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Comment Re:Lots of links to articles, phfft (Score 1) 232

I don't disagree with that one.

Picture a program as a huge collection of LEGO bricks and pieces, and understanding the program implies understanding how the LEGO parts are being used.

What is easier to understand, one huge box full of LEGO bricks along with a very long instruction manual explaining all of the contents, or having the LEGO bricks neatly divided into smaller packages along with shorter instructions that focus on the contents of each individual package?

Of course, the big advantage of the latter is that you can focus on smaller, individual components and understand the whole program step by step, getting more familiar as you go.
With the former your are faced with the whole big chunk at once - all or nothing. What would you prefer?

Comment Re:Sterile and shattered. (Score 1) 273

Seven Earth sized planets orbiting at such close proximity to a sun that is just marginally larger than Jupiter, so say the sun has three-times Earth gravity. Isn't that a highly unstable system? Every planet orbit in that system is being strongly influenced by the orbits of the six other planets.

Comment Re:So it's going to fail (Score 1) 88

I think its ready for the masses. It's already awesome and I'm certain it's here to stay. Now it's a question of finetuning it and improving usability. The two main problems to solve are locomotion and the relatively low resolution that makes text editing and something like virtual desktops unpractical at the moment. But even so it already has great experiences to offer that can appeal to anybody. Valve's "The Lab" is a testament to this.

Comment Re:Okay - that was quick. (Score 0) 895

The fact that one of Trump's longest supporters has been outed being chatty with the Russian Ambassador just weeks into the Presidency just blows me away.

Why? This is the former US general who was a frequent guest and speaker on Russian propaganda news network "Russia Today". This guy has been a pawn in Putins hands for a long time now. Why are you surprised?

Comment Re:IPV6 - The worlds savior (Score 1) 64

That might be right, and goes to show just how much damage the misguided ideology and policies of a few proletarians waging war on "elite establishment" can do.

But that was just one, short historical period that did massive amounts of damage. I think Europeans "win" overall when you factor in the many independent instances of death and mayhem inflicted, especially on others.

But don't get me wrong. Unlike the OP, I don't think white Europeans or any other race is inherently more violent than others. Europeans have been so destructive because they had the power to dominate. Others would and have done the same, which is evident across all of history.
And the same thing with black people in the US. I don't think they are inherently more violent. Perhaps they are more violent, but the causes lie in poverty, discrimination and lack of perspectives. Factor in US gun culture and you get what you bargain for.

Comment Re:IPV6 - The worlds savior (Score 1) 64

Well Detroit is around 85% black so yes of course there is a lot of violence. Blacks in large numbers simply cannot be peaceful and civil, not anyplace in the world. Of course if you notice this pattern, you are a horrible terrible person and the rest of us will brand you "racist" so we don't have to actually factually dispute your observation because of course that cannot be done and deep down that makes our cause very much embarassed but we can't admit such a basic thing. Take a nice big gulp of the equality kool-aid, you look thirsty to me! Just like the Jews, Chinese railroad workers, and Native Americans, blacks have been oppressed, that's why the Jews, Chinese, and Native Americans keep topping the violent crime charts... oh wait, only the blacks do that, despite being a 13% minority. Huh. Guess we'll have to socially insist, harder than ever, that our patently false view is The Truth and anyone who disagrees is a Heretic! Yeah, that'll keep working!

Well, on a historical scale, if you consider Hitler, Stalin, the Conquistadores and other genocides in Africa and America, I think it's a safe bet that white Europeans have murdered the most people across the world.
But when we do it, we are civilized about it. right? We had our powerful industries producing our superior weapons so we were able to invoke death and genocide by right of conquest and survival of the fittest.
Our genocidal murder is obviously more civilized and legitimate than when poor black people without good education behave violently.

Comment Re:Yeah, Apple is so happy that Ireland didn't IRE (Score 1) 174

What a ridiculous comparison. You have no idea about Nazism, do you?

The EU is an organization, like the WTO, NATO, UN. If you qualify, you can join and enjoy its perks. But you also have to abide by the rules. Ireland seems to think it can enjoy all the perks of EU membership and play by its own rules.

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