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Comment Re:Rookie mistake (Score 1) 151

Let's not forget the healing capacity of a 71 year old is a lot different from a 30 year old (for example). An injury like that needs a minimum of 6 months recovery and ongoing physio therapy.

The fire in his eyes was probably Ford not wanting to have anything to do with Star Wars anymore and he had had enough. The look was probably "If you don't write me out of this fucking movie I am going to sue you into oblivion".

Comment Re:Machine Intelligence and God (Score 2) 203

At this point Science does not have any insights into what consciousness, intelligence, intuition, etc. actually is.

I'm curious if there are different types of consciousness. For instance aside from size, the difference between dolphin, elephant and, human brains and the way they work. Does that make for a different type of consciousness? Or is consciousness the same and awareness is what is different?

You look into the eyes of an animal and you can see a conscious awareness. Apart from wanting food, sex and sleep what else is going on in those consciousnesses? A fast constantly aware consciousness of a dolphin whose brain is always half asleep and half awake to a slow type of conscious awareness of an elephant that isn't threatened by much of anything. It also seems that emotions are constants and that an animals experience of emotions is similar to ours (or ours to theirs), after all we seem to forget that we too are animals. But that stuff seems to be the chemical experience of life.

In particular for consciousness, there is simply no mechanism in Physics, but it looks more and more like intelligence on the level of a smart human being cannot actually be done with computing machinery in this universe either, not enough matter and energy available.

What if the universe is consciousness? Not conscious, as in aware but actual consciousness. Simulations of reality would have to end somewhere and what if the explanation of the creation of the universe is only missing how consciousness relates to it. Our individual experience of reality is consciousness, but what if the manifestation of the universe itself came when consciousness became aware, and then aware of itself?

What if consciousness is not a function of complex systems in the universe and reality is the other way around. What if the universe and complex systems are a function of consciousness manifesting into reality? What if the 'big bang' was the universe saying 'I am' and every living creatures experience of reality is the universe observing itself?

Just a thought.

Comment What's wrong in the world. (Score 1, Troll) 203

We get information about the world wide slide of the west into a dystopia, where every single country is passing more laws designed to 'keep us safe' which roughly translates to 'give politicians more power to control us'. You can almost see the politicians high fiving each other in the background as they deceive us with some new outrageous lie.

We get information about how world wide mega corporations suction the wealth of nations into their ever increasing profit books while introducing 6000 page monoliths of trade agreements to governments around the world and refer to the laws of countries designed to protect their people as 'obstructions' to trade as they complete the conversion of citizens rights into capital.

We get information about how spy agencies around the world increasingly capture record store our personal information as they move from covert to overt intelligence operations.

We get information about the world wide destruction of ecosystems, species collapse, combined with global warming and all of the political and social tactics used to stop any progress because if you can deny the carbon externalities then all the rest of them must be bogus as well.

It is what is implied by the better information, that the hidden autocrats controlling the reigns of global power aren't going to let go any time soon. The old powers control the wealth of the world and we all do not and they will not let go. That is the 'implied' information from this better information.

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