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Comment The 'real' software (Score 1) 228

Why don't they use the fundamentals used in developing the algorithm to identify and eliminate the root causes of crime (through rehabilitation/counseling) and thus reduce crime in highly prone areas? If using the software they show that they can reduce crime in, say Chicago, to 50% in 5 years, the researchers would have accomplished the 'real' thing.

The courts and police are moving in a heavily wrong direction with the software.

Comment Benefits of technology? (Score 1) 141

Only proper politics can facilitate technology reach lowest strata of society, not a seemingly philanthropic board decision. Technology has been shaping politics over last few centuries and more of that in the last two decades. Both are equally important because sooner than we expect, both will be indistinguishable.

Comment Re:So much resistance to change! (Score 1) 341

Oh, I forgot to mention my experience. I've moved to JavaScript after working on C++ for over 10 years. My experience has been better than C++. While JavaScript is gaining more features from C++ in each release and Boost is moving C++ in the direction of JavaScript, I find JavaScript neat, cleaner and handy than C++.

Comment So much resistance to change! (Score 1) 341

I do not know why people discourage people from experimenting change! I won't recommend changing a good, existing working base from PHP to JavaScript but I'd strongly recommend using Node.js for all future deployments. While everyone is seeing callback-hell as a limitation of JavaScript, I see it an important property of JavaScript which is a kind of early warning to you if you do not modularize your code.

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