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Comment Piss off Cisco (Score 5, Interesting) 124

For years we bought pretty much only Cisco. Then from about 2003 onwards the sales team took over. Gone were the days of a useful website where you could quickly drill down to the documentation you wanted. Now you're presented with endless glossy white paper sales pitches full of buzzwords.

In parallel their hardware costs started to climb relative to their competitors. It was still very good hardware but all that glossy sales pitch and TV ad campaigns have to be paid for somehow so per port $ increases it is. To make their 10Gbit Nexus line they actually spun off a company, let them do the design and then bought them back once they had a product to prevent any ugliness with stock prices. Fair enough, but that's extra labor you have to recoup, so a bit extra $ per port increase there to.

When we needed 100 10Gbit ports we looked at Cisco, laughed at the price and bought Arista It's lower latency, rock solid and just works (ie all the things you used to expect from Cisco) but a hell of a lot cheaper.

Comment Re:39 digits (Score 1) 174

Which is proof against intelligent design or at least evidence that God's not a programmer. Why type pi as an infinite float when a double precision would work. Wildly inefficient and slows the simulation down from infinitely fast to infinitely fast minus a bit.

Comment Match reviews (Score 4, Informative) 109

I'm looking forward to the eventual move by move analysis of these games. For now there's some interesting commentary here:

It's been 20+ years since I played Go semi-seriously. I used to have a collection of Ishi Press books which I've long since misplaced. I suddenly find myself very interested in the game again.

Comment Re:Logic? (Score 1) 908

I don't know about focusing particularly Boolean logic but I've been a proponent of at least a one year logic course for a long time.

I'd focus on more practical aspects of logic, the kinds that you see poorly displayed on places like Slashdot every single day. e.g. paradoxes,inductive vs deductive logic, false equivalences, predicate logic, propositional logic, forms of cognitive bias. For the latter I mean things like selection bias, confirmation bias, though I know it would be an uphill fight as folks wanted to turn it into a 3 month seminar on specific forms of gender and racial bias.

Frequently people conflate logic with 'what kind of sort of makes sense to them at the time or sounds ... you know ... right'.

Comment Re:Never thought I would see PC in red state schoo (Score 1) 385

Some of the fired professors were fired *because* of their SJW proclivities. They were offended by something some autocrat said, spoke out and the autocrat fired them. Are you going to defend them even though they're special little snow flakes whose feelings were hurt by the idea of drowning little bunnies or do you approve of their firing ?

Free speech is free speech, it's not limited to just those you agree with. If you're truly that concerned about free speech then defend free speech. If you're more concerned about defending your personally held beliefs from the SJW crowd that's fine but don't conflate it with a general love of free speech.

For what it's worth I like the analogy and wholeheartedly agree with the idea of drowning the little bunnies, increasing retention at any cost is a dumb idea but the factulty shouldn't have been fired for being offended.

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