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Comment Re:Isn't it obvious why they're doing this? (Score 1) 275

Actually they are doing it because of continuous integration. You will find out very quickly that there is no patching possible with continuous integration. There is only one path and only one direction, forward. No branching, no exceptions. Companies that switch to it always get to this point very quickly.

Comment Re:Nah (Score 4, Interesting) 182

I don't think you quite understand this case. Oracle is trying to utterly and thoroughly to lose this case, but to litigate it in every single possible angle. They are trying to do the same thing Google did to them to Amazon in the Cloud and they want to make sure that there is an ironclad precedent. Oracle even hired a team of former Amazon people to do a reimplementation of AWS API for them.

This case is not about Java at all. In fact it is going to hugely benefit both Oracle and Google. But oh well, keep your emotions high if you like.

Comment Re:It's not that good (Score 4, Interesting) 440

If you drive on the same road over and over again, it will actually learn how you go into the curve and also how other Tesla drivers do it. Eventually after you drive through it enough times, the auto-pilot will be driving just as smooth as you are. I would suggest to read up a bit on the Fleet Learning feature.

Comment Re:This is getting more of a land mine (Score 1) 144

How am I going to do that? Should I avoid any mention of the schools where I studied and when? Should I omit the name of the major as they change every decade? Should I omit any experience older than 10 years, just to give myself a chance? Should I skip on my job titles as they give out the time the position was held just as easily? There is no way to prevent age discrimination when the recruiter looks for the age, he will find it in every resume.

Comment It is result of how they were introduced... (Score 1) 470

See if the GMO have been introduced to society, then we had a debate and anyone could freely decide to make the research and either eat them or not based on their own judgement, then we would have all these people promoting GMO so their market share increases and we would be saying positive things about them to overcome the fears.

But they were forced on everyone, we cannot even make the choice, the company behind them is just plain evil by almost any moral standards so... the reaction is exactly the opposite. We will keep bashing them and lobby for laws that outright prevent their introduction, until this changes and people won't be forced. You should know this by now.

Almost anything in society is opposed by maybe a 1-5% minority, which is extremely vocal, but will shut up if given a choice to avoid what they oppose.

Comment Re:Omar Saddiqui Mateen? (Score 1) 1718

It really has very little to do with Islam. In the 10th to 15th century when most of the barbarity happened in Europe, Islamic world was the center of culture, science and morality in the world. It has everything to do with people, power and war. Every religion can be completely bonkers for hundreds of years, and we shouldn't act all mighty and on a high horse when:

1) We have just about got out of the dark ages. The defense of marriage act was just 10 years ago...
2) We have caused most of the issues of middle east through our own policies, starting in 1916.
3) We have completely destroyed all the secular governments in the region because of this irrational fear of socialism taking root and spreading to US.

Comment Re:Omar Saddiqui Mateen? (Score 1) 1718

1300 AD is when it really started except for couple lynchings in 12th century, 1400 AD it was just gaining steam.
In one of the more famous cases in 1415 Jan Hus was burned in Constance as one of the first protestant priests for simply asking the church to have sermons in native language. It produced a 14 year long protestant uprising in Central Europe that has been target of 7 unsuccessful Crusades. The echoes of it were shaking Europe through the entire 15th century.

The most cases of it by far were in the 16th century.
It went well into the 18th century.
Rare cases went into the 19th century.
As an intimidation technique it has been used by KKK (Christian organization) well into the 20th century.

We are separated from this practice by a single lifetime. People who lived at the time are still alive today.

Comment Re:Omar Saddiqui Mateen? (Score 4, Insightful) 1718

Christians used to burn the sinners alive out of their love for them. Torture and religious terrorism were pretty much invented by Christians. They are currently just more assiduous by implementing their hatred through laws and courts, which is probably way more dangerous in the long term lasting effect it has on society.

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