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Comment Re: I blame Trump. (Score 1) 620

I'd blame Trump's ilk for that too. If you vilify a group (gays in the Orlando case) long enough some unhinged asshat will decide he's taking action for the greater good.

As far as I'm concerned the epitome of a chickenshit is somebody standing on the sidelines cheering on some action and then disclaiming it once it occurs.

Comment Re:There are less than 30 decent games... (Score 1) 151

Yeah, you look at current articles recommending VR games, the same 15-20 always come up. Other than those 15-20, most of the stuff on steam for VR is crap. Actually quite a lot of the stuff on steam is absolute crap anyway. There are a ton of games on there that appear to be written by some teenager who is in the process of teaching themselves how to program on unity, with stock purchased assets or stolen ones, and which will barely run at all. Valve doesn't seem to care about the quality of the product on their service, so it's up to you to develop a crap filter. So it should really come as no surprise at all that our crap filters filter out most of the VR offerings. We all own the good titles at the moment, and will no doubt buy new ones that prove to be good, as we learn about them.

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1) 511

the media is being amazingly honest in their reporting of Trump

I will be honest, I stopped reading there. The mainstream media ( Entertainment industry ) has completely left the truth behind and is abusing it's power in horrific fashion with character assassinations.

Enjoy your Koolaid, and please, take the time to perform your own research, rather than obey what the TV god tells you.

Good Day.

Comment Re:Windows (Score 1) 224

There are actually a decent number of titles on steam, although two or three that I very much like (Skyrim and Defense Grid come to mind) are not available. But I still haven't booted back to windows since early last year on my big fat desktop. And I have a Dell Precision that's going to end up being my main machine in the near future, that only has xubuntu on it. It works remarkably well and is nowhere near as obnoxious as Windows 10.

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1) 511

Dammit I will bite again.

I suppose that the recent racist executive order was fake

A religion is not a race, and discriminating against a religion that has repeatedly attacked us and plotted to attack us and currently beheading people that don't agree with them in other countries is not racist. It's not profiling. It's ensuring the safety of the American people both foreign and domestic. I will take this example as a calibration to the extent I can consider the bias in the previous examples you quoted. A minor point considering the other egregious activities of former presidents.

yet think that using debt to buy several houses is bad

Why do you care that I prefer mobility without crippling debt? Does this make you insecure somehow? Because I postulated a differing opinion than yours? Why does this get your knickers in a twist?

you cannot reconcile your religious beliefs with your support for Trump

You can quit now really. Your attempt to marry religion with people that don't vilify Trump along with the 'in crowd' is just bothersome.

Good Day.

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