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Comment Re:Something I never see discussed.. (Score 1) 89

Computer operated quadcopters can theoretically deal with vortices better than human pilots in traditional helicopters, but yeah, that's a definite concern. I expect their flight profile to be more or less straight up, fly to destination, straight down, even thought that's a rather inefficient flight plan.

Comment Re:Not crazy (Score 1) 89

They're basically building giant quadcopters. I've seen some of the prototypes. You are right that the range will not be very long, but most taxi rides are less than a couple of miles as I recall.

I do think this idea is going to require a whole lot more work than Uber is hoping for, but I don't think it's an impossible problem. It is going to be mostly for the rich, but who knows, maybe it will let some dad get to the hospital in time to see his baby born despite it being rush hour. I'd imagine the cost would run around $70-$200/mile or so when all is said and done and the system is scaled up a bit. The other big problem will be getting high enough density on the helipads to make them useful. It's no good if the nearest helipad is always a mile away.

Comment Re:I thought Linux was supposed to be secure? (Score 1) 108

If Linux is so secure, then why is it being exploited in this case,

'Linux' isn't being exploited, the crappy applications people wrote to run on Linux are.

Any app that accepts incoming data from the internet can be vulnerable to buffer overflows, etc.

Apps written by the cheapest available people in a 3rd world country? Doubly so.

Comment Re:Surprise, Hype! (Score 2) 143

Hybrid drive stuff has been around a while. It works OK up to a very limited point, then it performs like a regular drive. No voodoo magic is going to cache an entire multi-terabyte drive on a tiny expensive SSD. You might boot your OS quicker and have some limited applications perform well but it is strictly limited.

Let me disable your CPU cache and see if you think it was useful or not. After all, a few megabytes of RAM can't cache all the gigabytes in the system, can it? It will be very limited, only a few limited applications will benefit.

Comment Re:We already had this sales pitch... (Score 5, Insightful) 143

It seems fairly limited to me. Only Intel CPUs, only Windows 10, special drivers needed.

I was hoping for something with a SATA connector on each end.

Connect one end to the motherboard. Connect the other end to a hard drive. Power on. See a speedup.

*THAT* would have sold millions. This? Not so much.

Comment Re:It has its uses (Score 1) 408

Sure, lets look at two examples:
Iterative program:

variable loop_counter;
for ( loop_counter = 0; loop_counter < 10; loop_counter = loop_counter + 1 )

Functional program:

function do_stuff_loop(x, x)
{ }
function do_stuff_loop(x, y)
do_stuff_loop(x + 1, y)
do_stuff_loop(0, 10)

In the iterative example you have a variable which changes, causing pain to functional programmers who gaze upon it. In the second your iterator is still there, but it's hidden in the stack instead of being explicitly declared.

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