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Comment Re: Finally (Score 1) 392

Thorium blue sky bullshit. Thorium offers no more safety that uranium in the same cycle. And the rather difficult and expensive liquid salt design (And NO a 10MW toy that did ZERO breading and ZERO reprocessing and had many corrosion problems and not even industrial scale steam generators, does not show it is developed) where proposed to over come Thorium shortfalls as a fertile breading fuel.

Comment Re:Only programmers (Score 1) 169

Punching someone in the face even in self defense is illegal in many countries. Hacking government systems or even publishing breaks is illegal in many as well. It would have taken a 3 sec google search to work that out.

If you think ./ is bad your free to go over to digg, redit and 4chan whenever you please. I hear the crowed of anonymous cowards are much better over there.

Comment Re:I'm leaning toward the 20 years estimate (Score 1) 381

Oh for fucks sake what is wrong with you people. Cars have and do have different failures that *kill people* right now. Breaks really do fail, tires blow out, drive shafts snap, conrods snap and the engine bursts into flames. Liability in all these cases is *nothing new at all*. And neither is it new for dirverless cars and not really any different from automation in factories causing injury or death.

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