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Submission + - Security Service Accidentally Makes Web 60% Faster (

EastDakota writes: CloudFlare was originally conceived by the team behind the open source communityProject Honey Pot as an easy way to protect any website from hackers and spammers. The concern from the beginning was that it would add latency. It was quite a surprise when the free service launched 8 months ago and ended up speeding up websites by 60%.

Submission + - CloudFlare Automatically Learns to Stop DDoS (

EastDakota writes: CloudFlare, the free performance and security service from the team behind Project Honey Pot, just posted a visualization of how the service reacted to a recent denial of service (DDoS) attack launched against one of its users. The system automatically detected the attack, learned about its characteristics, and then propagated rules that protected the site under attack as well as all the other sites that are part of the CloudFlare community — all without human intervention. As the user whose site was protected from attack said: "That's frickin' awesome!"

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