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Journal armanox's Journal: The state of Modern Graphics

I've been thinking recently about modern monitors and graphics cards. I just purchaced a desktop with an nVidia 7150 in it. An integrated GPU in a desktop in today's day and age. Sad. Forunatly that will change when I drop a 9800 in it. But, shared memory for the GPU and CPU? That's a terrible idea. Whoever came up with it should be banned from computer engineering.

Another issue I have these days. It's hard to find a laptop with a high resolution display. I have a Dell Inspiron 8000 with a Pentium III in it that has a display of 1600x1200. My two most recent laptops, a Celeron M and a Turion 64x2 (Toshiba A105-S2071 and HP DV6636nr) both had displays at 1280x800. At work we just purchaced two Thinkpads (Core 2 Duo) with a 1024x768 display. Why have displays gotten worse over time for laptops? I don't mean that they need to be 1900x1600 or something like that, but, for a widescreen laptop wouldn't 1600x1024 (or whatever fits the WS aspect ratio) be nice? Or have 1600x1200 standard for 4:3 screens?
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The state of Modern Graphics

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