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Comment Re:Just to be clear what that means (Score 1) 228

But then you'd have no employees left. There really should be some level of basic training required/supplied, but most places just won't do it, even if took just an afternoon.

Unfortunately, getting people to switch to a critical and questioning mindset takes more than an afternoon. For many, I don't think it can even be done. This makes protecting the business from its own employees a necessity countermeasure, as long as you can't segment off the insecure users.

Comment Re:...disabled by default... until it's not (Score 1) 259

The majority of Windows systems are corporate workstations, which only need an office suite, PDF reader, and a few corporate-approved applications, typically pushed through SCCM (which I assume will be exempt from this feature).

The problem is that this is true for most PCs, but not all. And it's the ones that need extra software that tend to be business critical.

Comment Summer (Score 1) 76

the Xperia XZ Premium won't be out until late spring or just ahead of the summer

Would that be by American or old world definition of summer?
I'm asking because that difference means a 1.5 month difference in when we can hope to see this.
(American June 21 is first day of summer, old world June 21 is midsummer)

Comment Re:Rockets are too expensive (Score 5, Interesting) 330

And a space elevator, of course, would only cost about a Trillion, and there's this little problem of it hitting something (we'd have to make Earth Orbit absolutely pristine and keep it that way) and there's a problem with the kinetic energy if it falls down. Sort of like having many atom bombs go off.

Maybe someday. But right now making rockets as cheap as they can be is a better idea. It's only $200K to fuel up a Falcon 9. We don't get the whole thing back in working order yet, but that would be a lot easier than making a space elevator.

Comment No Dragon 2 Soft Landing Yet (Score 5, Informative) 330

Dragon 2 isn't built yet. The escape test was a boilerplate capsule more like a Dragon 1 than 2. Dragon 2 has not demonstrated a soft landing, because it's not built yet. That was the Falcon 9 first stage.

Also, you can't get Dragon 2 down to the Moon and back up on it's own. Not enough delta-V. You would need to have Dragon ride on top of something that can hold enough fuel. Like a larger version of the Apollo Service Module.

The Command/Service module was originally intended to land on the moon and return without the LEM, before NASA bought the LEM concept, and was overpowered for the mission it got. Dragon is larger and heavier, but a lunar landing one would probably look a lot like an Apollo Command and Service module, and legs.

And yeah, Orion: I'm Not on Board. Big expensive obsolete rocket with no mission that makes sense.

But good luck getting Elon Musk to focus on the practical and eminently desirable target of the Moon. He isn't interested. It's only Mars for Elon.

I try not to watch all of the Mars Colonial Transport speculation. Falcon 9 and Dragon are great, and they're here, and we could do so much with them.

Comment Re:Not viable on Windows 10 (Score 1) 228

AC is full of crap. Never had issues with Windows 10 and having a separate admin account (which is the best policy no matter the operating system).

I would argue that not relying on a tie between accounts and privileges is a better policy. It may take more work to set up something like selinux and capabilities, but not a lot of malware or Oracle scripts (but, I repeat myself) can deal with that.

Comment Re:It's always bugged me. (Score 1) 26

Why does every German word seem to have double the number of letters that it really needs? It has to be terribly inefficient, this from a society that is extremely efficient in most things.

That would be because you have no idea about German. Yes, German sentences tend to be a bit longer than English ones, but you can't measure efficiency this way. Also Federal Criminal Police Office in TFS is longer than Bundeskriminalamt

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