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Journal anonymo's Journal: Intelligent Design, MS and Unices 1

Are you one of them who gets the best replies the day after or in best case standing in the shower before good night?
Me too! :-)

WARNING: this is a flamebait for trolls!
There were several discussions about "Intelligent Design" and good programming practices comparing MicroSoft and Unices.

Imagine that maybe a few thousands year in the future archeologist manage to retrieve some artefacts of today's computing.
They start a discussion on wether the Windows OS and the Office package was made by ID or there were "code-monkeys" for real -
a kind of subcreatures somewhat relatives to mankind (artificial or natural selection?) that were used for menthal slavery.
Some researchers in the future may point out that parts of the code make sense. Others would emphasise that the whole makes no sense, it is instable, insecure!

There could be discussions about this other mythical "Unix colonel" could be a probably military predecessor to the integrated cyborgs of that future era when biological and kvasibiological parts are integrated into a united network.
In that future the greatest trauma would be those adventures when some individs disconnect themself from the Net for travells into space with too much delay to keep in touch with the rest of the Net.

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Intelligent Design, MS and Unices

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  • The archaeologists would divide into two different camps. Some of them would claim that the OS wasn't made all at once; that it was, in fact, just one of the stages in the development of the OS. The opponents of this view would state that, while the existence of "patches" and "third party drivers" has been proven to be true, there's no sign of the "evolution" of the OS from something simple to something as complex as the Windows OS. Nay, the OS must have been designed according to a Plan. A Design.

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