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Comment Re:Vegan mums today. (Score 4, Insightful) 487

In my situation it's always the other way around. The only time I tell people I'm vegan is when they want to go somewhere to eat. Which in the USA is a lot of the time. All of the aggression comes from the other side though, not mine. But I have noticed that over the years the aggression has turned more into a curiosity and more people like to ask me about the diet. Some of the time they want me to bring them some vegan food to try. But online its a totally different story. Aggression and name calling always starts with the non-vegans. Everyone's got some story about how a vegetarian made them feel bad about themselves. So you met one asshat, I meet a lot of non-vegans that are turds on a regular basis, but I don't assume it's because they eat meat and I don't lump all non-vegans with that person. I bet that person you worked with isn't even vegetarian any more if they are that aggressive with their believes.

Comment Re:Vegan mums today. (Score -1, Troll) 487

I'm sorry but you can't make an argument about logic and then say that being vegan is grossly inefficient. It's more efficient than eating meat. Meat takes a week to process through the digestive system, where as plants take a day. You burn more energy processing meat than you do processing plants. And what about our teeth says we evolved to eat meat? Please don't say canines because if you look at real canines and then look at a humans canines they are totally different. Same name, but functionally not the same. Real canines tear through flesh a lot easier than the human canines can. Look no one can predict what we are supposed to eat, but to assume that being vegan is a stupid diet isn't logic speaking, that's culture speaking. Not sure why you get offended by veganism, but you should look into it more before you criticize it. You should ask a nutritionist about the vegan diet and how healthy it is. Get a professionals point. Like I said, I've been a strict vegan for 12 years (no honey or processed sugars). I don't know if it's contributed to my health, but it definitely hasn't hurt it.

Comment Re:Vegan mums today. (Score 4, Insightful) 487

I'm sure if he knows the mothers then they would let him know if they have any health related problems. Plus it doesn't take a doctor to tell if a kid is malnourished. It's always interesting when there's an article posted about veganism and all the haters come out trying to say it's an unhealthy diet. I've been vegan for 12 years and I'm a very healthy person and I don't take any supplements. My wife is pregnant with our first child and her doctor says she's totally fine to be vegan and have the baby. Not sure why people get so offended by vegans.

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