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The Internet

Submission + - Griefers, the Sociopaths of the Virtual World (wired.com)

ascendant writes: "Wired has an interesting read on the philosophy behind the behavior of the group of people known as "griefers".

Pwnage, zerging, phat lewts — online gaming has birthed a rich lexicon. But none, perhaps, deserves our attention as much as the notion of the griefer. They are corpse campers, noob baiters, kill stealers, ninja looters. Their work is complete when the victims log off in a huff.
In short,

"Nothing on the Internet is so serious it can't be laughed at, and that nothing is so laughable as people who think otherwise."


Submission + - Rival malware gangs wage turf war (theregister.co.uk)

ascendant writes: "The Register has a story up about two malware groups are fighting for turf and control over each other's bots.

Security researchers have uncovered evidence of a turf war between rival criminal enterprises connected to two of the most sophisticated malware toolkits in current use.But rather than clashing over who gets to skim money off a garbage collection contract or a major construction project, the cyber criminals are battling to own tens of thousands of compromised computers.
One trojan in the MPack attack kit is now removing a worm distributed by another group, who sat up and responded- DDoSing the server that the trojan uses to update itself.

Could this mean that there just aren't enough new suckers out there, and the scammers finally have to start fighting over the gullible set that's already been identified?"

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