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Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 729

I'm running an i5 3570K and GTX 770 on my desktop - I don't think I currently have any games that I have to turn down settings from Max (with the exception of a super over-crowded custom game of SC2, but my friends computers usually slow down before mine). And I've had a few games that weren't lightweight on there, like the Batman Arkham series (City and Origins both loaded it up, but I didn't have to turn anything down). War of the Vikings hit the CPU hard for a while, but it's my understanding that was poor optimization more so then anything else. There again, looking at my Steam list most of my games might not be what the young gaming crowd is playing (Small sample of the game list that I've at least touched this year: DOTA2, CS:GO, Ballistic Overkill, Goat Simulator, L4D2, Fall of Cybertron, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Rocksmith 2014, War of the Vikings, Audiosurf 2, Arkham Origins, D3, and SC2)

Running off of an SSD certainly helps me a lot too.

Comment Re:Call me when it gets a serious MS Office conten (Score 1) 249

As a serious question, what's wrong with the existing options? What can you do in Office that I cannot do in Open Office, KOffice (or whatever they're calling that group now), Office365 (webapp), WordPerfect, or even Pages on OS X? I ask because I don't know of anything - every thing I need to do works just fine no matter where I do it (Okay, WP and Office have some compatibility issues, but even then I only send people PDFs).

Comment Re:Neutral (Score 1) 221

Shit happens, especially if you're in a hurry and not paying full attention. And depending on the car, "Park" might not be an option. I've also seen the parking paw break before, or even on an automatic have the car left in neutral and tried to stop it by pushing back on it (thankfully my father was able to get in to hit the brake before it got ugly on that one - I was between my 88 Mustang and my cousin's 86 Chevy C/K truck with no space to run

Comment Re:This is Slashdot, so... (Score 1) 118

My father (a lifelong ASE Certified Automechanic), when asked what he thought about Fords, once told someone, "I love them" and the person began to grin, then he followed with "They break often, they're easy to work on, and the parts are easy to get." Which is rather humorous to me anyway, since I've had rather good luck with my Fords (89 Mustang had 405K miles on it when we parted, 88 Mustang currently has about 275K, and the 99 Mustang has about 260K).

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