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Comment Re:So problem solved (Score 1) 734

You were not shocked that Hillary Clinton has rigged both the Democratic and Republican primaries? Did you expect her to do that? You, Sir, are way more cynical than I am. I have certainly not expected her to use her press contacts to give prop Donald Trump so should could run against him. That was a total surprise to me. I also did not know she had a private and public position on policies. I have been surprised to hear so much. And I have been even more surprised that she was provided debate questions and actually used them. I mean, she was the stronger debater. For you this might have been a business as usual, for me it was a sign that maybe there is some truth in the other side's accusation of her corruption.

Comment Re:No evidence here (Score 1) 734

It is not changing the subject or attacking the person. That report is basically saying: "Trust James Clapper, because we cannot show you evidence." As there is no evidence to talk about, we talk about the trustworthiness of James Clapper, which is at issue in the report.

James Clapper, the analyst behind WMD in Iraq,
James Clapper who lied to congress under oath.
James Clapper who reversed himself three times during this Russian hacking story.

I don't trust this person, so I wait for evidence. Any evidence. So far there is none.

Comment Re:The Saudi government is barbaric (Score 1) 213

It does help not to be listed on the spinning wheel of countries that we are going to regime change when we re-spin it next time. In 2001 Iraq won followed by 2003 Afghanistan, 2005 winner Iran was delayed, 2007 winner was Paraguay and I believe next time it was Hillary as Sec of State picking contestants in 2009 when Syria won and 2011 when Egypt won, but she lied and said it was Libya. She was out for 2013 Ukraine and 2015 winner Brazil, but she is expected to oversee personally the 2017,19, 21 and 23 drawings. :)

But Clinton Foundation would not be enough, fighting for us the war in Yemen is certainly much more in line with the magnitude of payments we require.

Comment Re:Oracle's touch is poisonous (Score 1) 157

You are clearly too young to know... but I have managed a C code base that was ported to 14 architectures, through 4 major versions, each with 3 minor versions, at least three major refactoring efforts, hundreds of thousands of tests, with at least 500 customers with their own branches full of patches on top of those versions. Thousands of developers. But I was still able to automatically merge backported bugfixes to most of the 10 year old code. There is no way I could get any of that even over 6 months of heavily developed Java code by no more than 100 developers. I had smaller products in other languages, again no problem. The only thing that was constantly breaking the dev process were the Java products. It was just too expensive because all merging and all backports of bug fixes to older versions had to be done by humans. Constant exceptions to automation requiring human attention. I see that as a major bug.

That is when I predicted that there would be single branch development with CI/CD on all Java products and the only way they would be delivered eventually would be SaaS, as no other model can possibly work in a moderate to long term with that crappy piece of shit.

Comment Re:Oracle's touch is poisonous (Score 1) 157

My problem stems from having to maintain Java codebase. The difficulty the language posses to patching, backporting, automated merges, etc. When you add class dependencies and other build time issues it is just HELL to maintain a Java project with some reasonable number of developers over a longer period of time. The constant under the rug refactoring done by IDE without developers even noticing is another issue. The unnecessary verbosity another one. It just needs to die.

Comment Re:Oracle's touch is poisonous (Score 1) 157

I wish you were right, but Java is far from dead. Every single fucking application in the Enterprise is written in that piece of bloatware and half of the SaaS world uses it too. Not to mention that all Oracle apps, all Android apps, ... Google is really heavy on it. I mean... why? *sigh*

Comment Re:Competition....from Oracle? (Score 1) 157

Oracle is the only company that can beat Amazon. They got a way to bring the customers there as all the enterprise stuff will run in Oracle Cloud and if it does not, they will buy the company or run it out of business. Eventually the startups will go where the customers are as the interconnectivity and closeness to data, latency to service, etc will start to be an issue. Oracle can pull this off technically and they even hired former Amazon people to do it.

So in my expert opinion it might be the best time to start learning Oracle Cloud skills as they will be in demand no matter how many Oracle hating techies there are on Slashdot. Not only that, but as the Oracle Hate will be driving factor slowing adoption, the skills will be even further in demand, the Cloud instances will be less loaded, the prices might even go further down, there are gonna be promotions for early adopters, this is the first Cloud price war and it will be ugly, but the few early adopters are going to benefit a lot.

Just make sure to avoid any tie-in that you don't have a plan to get out of and you should benefit from Oracle's ego driving the lower operating costs for your business.

Comment Re:Perhaps because of Russia's fertility rate... (Score 1) 301

Actually, Russia is doing much more than this on that front. The programs they have for single mothers, the new program for in-home child care and other stuff is pretty inspiring. I wish someone here in US cared to have at least 10th of what the Russians are doing for families.

Comment Don't. Make them watch! (Score 2) 168

FBI and NSA Clearly wants to stop looking at pictures of naked fat guys and I say: "No way!" Make them watch! That is the least we can do. It is the only revenge we can exact on them. Wave that dong, juggle those layers of fat right at the camera. Make them see what their eyes cannot un-see. FFS. What are they going to do with it? Show your naked pictures to your girlfriend? Come on, you don't have any anyway. So pull that tape and make them suffer!

Comment Re:Only possible with unreasonable tax rates (Score 1) 630

Another thing not counted are productivity gains from people not wanting to work not being in the workforce, standing in the way

I don't get how fewer people working boosts the GDP. Sure, it might help productivity, but a net gain (meaning more tax revenue)? I don't see it.

Let's simplify the example and say payroll tax and corporate tax are both 25%. Maybe it is small business. Anyway you and your lazy coworker make stuff that is worth X and your employer pays each of you Y in salary. Let's say there are no other costs. Your employer pays (X-2Y)*0.25 in tax. You both pay Y*0.25 in tax so in the IRS gets X*0.25 in tax. Now let's say your lazy coworker quits and you still make X, since he was doing like 1/4 of what you did and your productivity goes up 25% with him not around it is a wash. Now your employer pays (X-Y)*.25 in taxes and you pay Y*0.25 in taxes so the IRS still gets X*0.25 in revenue.Yay! But now your employer has extra Y*0.75 to spend and I am pretty sure it gets taxed somehow down the road again.

Since you only tax what people earn, not the UBI, there does not need to be any minimum wage, the UBI covers it.

You couldn't be more wrong. Federal service union worker income is a contractual multiple of minimum wage, That's the only reason minimum wage is ever taken seriously as a political topic - it's a pay raise for a very large union. No one buying influence actually cares about the poor people earning minimum wage, that's just theater. It's all about the wages for one big union. UBI will be twisted into a reason to raise the min wage even further, somehow.

Maybe politically there is a reason for someone to lobby for it. But the main purpose of minimum wage is satisfied by UBI and so there is no economical reason for it in a rational world. As you said, no way UBI could work in USA where people are insane and people in power are more so.

The dynamic is mostly the reverse these days. People like living in dense city centers. They want drunken nightlife within staggering distance. The jobs are going where the people are these days, as least for in-demand skilled work (and all the service jobs attached to those jobs). People are crazy.

Some young people of means like to do so. And they are welcome to get high paying job to pay for their lifestyle if they work for it. There is no "need" for it, but desire? Sure. I would like a private jet... Of course professionals will still tend to live in cities when young and in suburbs when they start families.

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