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Comment Re:Where did the money come from? (Score 1) 160

Did you fill out a form at the bank explaining that they are rent checks? Or maybe explained it to the teller when you made the deposit? Then it's not illegal. People are acting like making a big deposit (or a few smaller deposits) is going to send you right to jail, when all it does it cause a bit more hassle as the bank is forced to do due diligence.

Comment Re:Where did the money come from? (Score 1) 160

It's not illegal to deposit a big chunk of money, you just have to fill out a form explaining how you got it. Trying to avoid the form by splitting up the deposit is what gets you in trouble, but the trouble is just "gotta fill out the form". If you can't fill it out or you lie on it then you can find yourself in real trouble.

Comment Re:100gb? (Score 1) 409

I've heard the "density" statement so many times and I don't buy it.
94.6+ percent of the United States is rural open space. Most of this space has no or little cell phone coverage.

What matters most IMHO is to have great coverage with high quality in areas with high people density.
However, even in most of the cities in US the mobile call quality and coverage is subpar compared to many European/Asian cities.

Comment Great news everyone! I have a patent on everything (Score 1) 92

... the only way to reconcile free speech with copyright's ability to restrict who may utter certain words and expressions is fair use and other exemptions to copyright, which means that laws that don't take fair use into account fail to pass constitutional muster."

Why would you even need to do that? I don't recall copyright having an amendment. Don't Constitutional rights trump pretty much everything else, period? Remind me when this happened exactly? Copyright/patents are a short term monopoly IN EXCHANGE for sharing creative works and discoveries with society. That means that you have to explain everything completely. If you don't like that, you can always just keep your creations & inventions private. (Coke's formula is a trade secret for example).

Comment Finally, a use for that tinfoil hat I wear..... (Score 0) 106

Take the damned battery out! Hasn't anybody seen NCIS!

power off device completely. Remove battery (if possible). Remove tinfoil hat and wrap phone. That should pretty much solve the problem unless I am missing something, and it gets that goofy tinfoil hat off your head so people stop looking at you strangely.

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