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Comment Re:Let me guess... (Score 1) 116

Haters? Apple hasn't made a "Pro" laptop in years, it would be nice if they would do so again. It used to be that a MacBook Pro was competitive with a Thinkpad or a Latitude/Precision. Now? I'll stick with my M4800 over any new MBP - it blows them out of the water. (For the record, I do have a 2012 non-retina MacBook Pro, and even after upgrading it (try doing that to a new one...) it still lags behind my older M4500.)

Comment Re: a lot of people who want to run Linux on a Mac (Score 1) 134

Say what? There is nothing wrong with a Unix desktop. Hell, I ran Solaris 10 with GNOME 2 on my laptop for a while and never had any issues with it - and that was when there was much less of everything on the web. We've come to the point that the actual desktop doesn't make as much difference as it used to, but some how they are getting worse with time. I can't stand macOS (vs say 10.4-10.6), Windows 8-10 (vs Windows 2000-7), or KDE 4-5 (vs 3 and older). Things just get more bloated, more complex, less user friendly and more in the way somehow. Personally, I've grown to like GNOME 3, Unity isn't bad, and I still like TDE, MATE, and XFCE. For a faster experience (especially for outside of Linux/BSD), CDE and 4DWM (or MaXX on Linux) are just fine to work with, and have about the same level of attractiveness as the flat world of Windows has become.

Comment Re: In a similar vein... (Score 1) 315

Hmm...I think the only server I replaced the drives in like that was a Poweredge 1750 (or 1950, it's been a long time) that we upgraded the hell out of - added an mSATA SSD that we used as the boot drive (after finding out the board had a SATA port), removed the SCSI backplane and added a SATA RAID controller and used that instead of the old PERC controller that it came with. That machine was so much faster when we were done everything (also maxed out the RAM when we did that upgrade), and was still in use when I left the company in September 2012.

Comment Re:In a similar vein... (Score 1) 315

Hmmm....hadn't experienced it. I've worked with Dells from the Inspiron 7500 (P3 650MHz), 8000 (P3 800), 8100 (Tualatin P3), which even the video card could be upgraded, the Latitude C400 (1.3GHz P3 netbook), to the Pentium M era notebooks like the D520, and then the Vista era Core 2 notebooks that had the troublesome Wifi cards that didn't like Linux, and even recently the Inspiron 15 series with the changable backplate on the LCD and never saw a problem on the lower end - unless it's just certain models that I missed or the Vostro line, but that problem was the whole reason I steer[ed] people towards Dell and Toshiba instead of HP.

Comment Re:In a similar vein... (Score 1) 315

Another vote for Dells - I've been very happy with the majority of the Latitude and Precisions that I've worked with the last four years, and own an M4500 as my personal workhorse that I've upgraded almost as much as it can be done (16GB RAM, dual 250GB SSD (one full size, one mSATA), USB 3.0 via ExpressCard), and also had a flawless Linux experience on the M4700 and M4800, and the Latitude E6420/E6430 as well. Dell support is fantastic (unlike some other companies...) as well if you ever need anything, plus the laptops are easy to repair or upgrade.

Comment Re:I'm al looking to move away from the Mac (Score 3, Informative) 315

I've been very happy with the Dell Precision line since the MacBooks stopped being Pro machines (thus a Precision M4500 (first gen i7, 16GB RAM, Dual 250GB SSD, Quadro FX 880m replaced my original 2006 MacBook Pro, even though I would later buy a refurbed 2012 (non-retina) MBP as a lightweight machine). Plus they have docking stations. I've run Linux on the M4500, M4700, and M4800 without issues - the Quadro and FirePro cards seem to work just fine, especially if you use the closed source drivers.

Comment Re:Bump in Upgrades? (Score 1) 535

That's my thought. My 2012 (13") already has 16GB of RAM in it, when the price is right I'll drop an SSD in it to replace the 500GB HDD (and possibly remove the optical drive for additional storage space too). And to be honest, despite only having an i5 in it storage is the only real bottleneck that I experience on it.

Comment Re:Not me (Score 1) 535

I remember a time when updating on Linux could cause drivers to become unstable (especially WiFi), but that was about ten years ago, and the last time I remember seeing that was about the time that Fedora 14 came out (and that was when X11 stopped supporting DRI1 base GPUs - sure, they worked again, but DRI was disabled and you had to software render everything - I'm talking like the Intel i815, nVidia GeForce 3, ATI Rage, and NeoMagic AGP 256 being my sample set - different vendors/drivers but they were all dropped at the same time). Since that period and into recent days I have not had issues with Linux not working with my hardware (still have an occasional issue with waiting for nVidia or AMD to release an updated driver for a new version of Fedora, but that isn't the same as breaking for no good reason).

Comment Re:Are linux adverts still bad adverts? (Score 1) 535

Perhaps it's more that people are unhappy with Apple's latest round of disasters and wanted to see actual upgrades instead of "look - it's thin enough to shave with" as a new feature? Has nothing to do with a smear campaign since users still submit the articles - it's just that no one seems to see value in what Apple has been doing (they desperately need Steve back...).

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