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Comment Re: what about a server again or at least OSX VM r (Score 1) 240

You aren't looking at the same picture. OSX server isn't going to replace BSD, Linux, or Solaris. It is putting an easy to use interface on DHCP, DNS, a directory service (I think it is AD compatible, not just LDAP + Kerberos, but I have not tried that yet. Maybe I will just to see), control backups on the client systems (Time Machine), and a very easy to setup OpenVPN server. Places that would use it are going to use it in place of Windows servers, and probably are not going to consider other Unixes as options.

Comment Re:Here here! (Score 1) 118

Mmm. I love WindowMaker, especially on older systems. I for a couple of years I went with AfterStep as my primary desktop too. I've actually found that Unity (Desktop) reminds me of the NeXT Interface, like an alternative that it could have actually evolved into had it not evolved into OS X.

Comment Re:Best Linux Distro (Score 1) 224

Not for a lot of people. I consider keeping up on security patches to be rather critical, and to date I haven't seen another distribution that ended up having their web server so compromised that people ended up downloading ISO images that were infected with malware. And all they had to do was keep up with either Ubuntu or Debian.

So in the end, Mint offers me less then Ubuntu or Fedora (my usual poison, been with Fedora since Red Hat Linux 6 and KDE 1) does.

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