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Comment Re:Honest Question (Score 1) 151

You missed where they're moving away from that X (and XDMCP is currently broken in Fedora anyway, and has been for a few years now). And don't be so sure that my power-guzzling SGI systems have less IO bandwidth and less RAM then a cell phone does. Plus the OS is much nicer to work with and works far better then Android or iOS does anyway.

Comment Re: Desktop environments have to implement support (Score 1) 151

Makes one of us. The VPN software that I am required to use to connect to my clients at work does not work with Windows 10 to start, and my laptop's GPU (Quadro FX 880m) is out of the question thanks to Windows Update constantly installing the wrong driver and breaking everything. Solaris 11, on the other hand, handles everything without issue, with X11 and Nvidia drivers out of the box (unlike Windows or Linux)....

Comment Re:Honest Question (Score 2, Informative) 151

Another one - is there a fully compatible equivalent to X -query $hostname? I should have the option to connect to servers on my network however I need/choose to. I have users that use ssh to do remote X over a VPN to Solaris boxes, etc; and these all need to not break. And it's important to keep the heat on Fedora because what ends up in Fedora will be in RHEL 8.

Personally, I think I'm going to end up with a lot of unhappy users, or end up with Solaris workstations being deployed with the direction Linux is headed these days (oh hell, maybe I'll be able to get work to pay to revive my SGI O2 and use that as a daily workstation. It's perfect for everything but web browsing - I've got the full Adobe suite (Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop) on there too, and I can use Word Perfect for documents. My Octane would be a bit heavy to transport to work, though it's a lot more powerful then the O2...)

Comment Re:You can pry (Score 2) 100

I still love my Octane. And I've got a second one sitting here as well, that I'll setup one of these days (and I've got a V6 GPU to add to it when I do!). IRIX is just so nice to work with compared to modern operating systems.

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