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Comment Haven't we seen this before? (Score 3, Insightful) 106

It was a Microsoft program called WISE and licensed to Bristol, Insignia, MainSoft and Locus( https://goo.gl/nrk4ML ). It allowed these vendors to build libraries for UNIX which let Win32 sources be built on UNIX systems. Lots of UNIX app developers porting UNIX apps to Windows since they could sell their apps for both Windows and UNIX. Only one problem, Microsoft pulled the rug out from under them all( save one ) and left all those UNIX software vendors with no path for their UNIX customers but moving to Microsoft Windows. They more than quadrupled the WISE program cost and only one of the vendors could afford to pay it. The one vendor who could still pay the licensing fee was also the one vendor Microsoft hired to port Internet Explorer to Sun Solaris.

So unless every single bit of this ChakraCore stuff is open source and under a BSD or MIT license(ie loose) then stay away, far far away. IMO


Comment Re:TMobile.... (Score 2) 145

It really depends on your location of use and how far from interstates you travel, when you do.

In my case, there is absolutely NO coverage for T-mobile at my lake home on any provider except Verizon. Considering we spend ~40% of our summer months there, this is a necessity.

We also travel, by car, over 3500 miles each summer on a road trip. With Verizon I have never been out of coverage; however, AT&T and T-mobile cannot keep pace--not even close.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 32

While all of your points are quite valid, there is definitely a lot of community on IG and, as someone who recently stopped using it due to the changes to the feed planned by Facebook, I definitely miss seeing local photographers sharing their work and helping each other get better at their craft.

Comment Re:I'm curious... (Score 1) 155

Well, a few reasons really:

1. I don't like ads and I can adlbock on mobile web but not as easily on iOS for apps (if at all) which is why they are doing this in the first place.

2. I don't want to download unnecessary applications which take up storage I want to use on other things.

3. I don't see the need to have two different applications to interact on the same platform.

Comment Why the political ending? (Score 2) 224

From the article:

Much closer to home, Musk was also asked about the U.S. presidential election, a topic on which he was noticeably less animated.

Without saying anything about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton specifically, he said, "I don't think it's the finest moment in our democracy."

I wish there was more context given here. Does he feel this way because of their stance on space exploration/funding/etc or simply because he doesn't like their other political stances?

If it is indeed, the latter, if it's going to be included in an article, I really wish they had dug in deeper and published his response, rather than just including Hillary and Trump in the article for their SEO value.

Comment I've seen more BSODs with W10 (Score 4, Interesting) 982

While my two main machines are Macs, I manage around 15 Windows VMs and touch every new employee laptop deployed in our environment.

Through this, at least on the hardware we use here and the VMs managed under Hyper-V, I have personally witnessed more BSODs on W10 than any version of Windows after the Windows2000 days.

When Windows is required and when it's up to me, we don't use any W10 images and disable the upgrade paths for the users and based on this experience, I recommend no but YMMV.

Comment Re:No nerds in Slashdot crowd any more... :( (Score 1) 54

Sure seems that way doesn't it. FYI, I recently built an AlexaPi using an old rPi B+, a old logitech USB webcam for the mic and headphones. Getting started with it asking about weather, appointment/calendar events, etc. Will start building todo's and see about getting music working. The browser version is pretty cool as it lets me do the same when at the computer. And also used AlexaPi to reorder a few things. I hear the Dot and Echo have such good noise cancelling and voice pickup it can recognize commands from across the room.

Now if I can get Max Headroom into my rPi and working and sync'ed to Alexa's voice then the AlexaPi would make it to the living room.


Comment not sure it can be called a "business" (Score 1) 113

They tried and failed badly to create a smart phone business and therefore could not stop Android from growing into a powerful platform. With Android apps being able to run on the inexpensive laptop devices known as Chromebooks... Well let's just say the phrase, "Houston, we have a problem" is an understatement for Microsoft.

With less than 10% market share I was always wondering why they even got any press time with Windows Phone and now with under 1% one has to wonder how many millions do they want to be spending to keep the brand alive.


Comment Re:Nobody wants thinner and lighter. (Score 1) 238

I do what is arguably 'real work'; however, I don't use my local machine to do it because the work I do is not something which can sit on a desktop or especially a laptop.

I just don't think it's worth it to carry around a tank when you could just connect remotely to these machines to do your work.


Comment Re:welcome to 1993 (Score 2) 67

I think you meant: Welcome to Slashdot

You're complaining about this? Seriously? If you have alternatives to this, by all means, employ them; it's great that you choose to do so (something we all fully support), but the vast majority of people like having easy options to use, even if they're subscription based.

Comment Doom/2 for OS/2 (Score 1) 351

Back in the day, 1994ish, you had to run PC games in DOS to run well. But IBM had OS/2, the source code for DOS and Windows and they were doing amazing things on the PC. Great multimedia things like sync'ed video/sound and in multiple windows. Sounds crazy now but it was a big deal on the machines back in 1994. They were ramping up OS/2 Warp for consumers and hired someone to create Doom/2 for OS/2. There were two Comdex conferences, one in Spring and one in Fall. At the Spring Comdex IBM and Id showed Doom/2 and it was all the buzz. There were copies leaked off ftp sites and it was pretty cool playing Doom on the desktop with other apps. They showcased this at Spring Comdex and by Fall Comdex Microsoft had created something for the Windows beta codename Chicago because they couldn't allow OS/2 to get mind share. Chicago was to become Windows 95 was still vaporware. It was the beginning of Microsoft's venture into the gaming industry.

I found a link referencing it here: http://www.os2ezine.com/v2n7/doom.htm

The OS/2 multimedia system was pretty good back in the day and top notch on PC hardware. That is until I saw BeOS. Boy, it so sucked that Microsoft got away for so long doing illegal crap like locking vendors into installing only their OS or having to pay them even if Windows and/or DOS were not installed. BeOS shut down because they could not get any hardware vendors to install it on computers. Palm then bought BeOS and totally wasted any opportunities to use BeOS in ways which leveraged its capabilities.


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