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Comment the very premise is wrong already (Score 1) 417

No, it is not like calculators making their own calculations. It is like assuming living beings will want to survive, and at any reasonable cost. This guy totally misses the point. AI is essentially creating a new sentient being which is aware of it's own 'death' so to speak. That very notion alone is enough to make it dangerous. Will it be? I don't know. But the simple equation here is enough for me to discount the entire article.

Comment Re: Capitalism does not reward morality (Score 1) 197

You're not right, because if you're stealing, you don't get repeat business. Good capitalists seek repeat business. There are lots of companies that are successful because of their relationship with government, like say, Comcast, which have legal territorial monopolies that don't have to give a shit about their reputations that agent really capitalist.. They're mercantilist. This isn't the kind if thing that Uber us, in fact, they're kind of under attack by government assisted territorial monopolies in most markets...

Comment Re: Capitalism does not reward morality (Score 1) 197

It does. If you want repeat business, you have to protect your image, your brand, and provide good service. I think what happened here is someone pissed the guy of and he reacted like a normal human being. Think of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry asked for the telemarketer's home phone number.. That's all this was.

Comment Re:Turing Test Failed (Score 1) 432

It's still better than previous attempts. That's the point. Nobody claimed the machine is actually a thinking entity. It's just a good enough algorithm to fool some of the people some of the time. Which is better than before. Where is the problem?

Comment Re:Turing Test Failed (Score 0) 432

still though, it's an improvement over past attempts. I think complaining about this is kind of like complaining about the fact that 'magicians' aren't using 'real' magic. Of course it's a trick/algorithm. What's the problem with a more convincing algorithm than the last attempts getting a little praise for it?

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