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Comment Re:we have slack at work, and I don't understand w (Score 1) 66

Slack also handles multimedia. Even things like formatted code snippets are way up there, in comparison to IRC. Then there's all the integrations with things like JIRA, and you have a client that makes it a lot easier to work with other devs. Who the fuck cares if it's loosely based on IRC? It isn't IRC.

Comment The only fix (Score 4, Informative) 88

The only way to mitigate this behavior in the future is to line up the executives and apply a sledgehammer to each head until it is unrecognizable. If an individual stole millions of dollars, he'd be in jail for life. When a company does it, nothing happens. There is no justice and there is nothing to deter other companies from engaging in the exact same behavior.

Comment How cross compatible is this? (Score 1) 92

From a couple news articles that i saw, certain Cell Providers are islands to themselves. e.g. RCS on T-Mobile doesn't necessarily work with RCS on Verizon and vice versa,.

In other news, yet another yet another messaging protocol from google. I guess im the one who needs to add the XKCD: Standards Image

Comment It doesn't like going through walls though (Score 1) 64

Or anything solid really. If you have line-of-sight it works pretty well but get anything in the way, and you can have serious issues. I tried it for wireless HDMI and it wasn't able to maintain a solid signal over about 25 feet because there was an interior wall in between the transmitter and receiver.

Comment Re:its in public (Score 1) 125

There kind of was, in a weird way.

In the way back 70s and 80s even, if i was being spied upon on a public street, it was pretty certain there was something specific about me. Maybe I was a crook, maybe I was a cheating spouse, or (very unlikely) maybe i just had a stalker. It was expensive to spy on someone. So only certain people could ever be targets.

Now, everyone can be targeted cheaply. That's a different world. that's a different world than the Founding Fathers could see. Maybe they'd specifically say "you should be able to disappear in public unless there was a warrant".

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