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Comment The Rationale Behind It (Score 4, Informative) 260

FWIW, way back when this story was news instead of history I asked my county's Sheriff about the rationale behind this kind of thing. He explained it thusly:

"Suppose you're an officer and you're called to a convenience store robbery. When you arrive, you find the clerk on the floor has been shot and will certainly die if you don't render aid immediately. Meanwhile, you see the robber escaping in your neighbor's car so you know it's stolen. This fits the MO of an armed robber who's been in the region for a few weeks, never strikes in the same town twice, and always kills the clerks he robs. There are no witnesses. If you render aid to the fallen clerk the criminal will escape and will almost certainly kill again, but if you pursue the criminal the clerk will certainly die and you may not succeed in apprehending the criminal anyway. What do you do?"

I immediately responded that I'd pursue the criminal. He went on to explain:

"It's not really important which option you choose because in the end some innocent is going to die. What's important is that you quickly choose a response and follow it through to the end. The rationale behind not hiring those of exceptional intelligence is that they'll waste time thinking through their options hoping to find the optimal solution when there really isn't one instead of just springing into action."

It's horribly flawed logic, but that's the general consensus among law enforcement so it's self-reinforcing. You can't promote thinking leaders from within a force that doesn't include thinking officers.

Comment Re:More Magnesium (Score 1) 347

Magnesium acetate works much, much better (because it's more bioavailable) and doesn't loosen the bowels (because it's absorbed in the gut so doesn't get that far). You have to make your own to get it, though. Three parts apple cider vinegar to one part milk of magnesia, adding the MoM to the vinegar so it all dissolves. Mix a tablespoon or a tad more of this in a liter or so of water, and drink it throughout the day.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 594

Like gambling you play the odds and take the vaccine because it's less dangerous than going without.

However, unlike gambling, you are forced to play. The state requires you to enroll your child in school and ensure attendance, and requires that your child be vaccinated in order to attend. So it's only fitting that the state step up when children are harmed by vaccines, just as the airline whose jet falls on my house is liable for the damage done even if the jet was carrying donor organs intended to save lives.

Comment Re:HP -- it sucked before Fiorina (Score 2, Insightful) 430

I was involved with H-P in various capacities from 1994 through 1998, pre-Carly, and the high zoot engineers for whom the company was famous were nowhere in evidence. Absolutely nowhere. The company mission statement already said that H-P was a "shareholder driven" company, and the old-timers all lamented that The HP Way was long dead.

I'm not defending Fiorina, as she was in well over her head and everyone except the BOD knew it right from the start, I'm just saying that the company was broken before she got there.

Comment Glad my code turned you inside-out, noob! (Score 1) 477

I don't comment much. I figure that if you understand the problem domain, my grammar will suffice... and if you do not understand the problem domain you have no business futzing around with my code in the first place.

I will curse and mock your name after you've left a position because you've context switched ten times to do work that should have been done in one well designed method, and now I've got a server that is puking because you don't know programming nearly as well as you know how to acquire whore points on slashdot.

As my grandfather, a noble and stoic man of few words would say, shut the fuck up.

Comment Re:Seeing Arrington's rants... (Score 1) 175

The same can be said for wives, siblings, politicians, nations, clergy, and probably the Buddha himself.

In my experience, precisely three-quarters of all of my wives have fit your assertion, as have half of all of my children. The other identifiable classes you mentioned I prefer to avoid.

Comment Re:Seeing Arrington's rants... (Score 4, Interesting) 175

If I had mod points I'd award a quadrillion of them for:

I'm guessing you've never started a company. When you do, you'll find out that a fair number of your friends turn into psychopaths when money is involved. This is why the best number of partners in any new venture is 1.

I've seen this too many times. For anyone who hans't: If you want to know what a partnership is like, here's what you do: Come up with a great idea, then work yourself nearly to death over 18 months to two years while ignoring your family, friends, and health. When the idea has been made tangible and needs just a few minor tweaks, hand over all of your work to someone you'll never want to see again.

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