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Comment Re:What's the answer? (Score 1) 132

Two-factor authentication is probably the best solution -- unless your phone is at the bottom of the river, or your employer puts you in a spot where phone service is non-existent, like the basement.

Some services (ie Google) allow you to have a backup phone number. So my advice is buy yourself a cheap Android phone with a pay as you go SIM just for these types of situations. It's cheap insurance. Some people even use a freedompop sim which is totally free. So $50-$100 onetime cost for the phone and $0 monthly cost.

Comment Re:Even if you disagree with the judge . . . (Score 2) 150

I think your original post was sufficiently vague as to just be incorrect. I'm just clarifying that it takes more than just being aware of a crime, which your original post stated.

So yes, if someone tells you've they've committed a crime or are going to commit a crime you are obligated to report it to law enforcement and refuse the transaction.

That's certainly not universally true.

Comment Re:Even if you disagree with the judge . . . (Score 4, Informative) 150

Knowledge of a crime without reporting it is called accessory. Even if they tell you about the crime after they've done it you are still an accessory after the fact.

Not exactly. You'd have to help conceal the crime to be charged with accessory after the fact.

Comment Re:Atrix (Score 1) 125

Microsoft also released Tablet computers in 2002 so why was the iPad successful? Being early is the same thing as being wrong.

But the ATRIX didn't really have the requisite performance back then, it was just a little too early. Smartphone performance has increased DRAMATICALLY since the Motorola ATRIX. Five and a half years in smartphone advancement is an incredible level of improvement. A dual-core 1Ghz A9 with 1GB of memory (ATRIX 4G, 2011) to quad core1.2Ghz A57 and 4GB of memory.(Samsung S7). There are even eight core ARM CPUs available now. At some point smartphones might be "good enough for enough people" to reach that critical mass to make a product like this successful. Or maybe not.

Comment Re:But, Apparently, Rural Communities Don't Exist (Score 1) 104

This guy gets it. Providers have a metric which is called "Cost per Home Passed". That is, what does it cost in dollars to lay fiber for each home the fiber is laid near, because each one is a potential customer. If I can pay $1M and pass 10,000 homes versus paying $1M to pass 10 homes, it doesn't take a math wizard to figure out where I'm investing my capital.

It's not to say that they won't eventually roll out fiber to more rural areas, just that when you have a certain amount of capital to invest, and resources to deploy service, you start with the most profitable markets. Also, the cost to deploy fiber drops constantly, so by the time most of the densely populated areas have fiber, it will be more economical to deploy fiber to rural areas. But we're talking in terms of decades not months before we see truly widespread fiber in even rural areas.

Comment Re:Google giving the Business.. (Score 1) 104

$work operates a bunch of branch locations in the southeast. We work with most large cable providers (Charter/Brighthouse, Comcast, Cox, Mediacom, etc) and the best prices we can get is in a few locations for $300/mo we can get 300Mb/s cable. Most locations are either 100 or 150Mb/s for $300. I would GLADLY pay $250 for 1Gb/s (fiber optic) Business Internet Service. We have fiber in a couple places (oddly enough, CSpire in the middle of Mississippi offers very inexpensive 100Mb/s bidirectional fiber along with HQ and larger branch has fiber from other providers, Cox, SouthernLight, etc) and the reliability of fiber versus copper service is night and day. Fiber is FAR more reliable than any of the copper service (DSL or Cable).

So many times more bandwidth and dramatically better reliability while saving money? Where do I sign up?

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