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Comment Re:Whatever happened to at-will employment? (Score 5, Informative) 73

This is in Ontario Canada. This is most definitely not an "at-will" jurisdiction when it comes to employment.
The Ontario Labour Relations Act applies, along with common law. (The entitlements written down are not what applies -- it is what is "usual and customary" that applies in Ontario for severance compensation -- and that is *much* more generous than what is written in the legislation.)

Anyone subject to severance (of any kind) in Ontario should consult with a lawyer experienced with the practice of employment law in Ontario before signing anything.

Comment Re:I need a kidney and still think this is good. (Score 1) 295

I hope you get your kidney in time.

I think organ donation should be opt-out. And if you have opted out, you are ineligible to receive an organ transplant. (With at least a 12 month waiting period after opting back in.)

Further, there should be a 3 month waiting period to effect an opt-out. No opting out and then killing yourself out of spite, or having next-of-kin object to an accident victim who has not opted out from donating organs & tissue.

From what I've read, this would solve the organ shortage in most regions.

Comment Re:Russia exposes political corruption in the US.. (Score 1) 821

Literally giving debate questions away to the detriment of Bernie.

Literally taking gifts from foreigners for access to the Secretary of State.

Literally saying that she lied to the public, but told the truth to the bankers.

Perhaps none of that rises to the label of "corruption" for you, but by most accounts, those actions are at least immoral if not illegal.

Comment Re:Russia exposes political corruption in the US.. (Score 1) 821

If the RNC internal documents show that they're giving away debate questions, or colluding against primary contestants to get their favored candidate in, or running corrupt charities to take foreign money in return for government failures, then I'm all for having them exposed, whether it is a Russian bear, a Nork kimchee, or even just a disgruntled insider.

Now, if the DNC internal docs had just shown say, motorcade schedules, and children's school addresses, or other sensitive information that didn't show corruption, Obama would have more of a leg to stand on. Instead, it looks like he's punishing the messenger to avoid the message.

Comment Russia exposes political corruption in the US... (Score 4, Insightful) 821

...and they now must be punished.

Is someone going to prosecute and sanction the DNC for stealing the election from Bernie? Or the Clinton Foundation for running a massive pay to play scheme?

Next time Voice of America points out corruption in some foreign election, should we expect to be sanctioned by that foreign nation?

And this is even if you believe that we have 100% proof that Putin leaked Podesta's and the DNC's emails.

Honestly, if Putin *did* do the crime, we should be thanking him for doing a job that the US mainstream media should've been doing.

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