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Comment The effect on national security (Score 1) 525

We're going to lose our next big war because of this.
The United States has won pretty much all of its wars due to the combination manufacturing ability on the homefront and the individual craftiness of its military personnel in the field.
We're quickly becoming a nation of fat, stupid gamers who do not know how to make anything.

Comment results of bad censorship (Score 1, Interesting) 193

Digg had a bad habit of deleting the accounts of people who disagreed (politely even) with leftist politics in general and the homosexual lifestyle in particular by labeling all such disagreement "hate speech". They censored themselves out of relevance.
I deleted my own account with them several years ago due to my disgust with this behavior.

Comment "Illegal" questions are most informative (Score 1) 714

It's best to play interviews by ear and to answer questions based on your gut feeling of whether it's an appropriate question. Laws be damned. If it's too inappropriate I don't want to work there. Let them ask "illegal" questions and let me ask them too.
It's in my best interest that a potential employer has a good feel for who I am and what makes me tick and vice-versa. I need to not only perform my job duties but to personally get along with and befriend the people I'll be spending a large portion of time with. For instance, I'd want to know if my potential boss is a militant feminist /Obama fundraiser, or a passionate rock climber. In the former case, I'd gladly go look elsewhere. In the latter, there's some commonality which will allow us to relate to one another better.

Also, I welcome questions about my military service. If a potential employer has a problem with it, I'm going to have a problem with them and we would both be miserable.

Comment I see the ugly head of socialism. (Score 1) 246

From the article:
"She rang the maternity suite at Worcestershire Royal Hospital in Worcester but was told it was nothing to worry about and to go back to sleep...
...Miss Rowberry said: ''It was frightening. I rang the maternity suite and they just told me to go to sleep."

Socialized medicine at its finest.

Comment Bury brigades are nothing new (Score 1) 624

I abandoned Digg a couple of years ago.
Bury brigades have been killing right-leaning stories while promoting left-leaning stories for years now. They have been doing so with the blessing of the site owners. The owners of Digg routinely ban accounts for posting comments that go against left-leaning stories so I don't feel the least bit sorry for them.

How hypocritical to complain that right-leaning bury brigades are now causing a problem. Sadly enough it's the only way to force some kind of political balance.

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