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Comment Re:Is this a deal? (Score 1) 123

This really doesn't seem like a QA problem to me (a professional QA) , it seems more like a pushy boss problem.

If it were a QA failure you could expect other related defects as they tend to cluster , this is because very few functions are totally isolated so if you have defect in a function its likely to effect others. In this instance i would expect lots of charge failures or rapidly depleting batteries in devices that had less serious variants of this defect.

Where you have a single component over specced and rushed to market thats something a QA is going to flag , but they can't fix it , the person receiving that flag was told about this and decided to sign it off as acceptable risk and lots of people got burnt, some more literally that others.

QA is only as good as the management lets it be

Comment better than explosions (Score 1) 145

Whilst landfill is a horrible waste for these smartphones letting them explode is going to be far more damaging to the environment.

Samsung should be put under pressure to find a way to reuse the other parts and dispose of the batteries another way.

The issue seemed to be more that the batteries where not configured right than inherently dangerous so its possible a reconfiguration could be done with them.

Comment Not leadership (Score 1) 531

The US does not provide leadership to the world, it provides bullying and aggression that make the world less safe.

Leadership should be about inspiration and bringing people together mutually, this is not the middle ages we are supposed to be enlightened by now.

Also disinformation is not the right term either given that mostly what happens is that people find out stuff that powerful people want to hide and that actually provides valuable perspective on how broken US politics is.

Comment Not a great test (Score 1) 441

The real test here is how it copes with combatants trained using different techniques and equipment. Ai is only as good as its sensors ability to recognise what is happening. The test is too easy when your combatant is the guy who wrote the training manual you based the software on. I'm not saying he's a bad choice but there is a sample size of 1 here which should always ring alarm bells.
No I didn't read the article, its on the daily mail website so not worth it

Comment Suspicious timing (Score 3, Insightful) 367

With the UK in the thrall of EU referendum I can't help think this would be a non story at any other time.

Its alarming how keen the media is to stoke racist devisions , please treat them with the suspicion they are trying to make you feel about other races instead of accepting it as valid.

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