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Comment Re:Ryan and Rand (Score 0) 370

Yeah, that sounds about like the plan I want for Sweden.

They whine about asylum and open borders.

Sure. You can have that. Without any national tax-paid welfare.
Just remove all the welfare and you can let people in. Those who are poor can't afford live here and we'll live without them and the rich and performing can help and maybe improve society.

Sounds good. No need for any "racist" border-controls. It will sort itself out with no need for that. Make no fucking sense offering tax-paid welfare for anyone who want to come though. As people are already here this is what should be done and if that force a bunch of Somalis and Afghans and what not to leave that's great!

Now some leftards will claim this will lead to criminality but the solution to that is of course to simply deport all criminals with immigrant background; win again!

Comment Re:The Herd (Score 1) 180

On top of that they avoid the expense of having a CEO - salary, car, expenses etc.

On the other hand wouldn't the expense be employees occupied * time units * salary / time unit?

Sure they need no CEO but if you keep 5 people occupied with a task instead of 1 are you saving money?

It democratize the decision-making though.

Three Swedish news items in ~24 hours. Same submitter or how come?

Comment Re:Iconic feature! (Score 2) 94

God. Has Slashdot descended to this? Get a life.

I'm nothing but a man; no matter how brilliant my ideas may be.

Anyway, I assume what you mean is to "get a wife", I've tried but they don't want me!!

(I even got stuff which vibrates for the object in question but of course I should had understand that in this day and age with smartphones and learning machines even that is too simple.)

Comment Re:What's stopping other countries? (Score 1) 651

Comment What about Saudi-Arabia, Iran and the such? (Score 1) 237

Swedish politics is all about Russia. I guess it's to cover their own asses from their own treason and the monster we all call the EU.

There's only one reason a nation like Saudi-Arabia is viewed as acceptable and is respected and that's because they sell oil. If it wasn't for that they would be called what they are.

Well, if they try to eliminate all fossil fuels and remain competitive with the rest of the developed world at the same time, a welfare state is exactly what they will become.

Swedish electricity has already been made of close to 100% hydro-power and nuclear power. We've got fewer nuclear plants running now and less need for it, Norway is way ahead of us when it comes to electric cars and there's much pointing into that direction. We could just had replaced a few nuclear reactors with modern technology but I guess wind and solar may be more likely.

Isabella Lövin is (foreign?) aid minister in the government and a minister of the environmentalists pro-mass-invasion welfare lunatics party so her view doesn't necessarily represent all of Sweden but our weak government is an alliance of Social-democrats, no-border-environmentalist-ideologists and with the support and demands from the communists so no emissions, everyone welcome, welfare for everyone is right up their ally. They also claim they are the first feminist government in the world but twice as many women was the victim of sexual abuse last year over the year before and in Sweden you can get away with that by for instance claiming you were asleep when it happened (I don't know how that one work if you do it out in public but maybe it work then too, it's Sweden after-all) or you can just lie about your age or something such (the rapists in Sweden are imported with poor data about whom they actually are so it works fine in most cases, our highest court has decided it's a breach of integrity to force someone to have their biological age checked by medical tests if they don't want to so ..)

Comment Re:The Guardian goes full racist (Score 1) 899

Ok, here in Sweden I would had viewed it as the same as country/land.

To me a nationalist would be someone who believed in their nation which would be just the same as country and whom want for it to remain / be proud of it (patriot) whereas the other kind would be a globalist / someone against borders. And as such someone supporting the US as a specific territory under control by the American people rather than something which should be removed and free for all / be something the globalists / elite could rule over. And since the US is a nation/country of people with many origins that person could had been of any skin-color.

I guess in your way of seeing it which may be the correct way a white nationalist would be something which would also be for the white nation / think the country have only white people in it. Which in the case of the US is a bit of a weird concept considering it's stolen land and at-least some black people was forced over there against their will and the sometimes hated Mexicans also had their land stolen so.. yeah ..

At-least ~my ~people have lived in Sweden all the time. We have to consider only part of it was the land of the Svear/Swed before and that some parts of it has been gained from Denmark and Denmark-Norway and as such those people weren't "Swedes" before they were "Danes" for instance but by now they of course are part of my people under the same nationality and citizenship and even if that wasn't the case I would still considering Icelanders, Norwegians, Danes and Fins more or less the same due to our very strong cultural and historical ties and alliances.

Maybe then I _AM_ a nationalist and not a racist. That's great news since I don't really considering me a racist but haven't considered me a nationalist either because I hate the state and the traitors running it. Can I be a countrialist for love of the land I'm born in too even if I hate the state/government ruling it? Anti-state nationalist anti-racist etnopluralist anti-multiculturalist anti-religious libertarian anti-globalist?

