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Comment Re:Two things: (Score 1) 233

Well I've tried unsuccessfully several times now to take a picture of my phone with my phone. I just can't seem to move it fast enough. But if I succeeded you would have been able to increment the number of phones you'd seen without a lock by one.

My wallet is in one back pocket, phone in another. Neither has a lock, I'd be a lot more concerned if somebody stole my wallet. You can buy things with what's inside, with my phone you can call folks like the plumber, see pictures of my dog or the house I'm remodeling or, if really bored, play Sodoku..

Comment Re:Wikileaks BAAD; CIA Goooood! (Score 4, Interesting) 227

If they're not they will be. It's bloody trivial for a government to gather damning info on another country, leak it to wikileaks and wait for them to get all the flak.

I never brought up Russia though I understand why you'd assume I was talking about them. The US, Russia, China, literally any country or any organization can selectively leak info on competitors if they haven't figured out they can do this (and I'm sure they have) then they will.

It's trivial to manipulate Wikileaks by only leaking the narrative you want told.

Comment Re:Wikileaks BAAD; CIA Goooood! (Score 5, Insightful) 227

The world will make a lot more sense when you realize it's possible for both sides to be bad. Comparative ethics is not a zero sum game.

Wikileaks' intent to provide an outlet for whistle blowers to uncover corruption in various governments and and corporations had a lot of merit. Unfortunately the very model of "we don't care where it came from, we just post it" is its undoing. It didn't take long for governments to figure out if you can destroy it, use it.

They thought they could turn over the chess board, but they're just another pawn.

Comment Re:The Problem Is Business (Score 1) 456

This is exactly right.

I collaborate with multiple groups, if there's a video conference or chat system out there one of them probably uses it so I ended up using Polycom, Skype, BlueJeans, Slack, Google+ etc etc.

Last week in one such meeting I commented that this was a solved technical problem nearly 20 years ago and yet it's still one huge interoperability mess. So I view the topic with little enthusiasm when the proposed solution to N protocols is N+1.

Comment Re:It sounds like a death trap (Score 4, Insightful) 238

Death trap for whom ?

By death trap do you mean 'non-zero' risk similar to the people who live below a hydroelectric dam, or near a nuclear power plant, or who mine coal, or who live downwind from a dirty coal plant ? I suspect the human risk is pretty low comparably.

if you mean the critters living nearby, we eat around 100M tons of fish / year, so that might be a better place to focus in terms of 'death trap'.

Comment $24 question (Score 1) 66

Back during the first bubble, particularly around the time that Redhat went public, I was fascinated at how many IPOs were priced in the $15 to $30/share range regardless of what that implied about their total value.

These folks have figured out how to game the uninformed investor looking to make a quick buck on IPOs. $5 makes people think the company is a dog, $50 to $100 makes them think it's overpriced. The fact that neither number says anything about valuation is immaterial.

So sure, $24 looks like a great price for a piece of stock, who cares if it implies a grossly overvalued stock.

Comment All ideas are not good ideas (Score 4, Insightful) 154

I despise the new MBA management style that all ideas have merit or that there are no stupid questions.

In my experience many of the people I've run across who complain that the company managers (or me when I was in that position) don't respect their ideas don't realize that their ideas are crap. They typically have a very myopic view of what the company does, what it needs or what constitutes a good idea. They have no real concept of risk, logistics, development overhead, basic physics, human nature or a slew of other issues. Their ideas can be frequently characterized as 'wouldn't be cool if'.

I rose through the ranks with a GED and no college education in an environment dominated by PhDs by having what turned out to be good ideas.

So sure, in some environments, good ideas are squashed by pointy haired bosses, but many times it's just a dumb idea.

Comment Re: I blame Trump. (Score 1) 1149

I'd blame Trump's ilk for that too. If you vilify a group (gays in the Orlando case) long enough some unhinged asshat will decide he's taking action for the greater good.

As far as I'm concerned the epitome of a chickenshit is somebody standing on the sidelines cheering on some action and then disclaiming it once it occurs.

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