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Comment Re:Different != more accurate (Score 1) 74

Simple medical problems are simple. Typical medical problems are not.

Oh I don't know, I've always had great success treating patients using a course of leeches. A leech on the ear for ear ache, a leech on the bottom for constipation, just pop a couple down your codpiece before your go to bed.

Signed: Dr. Hoffmann of Stuttgart.

Comment Re:Different != more accurate (Score 1) 74

There's nothing indicating that the second or third opinion is correct.

Or will lead to a different outcome. The article says that in 21% of cases the diagnosis was completely changed, but not what the outcome of the treatment was. For a non-medical analogy, consider you have a rotting deck that needs fixing. You ask five builders in for a quote and get give different ways of addressing the problem. Most of them will probably end up fixing your deck, but they're all slightly different. Does this mean any of them are right or wrong?

An example from the medical field is blood pressure. Doctors are rewarded by their HMOs (see Goodhart's Law) for getting blood pressure within certain limits, so they aim for that even when it doesn't make sense - you get far, far more effect from lowering blood pressure at the extremes, even if you don't hit your target, compared to lowering it a few percent to hit your target.

So while the results are interesting, this needs more work to determine whether it's actually an issue or not.

Comment Re:chief enablers (Score 1) 85

Since the article that reports this has followed the standard media practice of never, ever linking to the paper whose results you're mangling, here's a link to the original. You're pretty close, the top tool is LogMeIn, followed by Citrix, followed by TeamViewer. Looks like we need to get those banned under the CFAA as hacker tools.

Comment Re:A homemade 6809 (Score 1) 857

Ah, so I'm not the only person who had that as their first system. In my case it was a 68K done with Vero Speedwire, all 3,000 connections, with an NS455-based video subsystem. I had more fun designing and hacking around with the hardware than anything else, once I got the monitor running on it I kinda lost interest because all the cool stuff had been done.

Comment Re:NOT "The" St Jude (Score 2) 30

The summary should have clarified that this does not involve St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis. The article seems to be about a facility in California.

Exactly. The one they're talking about is St.Jude Patron Saint of Hopeless Causes and Buggy Medical Devices Inc, California.

Comment Re:AF pilots are not re-enlisting (Score 1) 152

The U.S. has used F-16 drones before as realistic targets for the F-35 to blow up in training

Sorta like MS discontinuing support for new processors/chipsets in order to force people onto Win10, the Air Farce has finally figured out how to get the F-35 adopted: Destroy anything else that might compete with it so you don't have any choice.

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