Comment Re:The Guardian goes full racist (Score 1) 899

is that African-Americans remain an economically disadvantaged group

It doesn't matter why they are criminals and trouble when it comes to their issues with the police.
You're completely free to argue that their weaker current capacity in the job market lead to criminality which lead to them risking being shot but it doesn't change anything.

Anyone waving around a gun among other people in a potentially hostile way has a huge risk of being shot in the US regardless of skin color. If whatever color or religious or social group do that more often than others then they are more likely to be shot. It's not complicated.

Here in Sweden the current government/elite no-long want to find out facts about criminality because people have been less positive to immigration then the elite and they totally don't want to have the anti-immigrant party gaining any power and support whatsoever and actually providing any data about criminality, rape or whatever would of course point to immigrants being a huge issue so .. It's better to not have such data and then be able to say that "oh that's just racism!" if anyone claim so or the "do you have a source for that claim?" (which of course doesn't matter because we've got old statistics and the neighbor countries have it too but even if you provide the source they are of-course not happy with that anyway because it's still "racist" and "incite hatred" or whatever, the problem isn't with the source or whatever it's a factual correct statement or not but rather whatever is support the "right" view of things or not.)
Anyway, what we know from here is that the socio-economic status explain SOME of the difference. But it's actually only in the tenths of percents, far from half of it. Also if we talk something like rape in Sweden then the difference is 20+ times between native Swedes and some immigrant groups which of course is massive. Sweden don't have any law for the lowest wages but people who haven't studied onwards still earn 89% of the average and half of those who study at college will never earn more money from doing so because of the few years they missed out on a salary (even though the actual college period doesn't cost them anything at all and they even get financial support during that period) and the low differences in wages in Sweden. If you're a mother with three children who don't work then you can end up having more money than a teacher which do work due to the generous welfare systems. But the differences exist here too. Whatever they are larger in the US I don't know. I guess that may be the case. Also the way I see it it's just a fact that these people have a lower education, in the case of Muslims doesn't necessarily want to assimilate, in the case of Somali women maybe don't want to work and so on and as such this is the outcome we will get regardless of why and even if it was 100% due to socio-economic factors, which isn't the case. These kind of immigrants are causing trouble regardless of what excuses you come up with.

The US and Sweden is different though. I don't know to what level the US have racial discrimination but beyond additional support for new immigrants / weaker groups in Sweden I'd say it's not really a thing here. However people who come to US and hopefully also among those who are brought up there may share a similar dream and idea of what society should be like whereas here in Sweden more of the reason to come here will be due to support from society an free lunches and those will be handled out no matter how you behave or what you believe in so Swedish society may pull in people who don't necessarily share out values beyond the right to have free stuff provided for by others where it in the US at-least to a higher degree is "you can get a better life if you work for it."
In Sweden the later is still true to some degree but not all that much and not really achievable to a really make it better level for the middle-class / most people because there's so few positions which really separate you from the rest of the people (high level politician, CEO or already being rich which is the most advantageous position beyond the receive welfare for nothing position in Swedish society (about 3/4 of your salary will end up being taxes but we have no heritage tax and you can earn stock profits with close to no taxes.))

but if you're not willing to at least admit that many people in the inner cities, who primarily have been for decades poorer groups and often from minorities, live in poor economic conditions

I would had assumed people in the inner cities earned MORE money. Different societies. To live in the center of Stockholm cost a lot. To live in the outskirts are cheaper. To live in the country side or Sweden are dirt-cheap. Malmà (I won't even bother with HTML encoding because the people behind Slashdot should fix their shit) used to have people earning more than the average in the nation but now they earn less, at-least in part due to the drastic changes in ethnicity.

then what you're fundamentally asserting is "black people are criminals who deserve to be shot."

No. I'm saying that criminals and murders and so on risk being shot. Regardless of skin color. And black people belong to those groups in a higher degree and hence risk being shot more often.

It's simply unfair to say that a black person risk being shot simply because he or her is black to a higher degree without accounting for any other differences. The problem isn't necessarily the skin color but the behavior of the individual. The headlines could be "criminals are more likely to be shot than law-abiding citizens!" but that doesn't work as well for painting them as victims rather than responsible for their own outcome now does it?

Here in Sweden some leftard immigrant even argued that we "risked" putting the blame for MURDER onto the individual rather than society... In here view people in the immigrant dense suburbs sure they shot each other but of course it wasn't their fault if they did so it was of course the fault of the white man and our terrible society they have all moved to because the societies of the black man are totally disgusting and have/had even more of their problems. But who cares about that?

It's just ignorant lying anti-white/-responsibility bullshit.

Comment Re:The Guardian goes full racist (Score 1) 899

they protests that African-Americans are statistically more likely to die in police shootings.

They are also more statistically likely to be criminals and murderers.
And you know what? Both risk being shot by the police. It happen to white people too.

They should just ignore that statistic because it makes them racist to point it out!

The statistics are of course true and correct.
But WHY are they shot?
Have they got the story right there?
It's kinda important.

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