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Comment Re:So. 50,000 more H1-B visas need to be issued (Score 1) 320

How to build a wall:

1. Call civil engineers.

2. Say, "one wall please."

3. Give them money.

4. Build wall.

So when the wall is built, and we're standing there watching the giant catapult flinging illegals back into Mexico, what exactly are you going to say then?

I get it, you're opposed to Trump ideologically. But you have to stop saying retarded things like "you can't build a wall" or no one will ever take you seriously again, and you'll keep losing. Then again, that's fine, because I want you to keep losing. So keep running around saying walls are hard.

Comment Re:So. 50,000 more H1-B visas need to be issued (Score 1) 320

This is the liberal talking point I understand the least. That we can't we build a wall. We built the interstate highway system. We sent rockets to the moon. Lots of other countries have walls. Hell, China's got a wall. WE CAN'T LET CHINA BEAT US ON WALLS.

You can argue whether a wall is a good idea or not, but to say we can't build a wall is stupid beyond belief.

Comment Re:So. 50,000 more H1-B visas need to be issued (Score 1) 320

Trump can plan all he wants, it's what Congress will let him do that matters as has already been demonstrated by Republican leadership saying "Yeah, we're not building a wall."

We're building the wall. I think Trump has just a liiiiiiiiittle bit more political capital than Mitch McConnell right now. Plus with his wife at Transportation she'll be all "oh Mitchuru babby, gibs $1T infrastructure package me sucky sucky ruv you wrong time!"

Well, aren't you a bitter little munchkin. Some of us like to observe facts and make decisions based on them rather than go by feelings and faith. Thanks, though, for showing us the face of yet another triggered over sensitive snowflake alt-righter.

What exactly do I have to be bitter about? I'm not one of the many, many whiny leftists in this thread crying because Trump's...bringing jobs to America? You people are going to sit there pouting for 8 years while Trump makes America great again and I'm gonna laugh, and laugh, and laugh... Oh, and how'd all those "facts" from Huffington Post work out for ya? Yeah. That worked out great for ya.

Comment Re:Lovely...with no pressing issues... (Score 1) 132

No one wants "equality," though, they just want power.

Ultimately the point is moot. If America were settled by "gender equal" colonies, there would be no US or Canada. The colonists would get off the boats and each generation produce fewer children than the generation before, dying out. The evil patriarchy, though, where men do man stuff and women do woman stuff would (and did) get along just fine and dominate the continent.

Today as well, the conservative religious communities (mormons, catholics, etc) are still popping out kids and doing just fine. It's the liberals who aren't having kids. They will die and their ideology with them. The problem is we just have to make sure they don't replace themselves with hostile foreigners through mass immigration as they die.

Comment Re:good (Score 1) 371

My point about history is that looking at the history of Islamic expansion is important. Christian history is irrelevant...I'm not making a moral argument about which is "better," just about the behavior of muslims as they expand into a new area. When they are few in number they say "we are a religion of peace." When they are more they say "we should live by our own laws in our own communities" (see the push for Sharia courts in the UK and France). This inevitably brings them into conflict with the host government, because the UK government can't say "well, okay, you can throw gays off roofs, but only your gays, not our gays." Then they're being "oppressed" and they go full jihad (see Lebanon).

The correct answer is "don't let them into your communities." Your answer is to shit on Christians.

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