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Comment Re:C'mon, one google search to solve all your prob (Score 3, Funny) 726

Or just select your games appropriately. I have no problem with my hardware, a VT-55, running my game of choice, Nethack. Only problem is the EPROM character generator (a 1702) is now more than thirty years over its design life, and some of the pixels flicker on and off due to read disturbs.

Comment Re:TRANSLATION (Score 1) 360

About 10% seem to really know their shit, the rest are faking it, spending most of the time copying and pasting non-working code and then letting other people fix it. Some of them ask embarrassingly ignorant questions that expose them as completely unqualified, but because of the bargain-basement rates they work for, no one seems to give a shit.

This is exactly my experience with Indian developers. A small percentage are really good (just like Indian doctors were two decades ago before the degree mills killed the brand), and the rest are as you describe. Reactions like "how could this guy even pass the job interview, he doesn't know how to use a linker" aren't uncommon. I once spent two days essentially writing some guy's code for him via RDS until I convinced his boss that he shouldn't be let anywhere near anything that involved coding.

Comment Re:apple will want 30% of ticket / court fees (Score 1) 311

Another comment about this, and I don't really want it to be gratuitous bashing of the US ("I'm not a racist, but..."), why do these things always seem to happen in the US? The last time we had a shooting of more than a few people (something classifiable as a mass shooting, i.e. more than just an armed robbery gone wrong) here was about 25 years ago, and before that it was WWII. What's so different about the US, and given that we've got lots of reference points for countries where it isn't a problem, what are they doing that fixes it?

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