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Journal Journal: Hardcore SF


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Journal Journal: Mapping the social network on Slashdot 12

I use friend modifier as a filtering tool: friends has +2 modifier points and friends of my friends has +1 modifier point.
This way I can elevate people who had imho interesting comments or articles.

I has too little spare time to write a program that could create a map of the social network of friends and foes.
It could have a default to find the tops: the most popular/hated person(s) and the person(s) who got most fans/freaks.
It could have another option to map the relations of a specific user.

Creating a visual output as a speudo-map in html as a platform-independent program would be nice.

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Journal Journal: Slashdot glasnosty

Metamoderating sometimes I wonder in what degree my metamods had an effect on the points gathered by a comment.
I think a democratization of Slashdot may be for the good of all slashdotters.

There would be nice if moderation was more generic: moderators had a kind of moderation point that had an effect on how effectively they could modify a comment and/or article.
Moderators would gather moderation power by a ranking system by nonmoderators who did not got points from the moderator in question. The more moderation power points the more modifier points to give away.
Any user may elevate to moderator if she/he want when the comments/artickles by this person are ranked high. - How many points in average would be enough to this status change maybe 60 point in 6 months.
Flaimbait, Troll and Funny are negative values of course.
I'd like to see a "Fun" moderation too: let have real fun, not just funny!

At last but not least all articles should be moderated and shown in order of moderation points.

This system could be started from stats of the prevoius 6 months at any time.

Of course I'm not sure it would work well: there are enough intolerant and agressive slashdot users to destroy such ranking system...

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Journal Journal: Intelligent Design, MS and Unices 1

Are you one of them who gets the best replies the day after or in best case standing in the shower before good night?
Me too! :-)

WARNING: this is a flamebait for trolls!
There were several discussions about "Intelligent Design" and good programming practices comparing MicroSoft and Unices.

Imagine that maybe a few thousands year in the future archeologist manage to retrieve some artefacts of today's computing.
They start a discussion on wether the Windows OS and the Office package was made by ID or there were "code-monkeys" for real -
a kind of subcreatures somewhat relatives to mankind (artificial or natural selection?) that were used for menthal slavery.
Some researchers in the future may point out that parts of the code make sense. Others would emphasise that the whole makes no sense, it is instable, insecure!

There could be discussions about this other mythical "Unix colonel" could be a probably military predecessor to the integrated cyborgs of that future era when biological and kvasibiological parts are integrated into a united network.
In that future the greatest trauma would be those adventures when some individs disconnect themself from the Net for travells into space with too much delay to keep in touch with the rest of the Net.

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