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Comment Re:Utter bullshit (Score 1) 192

You're talking about connecting the dots and plumbing. That's IT.

Good coding is also a hard science. You only know where your goal is (and maybe not). Finding the dots to connect is then 90% sweating it out empirically.

The real world is full of different hardware, interfaces, paradigms. At certain points you can't gloss over it with generalized code, but have to engineer something more focused.

Sometimes, it's also time-intensive testing and hacking to glean out undocumented bits.

Of course this is all against a set schedule. You can't get there punching in and out 4 - 5 hours a day.

Comment RTFA (Score 1) 341

"Third. What kind of idiot doesn't back up their stuff?"

What kind of idiot doesn't RTFA they're complaining about? He *did* back up his stuff; that's how he was able to recover his stuff. The blog post was informational, for folks who don't know about this issue.

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