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Comment Opposite is true, AppleTV is great for TV (Score 3, Interesting) 100

All of the things you mentioned you can play on an AppleTV. Most have AppleTV apps, the few that do not (like Amazon Prime) I can if I wish Airplay from phone to the TV...

It's been especially nice for some things like HBO Go and Starz, because there is a good AppleTV app I could fire up to watch content - but the absolute best aspect by far is that I can sign up for service on those apps through Apple as subscriptions, which means I can *easily* cancel them and just buy in month intervals... HBO bored me by the time Game Of Thrones was over, so I just cut off the subscription until something compelling leads my to subscribe again...

In that way Apple actually has provided the "thin bundles" they wanted, only even thinner - because most channels have individual AppleTV apps now or are building them, so I can truly pay just for content I find interesting, for the period of time that suits me (in monthly increments). I could get an MLB app too if I cared about baseball and get every game instead of the cable bundles which come with restrictions or don't offer all games...

Comment Read again - reality is fixed for transfer (Score 1, Insightful) 167

The reality as always is that corporations pay nothing in tax.

Apple paid seven BILLION dollars in U.S. taxes for just six months ending in March 2015 for example.

As I stated, whatever money Apple moved back to the U.S. would be taxed at the maximum corporate rate and not subject to deductions.

Comment Current U.S. corporate tax equally fraudulent (Score 1, Interesting) 167

What is fraudulent is calming that the government really deserves 39% of a companies earnings. At that rate it is simply theft, to call it a tax is a joke.

That is WAY more than most other countries charge, and is the rate Apple would be required to pay if they decided to bring the money back to the U.S. (important to note as some of the Wormtongue-esque apologists for this theft claim the rate is reduced through deductions - true to an extent, not at all is this case).

Comment Meanwhile Hillary... (Score 1, Troll) 403

Meanwhile, Trump is a war profiteer

Hillary is vastly more a war profiteer, why do you think she started the war in Libya? Qaddafi at the time was gradually opening up to the west.

Oh that's right, you didn't realize Hillary is at a whole different level than Trump - Trump MAY have earned some money in the aftermath of 9/11, as did many New Yorkers. But only HILLARY was in the unique position to start a war from scratch and profit from it, which the Clinton foundation very much did...

And which she would continue to do as president.

It's really odd to me there's this meme being floated by news outlets that we are in some kind of nuclear war danger, or ANY war danger, from Trump - Trump who it's not claimed is siding with the Russians against the Democrats, Trump who as *you* even said stated that we would review NATO commitments before honoring them. Trump is obviously vasty more cautious about getting into wars than Hilary is, was or ever could be. Why are you so in favor or war?

As to that "calling for Russian cybercrime" thing all Trump was pointing out is what everyone already knows, that Russia has ALL of Clinton's emails from when she stored them on a private server. I mean, how could Russia even get them now, the FBI has the had drive disassembled and they said they couldn't find anything more.

I wonder if you can even read the last paragraph you wrote and understand the massive contradictions you introduced...

Comment This unsolved crimes include yours (Score 3, Insightful) 252

We live in such a complex web of laws now that we are all breaking them every day... so if the government can on demand browse through your phone they WILL find evidence of some crime. Especially Slashdot readers I'd warrant.

So basically what the government wants is an easy way to harass or lock-up anyone it deems a nuisance for any reason,

Comment Re:a BAD sports team will pay for GOOD players (Score 1) 176

If you don't own shares in the company, it's none of your business how much the owners (=shareholders) pay the CEO.

The shareholders don't pay the CEO. The company pays both the shareholders and the CEO. And the company - and for that matter the entire concept of ownership - is legal fiction created by Us The People. We have every right and duty to ensure our creations perform the purposes for which they were created, rather than run rampant or be perverted or looted by parasites.

If a company also happens to enrich shareholders, good for them, but its purpose is to organize economic activity. Shares are just a way to rise capital.

Comment Already there (Score 2) 138

I doubt that Apple wants to become the world's biggest battery company.

Why do you not think they already are? With over a billion iPhones sold, hundreds of millions of iPads, hundreds of millions of laptops... few companies on earth can surpass Apple on battery manufacturing and research and most importantly charging and management firmware. Not even Tesla.

Honestly what company on earth makes greater use of advanced batteries than Apple today?

This will happen someday, but maybe not as soon as people think.

Interesting to see how people continuously underestimate Apple despite ample proof to the contrary.

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