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Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 1) 155

Of course I want completely private, self paid health care. That is the only way to ensure that it is affordable and of good quality, with people competing to provide it to you.

Health *insurance* should *not* be used to pay for most health concerns and care, it should be a high deductible thing, something that kicks in when a person is in trouble that is too expensive to pay out of pocket.

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 0) 155

Obviously you do not *understand* history, understanding goes beyond what you are doing with it. If you *understood* history you would have learned that every empire ended up diluting the value of its currency, with the inevitable failure of that currency and with the inevitable loss of the empire status. The status of the empire shifted from the former to some previously backwater place that had just enough economic freedom that for sometime the government there wouldn't be meddling with the economy and with the actual money. Eventually that backward place would grow and become the dominant economy and its growing government would then stifle and inevitably destroy the economy by taxes, laws but most importantly by declaring fiat and devaluing its currency.

The money of whatever the current economic empire is always desirable because the rest of the world can either exchange it for whatever the empire produces or store it because it is intrinsically valuable in itself (gold for example). However as the economy of the empire becomes more and more regulated by the growing government, the production leaves, so there is less to exchange for with the empire. The growing government needs more and more funding, eventually starts clipping the coins, diluting gold with less valuable metals, declaring the coins to have face value that is meaningless, not a weight of a precious and intrinsically valuable metal. Switching to paper and ultimately to an electronic fiat not backed by anything, gold nor production is the ultimate nail in the coffin of that empire. Thinking you understand and understanding are quite different things.

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 1) 155

Wait, you are comparing a situation with some government wanting to steal from a company to a situation involving 2 private sides (employees and the employer)? I guess you don't see any difference but it does exist. It is not 'US workers', it is AT&T employees and it is a private contract issue, not a case of racketeering.

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 1) 155

Wrong. The main reason for the trade deficits is not that the USA 'controls' the reserve currency but the inability of the USA manufacturing to produce enough either to cover USA consumption or to pay for it with a balanced trade. USA is in enormous debt because the world subsidises its consumption. Reserve currency does not prevent the need to pay for consumption, that is just a silly excuse that will cost USA its entire economy.

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 1, Interesting) 155

If any of what you are selling had any merit China would have been worse off today than it was 40 years ago, the people there would have still been poorer than dirt. What you are selling is garbage though, collectivist garbage, which is why China brought hundreds of millions out of complete poverty by drastically reducing collectivism, not by growing it. USA is on a completely wrong path, has been on it for over a 100 year stretch now, it is a path of diseased collectivism and it is murdering, slaughtering USA economy.

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score -1) 155

Actually every single person that is not tied to the government in USA is suffering and it has nothing to do with 'corporate greed', it has to do with the collectivism (same type of collectivism that spawned the disease that are unions). If there were or there are any productivity gains in the USA (real productivity as opposed to inflation caused by the governments living on borrowed - actually on stolen money), those gains are despite the collectivism not because of it. Real productivity in the USA is negative, which is why the country is running half a trillion USD a year in trade deficits.

The culprits of the economic destruction are not in the companies, they are found in government offices and they operate on the ideology of 'helping' you.

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