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Comment Re:It has already caused problems (Score 1) 940

The math in that article is screwy too. The article says he usually has one staff at the store, 10 hours a day, 365 days a week. $15/h x 10h x 365 = $54,750 in total salary paid. Even if half the time he has two staff that is less than $80K. The article says the increase is costing him an extra $80K/year.

Comment Re:Cool but silly idea (Score 1) 177

If they could deliver to the balcony of an apartment/condo it would make online shopping way better. Currently unless you are home and the driver is willing to buzz, take the elevator etc. you will not get any package and have to go to the pickup location. With drones you would get 100% deliveries on time.

Comment Re:Wildly expensive (Score 2) 104

It is exactly broken down in the link in the comment you replied to. Fees and rewards are ~35% or $700K. Fixed costs for production startup including build sets, costumes, etc. is $550K. This leaves $750K for 3 episodes. For the stretch goals they raise $1.1M per 3 episode target but after fees and rewards they have $750K/3 episodes as well.

Comment Re:huge waste of resources (Score 1) 252

My preference would be to stay always on daylight savings time and never go to standard time. However switching between the two is very useful in Canada where even in Vancouver the length of day doubles over the course of the year. 8 hours of sunlight in December and 16 hours in June. It is really nice in the summer for it to not be bright at 4am and have a long evening with lots of light. Going to standard time allows it to be light at 8am which I guess is good for some people commuting and walking to school but I'd still rather have that light for the evening.

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