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Comment Re:At this rate... (Score 0) 254

It was under a half mile of Ice you say?

Well since you were there could you please provide evidence of this in some form?

People that say 'the science is settled' don't understand what science *is* and the fickle nature of 'facts' that in all actuality are really a hypothesis. Or in layman's terms; "An educated guess, subject to revision *at any time*."

Comment Re:20 million? (Score 1) 63

Have you ever noticed the irony that armchair scientists think there's no water or ice on any of the other celestial bodies, yet every time a comet or other natural space detrius is mentioned the composition is almost always spoken of as being made up of ice and rock?

No the conditions may not be hospitable in their natural form, that's not to say living habitats cannot be carved or created.

Comment Re:20 million? (Score 1) 63

Space Nuttery really exists, and it should be in the DSM-VI. Or they could make a special House episode about it.

Seriously? Do you think mankind was meant to stay on just this planet when there are so many more 'nearby' to visit and populate? You really think Earth will remain sustainable forever? There's already natural forces at work that would disabuse you of that notion.

You call going to space insanity, when there's other logic that NOT going to space is insanity. But then again I bet you have forgotten all the things you benefit from thanks to people putting satellites into space, and the innovations you enjoy that were generated by the quest to get there.

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