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Comment Re:They took the worst part of Python (Score 1) 173

It isn't personal preferences. Braces are completely superior, using indentation alone causes problems:

*Mixing of the two causes programs to perform differently, but the bug isn't visible. This once cost me 3 weeks to track down a bug where one line in 30K from a contractor used a tab instead of spaces. This isn't the only time I've seen it cause bugs, just the worse.

*Copy pasting from the web is nearly impossible.

*When editing other people's code you don't know what to use. I actually just copy paste the line above every time, its the only way to assure it uses the right thing.

This stupid concept has cost more time than any other language decisions I've ever dealt with.

Now you're going to say "if you just follow the style guide...". That's not an answer. If you just wrote code the right way there'd never be a memory issue in C++ either. If you want the style guide to be necessary, make everything other than the style guide a syntax error.

Python is completely unusable just due to this issue.

Comment I'll probably keep it (Score 2) 25

We canceled our cable subscription about a year ago, and while I was OK with it my wife hated not having certain live TV channels. We'd tried Sling, but it was hit-and-miss on the stuff we wanted. Some channels, like BTN, aren't available at all on Sling. DirecTV is only a little more and actually covers the live programming we want.

Make no mistake, the launch was rough. I don't think they allocated enough hardware or bandwidth to handle their initial demand, so streaming cut out constantly. It's finally getting to be pretty solid, though, and I'd much rather pay Sling a few bucks than have anything to do with Comcast.

Comment As usual the non-technical get screwed (Score 0) 20

That's nice that they offer the flexibility, but why on earth is the default the one worse for battery life? A non technical user will generally not appreciate the extra resolution while they WOULD appreciate the extra battery life... All users will know is they get an update and the battery life is worse.

This move seems like one that is done by marketing (to make the phones generally look better) than from any group that considers user happiness.

Comment Are you kidding? That is a prime example (Score 2) 1442

You have got to be joking, that was one of the more calculated tweets. He knew the press would react immediately to any criticism of anyone black. Except that Trump's criticism was accurate, so it actually weakened John Lewis (who was coasting on a history of civil rights support fifty some years ago until that point with no accountability for current inaction) and also made the press look stupid for fervently protesting against a valid point. Even black women in Atlanta (Lewis's district) agreed with Trump.

And you call that uncalculated... that tweet was carefully chosen in target to increase black support for Trump.

Comment Not impulsive at all (Score 5, Interesting) 1442

It amazes me that people continue to believe Trump is impulsive. There's nothing impulsive about anything Trump does; it's all extremely calculated. If I didn't know better I was say the press were in collusion to spread that myth in order to make people underestimate Trump, but as usual Occam's razor applies and the press are just full of idiots.

Comment Re:Not luck at all (Score 1) 162

I've seen who he's appointing to different positions. No he has no skill for hiring good talent. Not a single person he's bringing on board is remotely qualified for that position.

That's because you don't understand what people in leadership positions do...

Sorry about that, but it's on you - not Trump.

DeVos alone as education secretary is enough to make up for any slack in other picks. She may actually be able to help fix the dire state of public education.

Comment Not luck at all (Score 2, Insightful) 162

If you followed Trump at all before the election, you'd realize that Trump is actually quite smart, and really does understand not only how the world works but is especially excellent at negotiation and hiring good talent.

Some of the things he's saying over Twitter are calibrated to make him look dumb, so that people underestimate him. It's funny to me that people say Trump has a huge ego, therefore he needs attention from press and media... it's because Trump has a huge ego that none of that matters to him. He is ecstatic that people continue to fall for the lie Trump is dumb, because it makes it so easy for him to move forward with whatever he wants to do and surprise everyone.

Comment Re:Um, duh? (Score 1) 306

As a father planning for his children's education, many years hence. I go to these schools websites and look at their tuition. It is beyond all reason for all but the very wealthiest. My house doesn't cost that much. And I have two children. So yes, unless their academics are far beyond the pale and their SAT scores are maxed out, I'd discourage them from applying.

Never judge the cost of a college by the posted tuition fees. Schools give lots of financial aid. The only people that actually pay the posted rates are the people who can look at those numbers and not even flinch at the thought of them.

The high posted rates serve one purpose - to shift some expenses toward the really rich people that attend. Most people will get some form of financial aid, usually knocking off a large portion of the expense.

The high base rate + lots of aid available approach lets them shift more of the cost to the students with plenty of money and cut more breaks for those with less money.

Comment It's not about tuition, it's about connection (Score 1) 306

If the Endowment is large enough they can give every student free tuition.

Don't think you understand how the top universities work. Tuition doesn't matter at all; all that matters is f you are connected enough to get in. They are "diverse" in ways that do not matter, but shun true diversity such as economic or political diversity.

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