreans connected to the case. VX is the most toxic of the nerve gasses and the UN has declared it a weapon of mass destruction. The manufacture and stockpiling of more than 100 grams of VX per year is prohibited by the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993. It has no commercial uses. The Malaysian police are trying to discover if it was smuggled into their country, or manufactured there. The Malaysian government has recalled its ambassador to North Korea for consultation. North Korea is blaming the death of Kim Jong Nam on Malaysia. North Korea is believed to have major stockpiles of chemical weapons, and is alleged to conduct experiments on prisoners and social undesirables.

Submission + - UK Police Arrest Suspect Behind Mirai Malware Attacks on Deutsche Telekom (

An anonymous reader writes: German police announced today that fellow UK police officers have arrested a suspect behind a serious cyber-attack that crippled German ISP Deutsche Telekom at the end of November 2016. The attack in question caused over 900,000 routers of various makes and models to go offline after a mysterious attacker attempted to hijack the devices through a series of vulnerabilities.

The attacks were later linked to a cybercrime groups operating a botnet powered by the Mirai malware, known as Botnet #14, which was also available for hire online for on-demand DDoS attacks.

According to a statement obtained by Bleeping Computer from Bundeskriminalamt (the German Federal Criminal Police Office), officers from UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) arrested yesterday a 29-year-old suspect at a London airport. German authorities are now in the process of requesting the unnamed suspect's extradition, so he can stand trial in Germany. Bestbuy, the name of the hacker that took credit for the attacks has been unreachable for days.

Comment Re:It seems obvious that... (Score 4, Interesting) 80

Well if companies decided to start charging them because of the number of false claims, this problem would likely fix itself in the span of a couple of weeks. You can bet some company would stomp their feet and take it to court, and the court would likely agree that with the high percentage of false claims that the company has a reasonable expectation to recoup losses from false claims.

Comment Re:"Toxic" comments huh? (Score 1) 189

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, where is your evidence of this?

Neogaf isn't a hive mind? Or will you claim that *insert thing isn't a source* like you usually do? Feel free to hit your favorite search engine and use "neogaf" "ban". Sites like ceddit/ do a good job of covering the deletion of things. Subs like /r/subredditcancer show individual case-by-case examples. You can now claim that these show nothing, and there are no problems like you usually do.

Comment Re:Donald Trump? (Score 2) 189

The reality is, if someone considers my comment "toxic" because it hurts their feelings. They probably need to spend some time outside of their social bubbles and realize that the world isn't a happy place where people give you what you want if you cry loud enough. The sad thing is, it *is* the left(not all of it), that are pro-censorship and anti-free speech. It's the same situation that we saw back in the 80's and 90's. Remember? When you had the religious nuts holding power in quite a few places, claiming that video games are gonna make mass murders. D&D will make you summon demons. Those things that happened all those years ago. Then there was a very subtle change in the 90's as those on the left started taking up those mantles themselves. Note tipper gore, hillary clinton, joe liberman and so on. Who said videogames will make murders, censoring TV is right, banning some types of music is proper. The last 20 years have shown that the left were happy to take up that mantle. You've got an entire generation of students in universities that believe that "those old people trying to censor things" were right. In Europe, you've got politicians who are trying to hold onto their political power by censoring. Elitists in universities doing the same.

The left currently has an authoritarian and extremism problem. Pretending it doesn't exist, will do nothing to help either side or anyone at all. And the political spectrum right now is in a fundamental shift. People on the left and right are becoming more libertarian, and there is a large segment of the left and a small segment on the right that's shifting to authoritarian. But as it stands right now? The problem is mainly on the left. Check your local university, see how much anti-free speech and pro-censorship policies have been put into place in the last decade to protect peoples feelings. How words have been twisted, where the label troll/racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/etc has become "anyone who disagrees with my point of view."

Comment Re:"Toxic" comments huh? (Score 2) 189

Guess you haven't kept up with what's been going on for the last ~10 years. Because the old definition of trolling has long gone out the window, and trolling is basically considered "anyone who disagrees with me" or "has a viewpoint contrary to my world view." You enjoying the era where social justice reinvents something or changes the definitions of words in order to self-victimize yet?

It's kinda like the casual use of sexism, or racism. As a response to anything, especially by those who are heavily into identity politics.

Comment Re:pushing things underground (Score 1) 189

So you're a bigot. Censoring speech of bad view points doesn't make it go away, it makes it fester. On top of that, it's also used as a method to block views that people express if it's contrary to official policies. That's one of the reasons why you're seeing extremist parties start to rise in European countries, because views contrary to the government/elites are being blocked/ignored/etc. And those groups, offer a way for people vent/make statements/etc without being censored by the powers in place.

