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Comment Re:Ummm ... (Score 1) 2

Nah, that's just the natural end point of a two party system. It's not fascism to have two parties you dislike dominate the polls, it just sucks.

I think the definition above is missing something, largely because it folds it into "right wing system of government" without recognizing that right wing is a large umbrella that covers a wide range of different, often opposing, points of view. Trump's support for violence against opponents, coupled with his racial scapegoating makes him Fascist, not any pro-war attitudes. He's not Hitler, but he's definitely a low rent Mussolini in some respects, and a full rent Mussolini in others.

Comment Re:Can't wait for solar power and electric cars ta (Score 1) 110

Unless you are constantly locking up the wheels during braking, I'm not sure how braking would wear the tires more than driving.

It puts more force through the tires than cruising. But yes, just driving does the same thing, just not as rapidly as accelerating or braking.

Comment Re:Two types of laws (Score 1) 307

Not exactly a useful suggestion. Most traffic laws aren't about intent and if they were, not seeing a stop sign is not the same thing as not intending to roll past one. I can totally see someone whose brakes fail getting stop sign violation tickets thrown out of court, for example.

This case is typical of much of the anti-Clinton rumors we've seen lately. A germ of truth - that a Clinton employee might have asked Reddit for help to change email addresses on an exported file - has been whipped up into allegations that she ordered him to delete emails (not email addresses, emails), in some kind of attempt to cover something serious up.

Going back to the real allegation: OK, he asked to change email addresses on an export. So.... what's the scandal here? No seriously, those who aren't lying about what the allegation is are at least claiming it's evidence of evidence tampering - but what actually was tampered in such a way it would have materially affected an investigation?

What was he trying to do that would prevent Clinton from being criminally prosecuted? Anything at all? He's just changing email addresses in headers, not content. A single response to a message "From" Barack Obama that quotes the sent email as being actually "from" Colonel Gadaffi would be easily spotted.

The most likely reason the email addresses were changed was to prevent certain email addresses from becoming public.

Which is fine. No scandal.

We go through this bullshit every few months. Clinton's haters seem to be incapable of spending more than a few days without inventing some other crap. It sucks because we're probably going to spend the next four years seeing Clinton constantly investigated for non-issues, with government as dysfunctional as ever. It's part of why I'm reluctant to vote for her (but will, because I live in a swing state.)

Comment Re:Can't wait for solar power and electric cars ta (Score 1) 110

Where do you think the power for that electric car comes from? 75% of that power on average comes from burning coal. It's tit for tat.

Just using existing scrubber technology well within typical effectiveness norms delivers something like a 15% improvement in emissions per mile when you use coal power to drive EVs instead of burning gasoline (which is itself a refined product with its own energy input.) Of course, you would need an EPA with both a spine and teeth in order to keep coal plants running within the legal limits; we can find out-of-spec emissions as fast as we can come up with money and personnel to sample smokestacks.

Comment Re:Can't wait for solar power and electric cars ta (Score 1) 110

Alas, the car still has rubber tires, and some of the rubber is worn away during braking, and some of it is actually turned into a gas. Most of what is worn away during braking becomes rubber dust, which is both made of and coated with petroleum products. Some of it is transferred to the road, and some of that will be liberated later by other vehicles passing over it.

Cars are lame. Really, really lame. I really enjoy driving, I adore the sound of a V8 with an open exhaust at full song- hell, I thrill to hear the little growl that my W126 300SD makes during a full-throttle change-up, and that's a diesel with 120HP. I really love cars. But they are a really, really crap way to move people around. We should be replacing them with a combination of PRT and rail, and relegating cars to motorsport — where they should be run on carbon-neutral fuels or electricity, and run on biodegradable, carbon-neutral tires. That sounds like a bunch of hippie bullshit, but every tire manufacturer is actually working on such things in expectation of future environmental protection regulations which will effectively outlaw the compounds they are using today, and carbon taxes which will make them unprofitable in any case. And of course, we already have some electric racing series. We have carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative replacements for both diesel and gasoline (green diesel or biodiesel and butanol, respectively) so all of the pieces are there. As usual, the only thing missing is the will.

User Journal

Journal Journal: What I think of you based on your politics 2

(0. You don't have the vote. Sit down, relax, and watch the fireworks I guess.)
1. You're voting for Trump because you agree with him or hate Clinton that much: You're probably a horrible person. You should definitely feel bad.
2. You're voting for Trump because you want to upend the establishment: I don't think you're very bright. Hey, I don't want to live in suburbia any more, but I'm not going to get out of it by committing a Federal felony and letting the FBI know. I'd rather bit

Comment Re:Can't wait for solar power and electric cars ta (Score 3, Interesting) 110

Yep, L.A. was really bad in the sixties and seventies. My family went through there on our way to visit grandparents that lived in Palm Springs. The air was a yellowish brown and was quite difficult for my mother at the time.

