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Comment Re:Yes it was! (Score 1) 124

It better be made of pretty tough stuff! Venus isn't a material friendly place. I think the longest lasting Venera probe made it for two hours. Pretty much anything that we make would be dissolved fairly quickly.

On the surface, yes. But this ancient stuff would probably be under layers of dirt, sand, ash... whatever, perhaps even fossilized. It could have been buried under the planet surface before the surface got as hazardous as it is now.

Comment Re:Yes it was! (Score 4, Interesting) 124

Well, they either smoked a hell of a lot, or they had civilization and burned up wood and all their fossil fuels, leading to the runaway greenhouse effect the article mentions.

Wouldn't it be ironic if humanity is searching the vastness of space with the most powerful telescopes for extraterrestrial intelligence, all the while the remnants of a fallen civilization reside on the planet right next to us, somewhere under layers of dirt and dust?

What a gloomy, foreboding picture that makes.

Perhaps they sent probes and robots to Earth, like we do to Mars, and life on Earth is the descendant of the microorganisms that made the trip on them.

Comment Re:Expect conservative meltdown. (Score 4, Informative) 367

That is true. Genders and races are a real thing and there are differences between them. Not just outward appearances, but real physical or intellectual differences. On average, men are physically stronger than women, women are emotionally more stable and less aggressive than men, white people are more intelligent than black people, black men have longer ... you know, than white men.

On average.
But down to the level of individuals, it's unfair to judge people based on averages. Do you consider yourself an average person? On an individual level, everyone is different.
But the key point is that, even though people are different in many ways, be it race, gender or their individual characteristics, they all deserve to be treated the same and given the same chances. Because we are all humans with our hopes, dreams, emotions and potential, regardless of physical or intellectual ability.

In fact, many times it's the people who are at a disadvantage that perform big acts and change the world. Being handicapped in a way, but having the need for respect and recognition, is one of the strongest motivators. Short men like Napoleon and Hitler set out to conquer Europe. Physically unattractive people tend to follow intellectual pursuits and provide humanity with great innovations. Socially disadvantaged people like Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks engaged themselves politically and managed to change a nation.

This is why I think that "fascism" as an ideology is wrong. At first glance it might sound like a brutal, but scientifically logical idea to weed out the "weak" and only breed the pure and strong. But often times it's the "weak" who accomplish great things and move humanity forward, because they are the ones who are out there to prove themselves. Not to mention that science also tells us that genetic homogeneity is a weakness whereas diversity and the mixing of genes is critical for long-term survival.

Comment Re:Whoopty Doo (Score 5, Insightful) 843

It scares the crap out of me that here on Slashdot, a site with presumably smart people like engineers and programmers, so many people are defending and rooting for Donald Trump.

Either Slashdot is not as intelligent as I thought, or it is more right-wing than I thought, which of course is not exclusive.

Comment Re: don't get your hope up (Score 1) 261

Exactly. Stop preordering like fucking morons.

I almost exclusively buy and play games over one year after initial release. You get the better deals, you get all the bugs patched, you get the real reviews after the hype has settled, you potentially get mods and other community improvements, you might get all the DLC included...
Basically, it's the much better deal and the much better gaming experience all way round.

Preordering a black box full of promises and then bitching about the contents make you look like a fucking moron.

Comment Re:Wut (Score 1) 55

I think the actual strength of a game like Minecraft is not that it teaches you anything, but that it raises interests in things like architecture, electronics, farming, geography, etc. So it inspires kids to learn real-world things.
I got interested in history, cultures and politics thanks to the Civilization games. Though I doubt the Civ games tought me much in and by themselves.

Comment Re:How did they come up with that number? (Score 1) 284

Why not e, or 12.44426268%? And haven't they something better to do? They are a bank, not a research institute, are they?

They are setting up a new spin for their lawyers. Once the bank has lost all your savings and needs to be bailed out with taxpayer money after the next bubble bursts, they'll be like: "Relax... it's not like we lost real money or anything"

Comment Re:Not going to happen (Score 4, Interesting) 387

I think Obama publicly speaks out against Trump because he has actual respect for the office and Trump is an unprecedented, very unusual candidate. No matter if you're Democrat or Republican, if you are able to see through the populist rhetoric and regard Trump for what he is, one thing seems certain; Trump is completely unpredictable to the point of being erratic and volatile. An accomplished opportunist that always says whatever the current audience wants to hear. It's impossible to know what he will do in a position of power and that can be a very dangerous thing when holding one of the most powerful positions in the world.

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