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Comment Re:Oh, this is going to be great (Score 1) 246

Everything since has been an attempt to educate you on how not to be an ass in public.

There's no need to take this upon yourself. The facts that have been propagated by the entertainment industry does not match actual observations. I am sorry if that makes you uncomfortable but you can't wish away reality by calling people names. Real observations don't care for politics.

Now enough of this. You patently have nothing constructive to add.

~ Good Day.

Comment Re: DRONE ON (Score 1) 277

to sequester the CO2 in the trees

You're not getting it. It takes energy to do this. In one form or another. Electricity has to be generated for the heating elements to get hot enough to create charcoal, or something has to be burned near enough to make it hot.

Even then it's pointless as the process to make charcoal to begin with requires an atmosphere starved environment. There's no CO2 to absorb, and produces other harmful elements.

They mean well, but they are just as ignorant as the fat cat paying their salaries. In the meantime I am certain someone has something to *sell* you to save the planet.


Comment Re:Oh, this is going to be great (Score 1) 246


Show me where I did this?
>Continue to run around as though the sky is falling. you're going to be a nuisance one way or another anyways.

Speaking in generalizations here. Not a *personal* ( ad-hominem ) attack.

Maybe, or maybe people just don't like it when you act like an arrogant, condescending jackass. Especially when you're acting like that and unequivocally wrong at the same time. Free speech means the government doesn't interfere with your right to say what you like, it doesn't mean people have to like you or the odious things that you post. People can like free speech and still think you're an overbearing, know-nothing ass who they'd rather not associate with.

Escalating beyond what I had mentioned as a generalization.

It'd be nice if people who believe that also thought they had a duty to use that right responsibly. All too often I see verbal bullies hiding behind "free speech" as shield from the predictable consequences of the offensive things they say.

Pot, meet kettle. A typical defense used by spin doctors in the liberal camp.

From your track record, you probably are. In fact, I'd say in this case you've layered incorrect opinions so deep, you probably need professional help to come back to terms with reality.

Appeal to authority. *Yawn*

If you can't understand the difference between behaviour and character, how can we do anything but doubt the truth of your (biased) observations?

Loaded Question, and an ad-hominem attack.

Do you have anything new to bring to the debate or will you finally concede your defeat through continued attempts on my character / behaviour?

Comment Re:Oh, this is going to be great (Score 1) 246

Actually, it's mostly you who appears to have lost the ability to think critically (if you ever had it). Simply put, If you were able to think critically you wouldn't have resorted to personal attacks when I told you that your anecdotal story doesn't back up the position that you claimed it did

Show me where I did this? Sure didn't stop you from escalating.

Free speech means the government doesn't interfere with your right to say what you like, it doesn't mean people have to like you or the odious things that you post. People can like free speech and still think you're an overbearing, know-nothing ass who they'd rather not associate with.

You are correct and suffice it to say my opinion of your opinion is of the same low esteem. The line is drawn in regards to free speech when those domestic terrorists start using force to exert their will outside of the physical protections provided by law. This is our right. You don't have to like my opinion, I don't have to like yours. But neither of us is allowed to use force to coerce the other to our way of thinking or beat our opponent into submission.

We all have the right to say what we want without fear of physical violence. Freedom of speech died first on the Internet, and now there's fascist groups like antifa trying to quell opinions they don't like by using terrorist tactics of oppression. People who broke down because the words trump 2016 were chalked on the sidewalks are now attacking anyone that disagrees with them. This fits the tried and true profiles of mental disorder, but I could be wrong.

You can attempt to attack my character all you want, call me names etc, it won't change the truth of my observations.

Either way, we have strayed far from the topic and this is just another dead horse we're beating.

Comment Re: DRONE ON (Score 1) 277

Economically its not viable

Then it's NOT going to happen and will end up in a landfill.

Bio Diesel can't produce enough to supply the current demand

If there were refineries setup to do it at scale then it could But I am not talking about that. I am talking about an individuals ability to create biofuel themselves. Without a corporate strangle-hold on the technology and availability.

If you want to reduce the temps, bring up well water depths and in general improve the planet, PLANT MORE TREES and stop being such an advocate of consumerism.

Comment Re: DRONE ON (Score 1) 277

Nothing says you can't recycle the materials in the panels when they are broken.

You've provided no solutions beyond ones clearly not feasible.

Try 'recycling' lithium ion batteries. Hint: They explode when you puncture them. Lead Acid are way less efficient at storing and releasing energy. What happens when you have a huge buildup of Hydrogen gas produced from charging those? *BOOM*

We have been using solutions that are renewable. Diesel can be produced from vegetable matter, Alcohol for engines burns so clean you can't see the flame and is also easy to produce. These two forms of fuel alone can be produced by anybody in the space of a Garage.

The real root of this is those things can be manufactured by the common man with ease. Though, not batteries, solar panels, etc. Batteries and Solar panels are something that cannot be easily produced by the common man if at all. Once all our energy comes from power generation and batteries we place ourselves completely at the will of 'market forces'.

Quite seriously, you're not buying green technology you're building a dangerous monopoly over energy. Of course somehow magically the businessmen in power will suddenly reject thousands of years of proven bias towards 'what the market will bear' and become savant philanthropists and let the common man have everything for free.

But beyond that the planet has been changing on it's own forces for centuries and will continue to do so.

Just fucking plant more trees.

Comment Re:DRONE ON (Score 2) 277

Tree's aren't all about CO2.

They reduce the temperature by providing shade, aspirating moisture, as well as provide a root system and topsoil to help hold ground water.

It's this narrow band of knowledge of what tree's provide that's prevalent in describing tree's and all the other technological alternatives so far described that people just aren't paying attention to. So much that we could end up killing our patient ( Earth ) by doing more harm than good.

Ask yourself this question: Is the solution to save the Earth something you're being *sold*? Is the path to saving the planet something you have to *buy*? Feel like a sucker yet?

It's great that everyone wants to 'save the Earth'. All I ask is that the people trying to save it to stop getting their science from the entertainment industry. This means news agencies, movies, paid for presenters like Bill Nye and good marketing PR.


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