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Submission + - Sony-Ericsson Xperia X3 on November the third? (pmptoday.com)

aliquis writes: "Looks like Sony-Ericsson is ready to release their first Android phone on the third november. It's rumored to have a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 8 megapixel camera and WVGA screen. With Android 2 just getting finished can we assume this will be an Android 2 device to? And will it 1-UP the Sholes/Droid or not?"
Portables (Games)

Submission + - Nintendo DSi software will be region locked :( (eurogamer.net)

aliquis writes: "Though eventually not a big issue in the end depending on what Nintendo makes of it, the DSi will be the first Nintendo portable to have region lock for its software.

However its only for DSi titles, who knows if it's obliged for all DSi specific software and also maybe it will only be used when it makes sense for the additional services."

Portables (Games)

Submission + - Nintendo announces DSi (dsfanboy.com)

aliquis writes: "So the rumors where true, Nintendo has announced the DSi as a successor for the DS lite. DSi includes two cameras, expanded screens, SD card slot and on-board memor with music playback function and a DS-specific download service, finally it also comes with a web browser. The screens have only increased from 3" to 3.25" but the whole unit has become even smaller! Release in Japan on the 1st November for ¥18,900 or around $ 179.
DS fanboy had the news."


Submission + - Sweden votes yes for "FRA-lagen." (www.svd.se)

aliquis writes: "The voting for the new swedish wiretapping law was supposed to be at 09.00 local time but happened this evening instead after a petition for reconsideration.

The result? 143 votes for and 138 votes against, one person didn't vote.
I was said that if four persons changed their mind it would get voted down, so I guess one in the blue camp did vote no.

It's covered at Svenska Dagbladet in swedish and at The Local in english."


Submission + - Etrian Odyssey - Old style dungeon RPG for NDS

aliquis writes: "Etrian Odyssey (website uses flash), a nethack/MUD-without-the-MU like game for Nintendo DS was released may the 16th.

The game features classic labyrinth RPG style gaming with over 125 monsters designed by Shin Nagasawa (Final Fantasy IX), nine characters of which you build a party of five, and a map on the lower screen where you draw the looks of the labyrinth using the stylus while you explore it.

Too bad it doesn't seem to contain any multiplayer support :(, graphical MUD on the DS (or any system) would be so sweet."

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