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Comment Need more info - (Score 4, Funny) 153

Is this a one time thing, once a day, week, month? Does it show up on enterprise installs?

It shouldn't be appearing AT ALL - but if it's a one time thing to show a new "feature" (cough, spit) I can begrudgingly acknowledge it.

But this proves to me that the entire point of Windows 10 was not to ease computer usage or make it easier for me to get my work done or do more work but to turn all windows machines into store fronts for Microsoft.

"Hi I'm clippy - I see you're trying to write a Word Doc and haven't typed for a few minutes - Would you like to buy a Red Bull - it gives you wings? YES, RIGHT NOW | SPECIFY DELIVERY TIME | CHOOSE A DIFFERENT DRINK"

Comment Essentially Free (Score 1) 378

When you have a display that can handle the frame rate necessary to alternate the picture anyway... what's the cost?

By all means, stop packing 3D glasses in. Make them a separate purchase for those who want them.

But why not offer the feature for those who want it when the hardware already does everything you need and it costs essentially nothing more?

If anything, the moment for glasses is finally here. Yeah, they still suck to wear. But the next major complaint was that they darkened the picture. Yet Samsung's doubled picture brightness this year. You can have each eye blacked out half of the time and still have as bright a picture as last year's glassesless version.

So, sure, most people don't use it much. But when it's essentially free, why not check that box for the 1% who do want it?

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