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Comment Re:Microsoft Update Catalog is my new hero (Score 4, Informative) 185

The Convenience Rollup is kept on my keyring USB stick as its just soooo much easier than dealing with a system that may not have had a patch on it in years.

And as far as these new crap "mega updates"? Just turn off Windows Update and use WSUS Offline which last I checked is doing just as you described and grabbing the manual security updates, only you get them nicely bundled with a script that will install them all (and do any reboots required) and shut down the system, hassle free. I highly recommend it.

Comment And the concept of extradition is well established (Score 1) 124

Happens all the time. If a person commits a crime against country A and they are in country B, country A may well ask country B to hand them over. If it happens or the details of it vary based off of the specific countries and their treaties, called extradition treaties. For example the US and North Korea? Ya not happening. There are no extradition treaties between those two, and the governments hate each other. so nobody is getting handed over. However EU nations? Extremely strong extradition treaties. If you commit a crime against Germany from France, Germany will have France arrest you and ship you over to stand trial.

The majority of nations have extradition treaties of some level with each other since they don't want criminals able to run off and hide from justice. It has been a thing for a long time.

Comment Re:What a Waste (Score 1, Insightful) 832

How is this any different from Whedon forming a super PAC and using his Hollywood connections to shill for it?

Lets be honest folks, there really isn't an upside this round. On the one hand you have the most corrupt politician this side of Richard Nixon that has promised more wars and to flood this country with refugees ala Germany (didn't work out so great for them, did it?) and on the other hand you have a reality TV star that spends his time tweeting memes...ugh.

Comment Re:Obvious (Score 1) 84

The thing with hardware patents is that it's no the idea which is patented, it is the implementation. With software patents, it's the idea itself which is patented. With hardware patents, a working model or a description detailed enough to allow another practitioner to recreate the mechanism is required. Software patents don't even require a working binary.

There is no way to defend the ethics of software patents. The iPhone does not silence the ringer via a mechanical mechanism. The button press is a trigger, but the silencing is done by software. Unless this Troll has access to source code which demonstrates that Apple uses the exact same method that was patented (as if software patents ever do that; see above), the case should have been thrown out.

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