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Submission + - ARM Netbooks

ak3ldama writes: "As recently as late last year we heard that Netbooks with ARM processors were coming soon. This of course has yet to be fully realized as any google search, or listings on Newegg fail to give any such netbooks on the market. A netbook that has ARM processor, Linux, and great battery life is what many geeks are likely to be waiting for. I am curious what the hold up is, is it 720p video without lag? Flash support from either Adobe or Gnash? Would any industry insiders care to enlighten us, and give us an estimate for when these issues would be resolved?"
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Submission + - Apple accused of not being green.

ak3ldama writes: "According to The Register Apple has been approched for a while about problems with their products but has been neglecting (or postponing) the issue. From the article:
Greenpeace accuses Apple of not trying hard enough on environmental concerns, claiming its products are needlessly toxic, don't last long enough, and they end up in developing world landfill sites. The site sourced (Greenpeace)also mentions that Apple products continue to contain hazardous substances that other companies have abandoned."

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