Why do you think the trust in government in Canada is the lowest it has been in 17 years? That was the last time the Liberal Party was in power and are in power now. And 80% of people feel that the elites in power are dangerously out of touch. It's because the elites live in a bubble and view points are filtered and censored before they reach them. This is the shit that leads to violent revolutions, and usually before that happens you see people enacting their view of justice on the streets. Something that's happening in some European countries now. Where "average people" are gathering into posses and enacting justice against people. Because they see that the state is failing to uphold their part of the social contract. Laws aren't being applied equally, people committing violent crimes are given slaps on the wrist. People who commit the same crimes if they are of a different sex get light sentences and so on. An example of the last one, a man rapes a 13 yr old girl, 5-10 years in prison. A women rapes a 13yr old boy, 2 months suspended sentence or time in a half-way house.

Comment Re:"Toxic" comments huh? (Score 5, Insightful) 189

Yeah here's the problem. Let's look at a site like neogaf, ever wonder why at one time it was the place to go and developers would post there and people would leak information. And now developers don't? Active participation is down? It was the moderation as you pointed out, but let's look at their definition of a troll, which basically boils down to "anyone who doesn't subscribe to the narrative." Let's look now, at what will get you banned. Have a contrary view of feminism? Banned. Support some ideas of a MRA? Banned. Have differing view points on global warming? Banned. Prefer the xbox vs playstation? Likely banned. Don't like your vidya characters to look like they were hit with a bat? Banned.

The problem is in many cases, moderators especially in this day and age use that as a form of power projection. A good example of this is /r/politics or /r/canadapolitics where you have moderators who ban people for pointing out factual information because it goes against the prevailing group think. Have a nice article about how forums become infiltrated by people pushing authoritarian viewpoints.

I ran a BBS in my teens, and it got large enough that I was considering applying for a regional fido:net hub. At nearly 700 people and 4 nodes, I picked moderators for my forums who weren't assholes, who usually worked, and if they stepped over the line they were given one warning then booted. As sysop, I expected my mods to be impartial. And if a friend was involved to pass the issue to another mod to deal with. I ran on Renegade.

Comment Re:Donald Trump? (Score 2, Insightful) 189

This might be new to you, but the left have been pushing for speech controls for years at google. It's not Trump, it's not those on the right. The right are the ones defending free speech, and it's the left who are trying to censor it. Whether it be no-platforming, violent assaults on people, using bomb threats or other tactics to shut down venues. The social justice brigade has been doing this for a long time, it's why github is such a steaming pile of shit now. You can see this when companies start instituting "codes of conduct" which push race/sexuality/etc instead of skill/ability as a core value. That garbage is a antithesis to a meritocracy.

Comment "Toxic" comments huh? (Score 5, Insightful) 189

Well, let's all bow down the moral arbiters of justice then. I'm sure that they'll be right on top of removing speech they disagree with. Then moving onto the useful idiots that cheered this on in the first place.

If you're willing to remove some speech because it makes you upset, there's nothing stopping others from doing the same to you later.

Comment Re:Other way? (Score 1) 238

If you must really keep a cat, get two. They're mostly layabout, but if they get bored they'll wreck your shit and not feel slightly remorseful about it. Another cat will give them something to do when you're not around instead of causing random mayhem in your domicile.

Nope. I'm gonna mark this type of shit down like with what you'd see with dog owners. No such thing as a bad dog, just a bad owner. Dogs can be trained, so can cats. Dogs are far easier to train then cats though, having trained both? If you think of a cat like a 3-4 year old which requires positive reinforcement to stop them from doing stupid things and the occasional punishment it all falls into place. You can train a cat just like a dog, to get you when they need something. Want to play, go outside, yard train them(so they don't go wandering off), beg, and so on. Find a really good cat or dog, you can even train them to somewhat vocalize human speech. My parents last cat I had trained to say "out" when it wanted to go into their garage(it's favorite place to sleep in the summer). When I was a kid, there was a neighbor a block away who used to voice train and litter box train rabbits.

Comment Re:Only a penny a page, duplex? (Score 1) 5

I'll be better able to figure it when the cartridge is empty. The savings come from not having to pay eight or ten bucks for copies that I'm proofreading.

They're already online as free e-books, HTML, and PDF, with printed copies available at a price.

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