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Journal ak3ldama's Journal: Salutations 2

to all. I have for you a rather offtopic post. Also given my lack of knowledge for what you all drink this may be rather boring.

I have just tried my first sip of George Dickel No. 12. It is quite good. I had previously had their Barrel Select, but that is somewhat expensive. The whiskey market is preying on the publics current affection for "Single Malt" and so forth which in reality I cannot see how there can be such a demand. I have tried several various whiskeys but in the end Jim Beam Black Label, or Famous Grouse is good enough for me. I fail to see how these more expensive runs of whiskey are worth the extra cost. Anyways back to point, this dickel no 12 is great. I usually prefer splashes of coke (or half and half when i'm not in the mood to take it easy ;-) but this No 12 with just ice and some water is very smooth. And it is cheap enough not to feel like a total schmuck.

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  • Bombay Sapphire, double, neat.

  • I didn't realize I was part of a trend! I like single malts but have found that I like quite a variety of hard alcohols. Wine is OK, and I don't like beer, so drinking tends to be actual drinks. I've tried and like Jack and coke, dark rums and coke, gin and tonice, and the likes. But my favorite is still sinle malt sotch, neat. My friend was in Scotland 12 years ago and actually worked with some of the malt at the Balvenie distillery. So I got a bottle of their 12 year;-) So I like Balvenie and Gle

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