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Comment Not hypocrites, liars (Score 1) 443

I read that info file yesterday when I saw this story on another site. I thought the same thing, that it was pretty hypocritical of them. However, now I know better. The only reason they hid the crack is because they didn't want anyone to know that all they did was repackage the crack that has been going around for awhile now.

Certainly, they made some improvement (no longer need to run a server or mess with hosts file) but they want people to think they did it all by themselves, rather than cooperatively with the crack community.

Comment Re:what has replaced the floppy? (Score 1) 472

A good quality CD-R might cost about the same as a floppy disc today,

Quick unscientific search shows Sony floppies at £2.37 for 10 and Sony CD-R at £14.49 for 100. So CD-Rs are appreciably cheaper per disk, and vastly cheaper per MB.

Perhaps I should see a CD-R as a floppy reusable about 400 times

Knock a zero off that because there's a whopping great overhead of 13-20 MB per session. Still knocks the spots off most other media for price/MB though.

I've noticed that CD-RW doesn't really seem to have taken off - when they first came out I did the math and decided that I'd be unlikely to re-use CDs efficiently enough to make up for the extra cost.

Comment Re: Original Post (Score 2, Insightful) 673

I have a huge problem with the "already greedy airlines trying to get more money" little stab in the post. What is the purpose of a business? To lose money? To give money away? To be altruistic? Why is it so negative for a company to actually strive to make money? Its irritating to hear this referred to in a negative connotation. If you've ever flown anywhere, you better thank God that the owners of airlines are greedy, or those flights probably would not even exist. The owners would instead be paddling boats around the world searching for people to pass their time and money off to in the name of "not being greedy". As long as businesses are going to be looked at as evil for their "greed" we're going to have huge problems in this country.

Comment Re:From what I've heard, it really is that bad... (Score 1) 673

Not True.

If a multi-engine aircraft loses one engine during takeoff, it is still _required_ to maintain a certain rate of climb until it is clear of obstacles. Airline pilots must comply with this, and ensure that conditions exist so that aircraft performance, as well as gravity, will also comply.

In other words, if it is a hot day and you are at a high altitude, you may have to decrease your fuel, passengers, cargo, etc, or wait until it gets cooler before being able to legally take off.

For a given set of weights and temperatures, aircraft performance manuals will also include a OEI (One Engine Inoperative) Service Ceiling chart. If you lose an engine during cruise, this will tell you how high you will be able to remain. Yet another chart (OEI drift-down) will tell you what speed to decrease to before starting your descent to that altitude.

Rules are also in place to ensure your OEI airplane will be able to avoid running into any mountain ranges that exist between departure and destination. Either by turning around, being able to clear the terrain outright (even OEI), or by planning the flight's cruising altitude to be high enough for the aircraft to be able to "drift down" past the mountain range after it loses an engine.

Comment Re:API (Score 1) 63

If you install Windows Vista or 7 from CD, it will recognize your graphics card and install a driver for it that was current at the time. Assuming your graphics card isn't a completely new platform, you will get full color and resolution on first install (though maybe not with up-to-date drivers).

Works on every computer I've clean installed for both Vista and 7.

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