Ironically, much of the improvement in LA actually was due to cleaning exhaust pipes, and not due to cracking down on industrial production. Don't get me wrong, they did do that as well, but Los Angeles has a serious transport problem. Back when cars were more polluting, they had a serious transport pollution problem. But these various laws that people love to hate in California actually made a substantive difference in vehicle emissions. I myself am not very happy with the regulations surrounding equipment restrictions; if a vehicle can pass a tailpipe dyno emissions test then you should be able to mount whatever equipment to it you like. But that's another rant.

I fear those growing up since that time who want to eliminate EPA regulations fail to realize what it was like before those regulations existed.

The EPA regulations are a bad joke. It took the CARB (an entire additional emissions regulation board!) to fix the problems in Los Angeles (and the state as a whole) because the EPA is so pathetic. California has the most vehicles, almost the most road, and the most vehicle-miles traveled, so cleaning up vehicle emissions made a big difference. But the CARB also handles other kinds of emissions, like VOCs and particulates from commercial sources.

California could probably do without the EPA, because we could replace it by expanding the CARB's mandate. The rest of the country would go immediately to shit. Well, more shit than it is now. Enjoy your lead, America.

Comment Re:This is bullshit. (Score 2) 61

I realize that 'apps' are the future and all; but "a sperm bank is now an app" is pure nonsense.

Yep. Unless my phone can sequence my DNA, upload the results "to the cloud" and then someone else can download them on their phone and print a sperm, the sperm bank is not an app. I don't use the sperm bank by spooging on my screen, so the sperm bank is not an app.

Why is this even a story?

Slow editor day.

Comment Re:People deserve their government. (Score 1) 307

But if we're going to use these emails as part of a measuring stick as to who is more trustworthy, when we tally up all lie and half truths of our major candidates - Trump and Clinton - Trump loses.

No, America loses.

And what's sickening is that our parties have allowed such people to be the ones running for POTUS.

The founders wanted to pretend parties didn't exist so they didn't place any limitations on them. This was a gross mistake, one which must be corrected if we are to approach democracy.

Comment Re:It won't matter what Comey says (Score 1) 307

Yes she's so incompetent that the GOP can't charge with anything. What does that say about the GOP?

It says the GOP is not the potential prosecutor in this case. Comey said that no one would seek conviction in this situation, because he couldn't find sufficient evidence to seek a conviction. Not that there wasn't evidence of malfeasance.

I am with you in being puzzled by people who think that Trump is somehow better than Clinton. What I am confused by are people who think that Clinton is great.

Comment Research Centers are Low-Risk for Apple (Score 1) 17

You run the risk of industrial espionage anywhere, but Apple sells products based not upon superiority but cachet. Thus, the risk is not lower for them, only the penalty.

If you're not actually building manufacturing facilities then there's no risk of losing your massive capitol outlay.

On the other hand, Apple will probably insensibly insist upon building their own campus while there's plenty of empty office space already.

Comment Re:Best selling computer? (Score 1) 251

You might as well argue that every time they changed suppliers for a 2N3904 that makes it a "different" model as well.

They actually changed not just the suppliers of the chips, but actually what chips were used, and therefore changed the schematic. I would actually suggest that there's really only two C64s, the C64 and the later-serial-numbered C64S. Still, that's two models.

Comment Re:Passing the buck? (Score 1) 122

If a computer is temporarily storing data in order to make responses faster, exactly where is the delineation that makes the cached data something illegal?

Perhaps where the computer in question is owned by an entity that is paid by the infringer to cache said content? I'm no lawyer, but I don't see CloudFlare's arguments holding up real well in front of a judge. Perhaps they are doing this to show that they just won't rollover over takedown requests and that they will require court orders to do so. They may need that to legitimately void the contracts without prejudice.

Comment Re:Cost of Infrastructure? (Score 1) 225

Most of the UPS step vans are custom made for them,

Actually, all of their step vans are custom-made. They were doing Aluminum boxes long before it was trendy, to save weight and thus fuel, so they had to get them custom-made. Now they just do it to do it, since everyone is doing that. You're right about the euro vans, although ironically the drivers are not fans of them here. They have adequate physical design, but not the logic. For instance there's an oil level float in the Sprinters that would trip going up steep hills, how sad.

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