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Comment Re:Utter bullshit (Score 1) 192

You're talking about connecting the dots and plumbing. That's IT.

Good coding is also a hard science. You only know where your goal is (and maybe not). Finding the dots to connect is then 90% sweating it out empirically.

The real world is full of different hardware, interfaces, paradigms. At certain points you can't gloss over it with generalized code, but have to engineer something more focused.

Sometimes, it's also time-intensive testing and hacking to glean out undocumented bits.

Of course this is all against a set schedule. You can't get there punching in and out 4 - 5 hours a day.

Comment Re:mac is linux (Score 1) 505

Linux is a kernel, OSX is a Mach kernel, mostly FreeBSD userland with other BSDs thrown in, NextStep, ObjC.

BSDs are always holistic experiences and so is OSX, Windows, etc..
Linux is Bazaar, *BSD has always been Cathedral (take it slow, engineer well).

At the end of the day, people rather live in a Cathedral/hotel where everything stays in known places than the 'vibrant' flea-market with fuzzy pseudo-RPM treadmill hell.

Comment Re:perception & reality (Score 1) 255

Except you're nowhere close to reality.

swipe animation queues all 30 frames of the swipe animation, does NOT drop any, and struggles to complete them all, taking 4 seconds to walk the queue with as many skips and pops as expected. Video Player fail.

swipe animation probably does not queue 30 frames of animation, but ALSO gets PRIORITY to COMPLETE them first in the allotted 1 second. Video Player success

Real-world example, keyboard response -- which is more responsive?: the console that reacts instantly to your key-presses even under a load of 24.00 on a single-processor, or a console that gets back to you after it's done processing some background tasks. The former is "actually" and "feels" more responsive, while the later will run the bg-tasks slightly faster.

Comment Re:Say goodbye to most coprocessors. (Score 5, Insightful) 113

Ah, young idealism, trying to be the Debian. I was there, once. It is true that it's better to have open-source drivers, but you need a stable, open, documented hardware platform. PCs are, Android is neither.

You will spend your entire life rebuilding "plumbing" after which the hardware you've built it for is long dead while its descendents -- you cannot support. A life where you didn't actually build anything useful, the next iPhone nor next game-changing piece of software-engineering, but just ran in a mouse-wheel.

Reality is we just have to bend-over a little and suck up buying new hardware; accept the respective new binary blobs. Just try to stay above it. CyanogenMod is doing a good job there.

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