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Comment Re:/etc/passwd (Score 1) 45

I agree with the first statement, but only because no modern OS uses /etc/passwd alone.

Regarding local accounts, there is no technical reason for them to exist in production environments, but when you are outsourcing your datacenter management to another company which hires incompetent/inexperienced sysadmins and surrounds them with outdated procedures, you better bet there will be local accounts, because doing something else needs to go thru 50 layers of "security" procedures seemingly designed to keep the company in the '80s.

Source: the company I work for :)

Comment Re:Hardly suprising (Score 1) 141

Yeah, the problem being nobody knows what IRC is, and most people (especially those who don't use email at work) never checks email, even if their phones require an email address to function as intended (like Android).

Somebody should make an app which looks like whatsapp but works over standard email. The overhead of the standard email headers could make it quite inefficient, but at least we wouldn't have to worry about who uses which service.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 267

Agree 100% with your comments.
I used to be an Opera fan until the lack of good filtering options led me to Firefox (Opera had "site preferences", which was useful, but at some point it started being insufficient, besides the Opera I loved is dead)

If Privoxy ends up being the only option (we used to have Proxomitron, brilliant stuff), there is really no reason for me to stay with FF, would probably go for Chromium or Vivaldi once it is ready.

Comment Re:N individual hard drives, copy every 2-3 years (Score 1) 174

Regarding file formats: I may be mistaken, but most of the issues I see are with old formats from the pre-internet era and more primitive/obscure OSes. Sure, we all have read stories of old disks which are now unreadable because the hardware doesn't exist anymore, but that is *hardware*. For files, I see VLC can open nearly every video and audio format in existence, and certainly any photo viewer worth using can open more image formats than what I have seen.

Most of us know what we have in our hard drives. I know I only have a couple word documents that may not be supported in the future, all the rest are open formats, not tied to a single software suite. So, as long as the internet exists, I'll be able to download some linux distro like Slackware (I mention it because it includes everything I may need to open my files in a single dvd, no online repositories needed) and use whatever software comes with it to open my files. I actually keep an ISO handy, so as long as VirtualBox exists I can load the ISO there and have a "2015-compatible" SO for as long as I may want to. Damn, if tomorrow we all leave x86 to some other thing and VirtualBox dissapears, I'll probably be able to open a VM and run VB on it :)

Cloud stuff is probably a huge headache waiting to happen. I'd make sure I have a copy of anything stored in the cloud, and in a format I can open locally. Still, if tomorrow MS dissapears, I'm 99% sure we will have a chance to download Office 365 files in an open format before the shutdown

Comment Re:Didn't knew they even had computers (Score 1) 95

In South American countries we have recently (last 5 years or so) started receiving cars made in china, and there are A LOT of brands.
Many of their models are cheap knock-offs of known models by other manufacturers (see Chery QQ vs Chevrolet Spark, or BYD F3 vs Toyota Corolla), and all of them sell a lot cheaper than the other brands. Usually lacking in the safety side, but sadly on par with the cars made in Brazil or Argentina for our local markets. And in a country (Uruguay) where, due to taxes, a Honda Civic costs U$S 40.000, and a Chevrolet Spark costs U$S 15000, these brands are slowly eating the low-end with cheap (~ U$S 15000) sedans like the Lifan 620 or the BYD F3.

Some of the known brands around here: Lifan, Chery, Geely, Great Wall, JAC, BYD, FAW, Haima.

Comment Re:Two words (Score 1) 114

More like everybody uses everybody else's cards randomly (at the same time, actually, but that makes no sense in the card analogy).

We say "If everybody is special, then nobody is", and with the same reasoning we could say "if everybody likes everything, then nobody likes anything".

Comment Re:Two words (Score 1) 114

Well, for one thing, if you download ALL the ads you might have seen, you are leaving behind a profile that might be harder to make sense of, from an advertiser's perspective. Open all ads in a private window isolated from cookies or data from the others, and maybe it is not such a bad idea.

And on the other hand, if enough people use adblock, then one could argue that those who don't use it are easier to target... of course one can't be responsible for what other people do (or don't do, like running an ad blocker).

Comment Re:How about cutting Notes? (Score 1) 276

Sametime works... if you have several GB of RAM, which I didn't have when I had to use Notes due to company policy. It would randomly freeze for a few seconds, and it was slow as hell. I still can't believe they built it over Eclipse.

Pidgin had exactly the same functionality everyone used Sametime for, and used a tenth of the system resources.

Both Notes and Sametime are horribly resource-hungry considering their functionality

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