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Comment Re:Migrating (Score 1) 156

Got a source for that figure? There are a lot of financial considerations around moving to the cloud. Like moving from capital to operational expenses and the flexibility to scale up/down with M&A or divestitures. Sometimes the flexibility provided by PaaS can deliver much better value to an organization.

Comment Re:We have these (Score 1) 163

Office doesn't annotate well enough for law.

I think you need to be more specific than "the law". Our lawyers frequently use Microsoft Word for redlining contracts, works great. Sharepoint Document Libraries actually work really well for storing these. There are certainly lots of other systems that work as well, or better (ie Enterprise File Sync and Share Applications like Box, Syncplicity, etc).

Comment Re:Can't Subscribe (Score 1) 204

The amount of Anonymous Cowards that are astroturfing and spreading FUD for Comcast in this thread is seriously concerning.

In what world is $70 a month "2x the cost" of cable Internet service? Your cable service is $35/mo? Including your modem rental? Because that's free with Google. And many people do download multiple gigabytes per day, they're called families. One kid watching youtube all day, parents watching netflix, add in some web browsing and video gaming (and your kids video game downloads for your xbox or steam) and you're easily into the multiple gigabytes per day. Netflix alone uses 1GB per hour according to Netflix!

Welcome to 2016.

Comment Re:Stop chasing the shiny (Score 3, Insightful) 161

Replace the electronics when it's actually dead or doesn't meet your needs, not just because it's not as shiny as it once was.

New high end smartphone is $200 on contract in the US. That's about $17/mo to have the latest, fastest phone with all the newest features. For a device that I use constantly and carry around eight to sixteen hours, that is essentially nothing. That's between one and a half and three cents per hour.

I understand everyone has a different set of financial circumstances, but for a device that useful, that we spend that much time using, why NOT have the latest and greatest, if it's well within your financial means? I'm not talking about buying a $100,000 car here. We're talking about $100/year for a device that most people use very frequently.

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