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Comment Re: an iphone/palm pre user weighing in (Score 1) 684

Hail /., I went and bought a Palm Pre last month, my 30 day trial is coming up, and sadly, I am taking it back. It had a great browser that rivaled iphone's Safari. I've got a 3G and I'm sticking with it, but I've been looking for a way out for months, actually ever since the novelty of jailbreaking wore off. Jailbreaking became a necessity for me to use the phone efficiently. The bluetooth problem above is elegantly solved by SBSettings, an app in Cydia. You swipe over the clock and gain access to all battery-wasting settings, without quitting the app you're using. It also has a "quick notes" and "quick calc" feature that is perfect for when I'm doing online banking in Safari and need to make a quick calculation. Or need to store some data. Anyway, the Palm Pre is going back because Sprint's network is intolerable. It rarely worked inside, and if it did it was very low signal. The phone suffered and couldn't do many of its out-of-the-box features because so much of it is cloud/online/web based. I really wanted to support it, but being with Sprint for two years would be awful. I dislike AT&T very much because of their disregard for current customers. They're always trying to woo new ones. An area of Florida (Panama City) got a 3G tower LAST MONTH. They were 2G/Edge for the last, well, forever. The extra charges for navigation, outrageous text messaging packages (I've tried boycotting text messages, the normies and technophobes can't cope), the Fees passed on to me that are taxes and IMHO a cost of doing business, add to that the taxes I am required to pay in addition to their taxes (I'm considering sending a bill to AT&T for a "Customer State and Local Service Fee" to recover the costs of being their customer), the lack of 1 year contract agreements any more, and a host of other things really makes my blood boil with AT&T. I also just added a line to my account and the rep at the store didn't have the option of adding the line with my own equipment, he only had the option to add a 2 year agreement. He said he'd email his manager and hopefully they do this. I've got written confirmation so I don't want to hear from naysayers. If they don't, it's just one more thing. But where to go? I am anything but an Apple Fanboy. I fucking hate Apple, Steve Jobs, and wish that he had a better reason to withhold standard features (bluetooth stereo took nearly 3 years, with the 3.0 update--and guess what, my iphone 2G can do it!), copy and paste, video, third party apps, etc.) than "to protect future sales of our products" That's the ugly side of capitalism. I'm praying that the Nokia N900 will be released in the U.S. and that I can find an acceptable plan. The shitty thing about subsidizing phones (cause we Americans want our shit cheap or free!) is that it gets you to a certain price point month to month. There is much less of an advantage to buying a phone full price in the U.S. because the monthly plans are priced to recover costs of the subsidized phones. When your contract is over, you'll still be paying nearly $90 a month for the iphone plans, not to mention being called a dweeb by fanboys because of a subtle design nuance and an upgraded flash memory packaged as "iPhone 6! Better than Sex!" Let me say in closing that jailbreaking solves a lot of issues, I've got tethering, video, SBSettings, and all sorts of cool shit FIRST and possibly exclusively. It's EASY and worth the short amount of time it takes.

Comment Re: faith in past scientists (Score 1) 326

I wanted to throw out that in order to advance science, you must trust that the people before you were rigorous, thorough, and any number of synonyms enough that their work is solid to stand upon. Insert quote: That guy... great because he was standing on the shoulders of giants. You know who I'm talking about. That's a bit of faith, and if you find some work to be a sham, or lack an insight that was not possible in the past, then you have to go back to the drawing board.

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