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Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Does Steve Jobs listen to Podcasts?

aralin writes: "Steve Jobs isn't exactly known for going easy on products he finds difficult to use. He has called iPhone the best iPod ever and others agree. But I find it the worst iPod yet for listening to Podcasts. The problems are plenty, you cannot see the full title of episode before or after selecting it, you cannot see the show notes at all, which would be very useful for the links in them could be instantly looked up. Many popular podcasts like IT Conversations or PodTech use variable Author and Album field for names of their guests and subsections. That clutters the Author and Album lists, prevents you to find your music easily and polutes the Cover Flow view as well. Not to mention it takes me 15 seconds to pause a podcast when someone interrupts me. This all leads me to a question: Do you think that Steve Jobs listens to podcasts on his iPhone?"
Wireless (Apple)

Submission + - AT&T iPhone Family Plan Rip Off 1

aralin writes: All AT&T Family Plans list price for first two lines, with additional line for $9.99. Except for iPhone family plans(click Family), where obviously family starts with one person. I do understand the additional data charge of $20 for each phone. But the $9.99 charge for a second phone is quite unprecedented. You can hear Cali Lewis from GeekBrief rave about it and threaten to return her iPhones, until she just accepted the rip off the next day, like many of us. Yes, there is a fine print somewhere, but the way the family plan is presented is at the very least deceptive and sleazy. Par for the course with AT&T.

Submission + - Has Google Lost its Agility?

aralin writes: "We all heard the stories of entrepreneurs being denied funding from VC firms for fear that Google will come and eat their lunch. Google enjoys the public image of an agile giant. But does it still hold true? What does the Slashdot crowd think?

Google has been lately very unresponsive to user feedback. Even bugs reported by many different users are not even answered in weeks, much less fixed. New features in many products appear once in a blue moon and are well tested. Case in point being Blogger, just to single out one really rotten apple. So when existing products are neglected in this manner, what is the chance Google will be able to enter new markets and really take a bite of your lunch? Is anybody still afraid? Google will be 10 years old soon, so are they turning into yet another large and slow corporation?"

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