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Comment Re:Another Former Astronaut (Score 2, Insightful) 508

I would be tempted to mod you up because of the basic truth. But remember, while Bush was pushing for the war in Iraq (with both Rummy and Dick pulling the puppet strings) it was congress that rolled over, amongst both parties. So shorthanding it as "Bush" is easy and commonplace, but is also really misleading. But Obama, as well as the new congressmen, did inherit this mess and have to deal with it. Those who shout about Obama and the unbalanced budget are myopic at best.

Comment Re:No surprise. (Score 1) 240

I have good coverage in an area where T-mobile has shit, AT&T has shit, everything but Sprint and Verizon has shit for coverage. Sprint has had coverage here for 10 years and Verizon for about 6, with Sprint improving over the course of the past 10 years as well. I often use my Pre in elevators and never run into a problem, even in the basement. There's one place that's a dead zone for me and that's almost a complete Faraday Cage. I can hardly get wifi out of that room with the door open and the router 20 feet away.

Comment Re:Here We Go ... (Score 1) 223

Oh, those are still out there. I saw one the other day that wanted 3 years in Windows 2008, Exchange 2010, and Windows 7. I 'settled' for my last job, a job with a start-up company because I thought I could grow with the company. BZZZT. Instead of promoting someone internally, they hired 3-4 people for positions I tried for (who all left or were asked to leave while I was there) and then hired for a couple more positions that were never advertised internally. I'm currently contracting to a "managed services" company (ie, outsourced IT) while they ship this job to India. Literally, we have 3 americans and 6 indians working "together". Until we're not. Even outsourcing is outsourcing!

Comment Final 21% (Score 1) 224

Offshore sites will not be immune from the crackdown, said Pitkow, because almost all of them depend on banner ads served by U.S.-based services. Because the DMCA requires the ad service to act against any violator, Attributor says it can interdict the revenue lifeline at any offending site in the world.

Attributor already has been engaged by several major book publishers to get unauthorized eBooks off unauthorized sites. "And we have 99% success rate," he said.

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