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Comment Saturation (Score 1) 122

For years YouTube benefited from increasing customer base but the market is saturated. Just about everybody who can and would watch YouTube has.

In addition there are more and more videos competing for the same fixed pool. End result, less views per specific video.

Their best bet is to start carrying porn. In the short term it will attract attention, in the longer term they might help create more humans to watch porn.

Comment Re:Pellet burning is not good for the enviroment. (Score 1) 111

Carbon neutral means carbon neutral, it says nothing about whether it's good or bad. Slave labor turning a windlass is carbon neutral but probably sub-optimal in terms of modern morality.

So saying wood burning is carbon neutral doesn't ignore anything, it's simply a statement. That said, yes, shifting to a wood burning energy stance is probably not optimal.

Comment You're not helping (Score 4, Insightful) 364

Stupid ass hyperbole (seas boiling) is not helping.

Increases in CO2 are real, impacts to global temperature due to CO2 are real, impacts to life (human or otherwise, positive and negative) due to rising temperatures and ocean levels are real.

Hollywood-esque hyperbole just confuses the issue and makes it trivial to lump all information into the same cesspool of misinformation.

Comment Re:Because Use Cases (Score 2) 766

Virtual desktops.

I generally have 6 to 8 virtual desktops, each dedicated to a particular type of task or project.
Within each desktop I typically have a browser, 2 or 3 if the browsers are showing fundamentally different things.
Within each browser I'll have anywhere from 1 to 6 (rarely more) tabs on different slants on the same topic.

So if I'm working on AWS that would be in a virtual desktop. I might have one browser for dynamic stuff (like their console) and one for documentation. The documentation browser may well have 6 tabs. When I'm not using the browser I icon-ify it.

Trivial, at least for me, to keep things sorted that way. I know if I'm on desktop X then I'll have a browser dedicated to X, if I don't see it then it's been icon-ified.

Comment Re:Want to guess why? (Score 2) 192

Not counting cutting wood on your farm, name one energy source that wasn't subsidized as it replaced the prevailing source. Camphor oil, whale oil, kerosene, oil, coal, nuclear, hydro have all been the beneficiary of federal subsidies, some much more than others.

If you own coal futures and want to see them do well you'd be much better off blowing up some natural gas refineries than worrying about solar.

Comment 11 million wow that's a lot (Score 1) 295

Unless you look at the totals.

According to what I'm sure was a rigorous study by the company wanting you to buy their widget US homeowners receive on average 27 packages per year and of those nearly 11 million are stolen. The Great Omniscient Optimal Guessing Library Engine says there are 86 Million homeowners which gives 2.3 Billion packages per year

So the theft rate is about .5%. So the average home owner would see one theft per 8 years (assuming homogenized thieves).


Comment Treatment costs (Score 2) 253

Pick a number pretty much any number, double it, somebody will pay that.

There won't be an overpopulation problem because only .001% of the population will be able to afford it.

What there will be is huge black market that primarily consists of fake treatments that will kill you, probably. If the odds are a million to one that you get to reset to some lower age or die of old age people will roll the dice.

Comment Re:I can think of bigger central problems (Score 1) 157

I think that's kind of the point. Humans may believe they have free will but as a species they're quite gullible and easily convinced ideas are their own.

A child born today whose every choice and preference is tracked can be led later in life such that they feel they're entirely free to choose exactly what's been chosen for them.

Comment Re:They're caring and feeling, more than *thinking (Score 1) 263

I get the caring, I was doing something similar to this long before they started. In 2007-8 I intentionally avoided moving toward the very safe fossil fuel market.

It was more the tone of the article slanted toward the idea that they were in some way inflicting financial pain that I found confusing which is differeng than doing it for altruistic or ethical reasons.

The post below supplies some evidence that is in fact cutting into their bottom line and forcing the companies to buy back stock at 6x the normal rate to keep the price propped up. If that is indeed the case then it completely changes my view on what they're doing.

Comment One man's loss is another man's gain (Score 3, Insightful) 263

The article isn't clear but it implies that most of the divestment comes from removing fossil fuel companies from stock portfolios.

If so then the companies aren't buying those stocks back, somebody else is buying them. It doesn't effect the company one bit, other than maybe drive the price down minutely while it's a sellers market. All that really does is minutely help the buyers who are now taking on the risk and the reward of owning that stock.

Either I'm confused about what they're doing or they are.

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