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Comment Data Driven? Bullshit. (Score 3, Insightful) 213

In North America our justice systems are not Data Driven, and they never will be -- they are Revenge Driven. If we were to be Data Driven, we would have a system like Norway -- where recidivism is dramatically lower than what we have here.

The only way to make such a thing happen here would be to persuade the prison industrial complex that it would be more profitable that way. Of course they believe the opposite is true -- lower recidivism would mean fewer prisoners, and that means lower profits.

Comment Re:More specifically, Rice's theorem applies... (Score 1) 116

Indeed they are key -- what they mean is that even if you can come up with an algorithm to prove a property for *all* existing programs, it is possible (and in practice usually *trivial*) to construct a program where that algorithm will provably fail. Remember hackers need only find one hole to siphon off your ether.

This system (or any currency for that matter) needs a mechanism for defining, detecting and reversing fraud, and unmasking those perpetrating it. You have to assume it's only a matter of "when", not "if" fraud will take place.

Computability theory is *fun* :-)

Comment Re:Would using the Rust prog lang have avoided thi (Score 1) 116

Mod parent up.

So long as the contract language used by Etherium is Turing-complete, they're pretty much doomed to having this sort of thing repeating. To their credit, they have mechanisms to, through community consensus, block and reverse these thefts.
(A good currency design should be tolerant of fraud -- assume it will happen, and have in place mechanisms for detecting and reversing it.)

In support, I give you Rice's Theorem;

"there exists no automatic method that decides with generality non-trivial questions on the behavior of computer programs."

Comment Microsoft (and google, apple and the rest) (Score 1) 73

STOP watching/tracking what I'm doing with my computer -- it's creepy as fuck!

(Switched to Mac years ago, not going back to windows and it's "telemetry". Not so sure of Apple either, but at least they claim to not track users and collect data on them -- their business model (currently) is selling shiny toys -- not selling data. And they have been pushing back on surveillance in the courts and their encryption is good. Filevault should be on by default.)

Comment Energy transfer (Score 1) 228

A super charger is somewhere north of 400 volts at around 400 amps. That's 4x what a typical house service can draw (for the *entire* house) and it still takes an hour.

The amount of energy you transfer in 4 minutes at a gas pump is staggering. If you could charge an electric vehicle that fast, I wouldn't want to be anywhere that charging system. You'd be at around 5kv at 400A. (Or the conductors would be as big as your leg to get the voltage down) If anything goes wrong, Think flesh vaporizing arcing explosions -- not my idea of fun.

Comment Re:Apple is copying...Lenovo? (Score 1) 238

My 17 inch Macbook Pro just turned 4 years old -- It was one of the last made (2.5Ghz SandyBridge CoreI7). Now upgraded with 16GB of 1600 Mhz DDR3, and 1.5 TB of fast SSD, it's not noticeably slower than a new machine. Motherboard is only 1 year old -- replaced under warranty.

I'm keeping it for as long as possible. If they come out with a new 17" machine, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

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